Get paid $200 per 1000 words


We give you a blog post to write on one of our websites, and you write a minimum 2000 words useful article with keyword research.

We promote the articles with our social media, mailing lists, and use our domain authority for those articles to actually be found on Google.

We have ads within the articles for our products. When someone buys a product via your article you get a 50% revenue split.

You get paid based on the word count. $200 per 1000 words. For example, if you write 5 articles that are a total of 15000 words that would be $3000.


This is a great opportunity to get a lot of experience, build out a professional portfolio and make a lot of money while doing so. 


Make More Money

Because this is a revenue split model we provide a much higher pay than a regular job.


Build Your Portfolio

These articles are not going to be some simple and short post. They will be very high quality articles that can make your portfolio look really professional.  

Learn Interesting Topics

We do require the articles to be very high quality, so you have to do research, but you can also learn a lot of useful things.

Get Your Articles Seen

Asides from money you will also have the satisfaction of your articles to be read by a lot of people as we will be promoting them a lot. 


Frequently Asked

How long exactly do the articles need to be?

The articles will need to be a minimum 2000 words long, but in some cases, it might be longer depending on the topic. At the end of the day, the better the article it is the more traffic it is going to get from Google and we can place more ads within the article.

How will I get paid?

We will make a transfer directly to your bank account whenever one of your articles generates a sale. 

What are the articles niches?

There are different niches that we will assign to you based on what fits you the best. But mostly it will be business-related content.

What is the minimum number of articles I need to write?

Because we are providing training and we are investing a lot of our time into this as well, we require to commit to at least writing 5 different articles. 

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