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What Are The Best Online Business To Start For Beginners (Ideas)

I discuss what are the best online business to start for beginners. I discuss the best profitable business ideas to make money. I am doing all of these business to some extend, so I provide personal experience what are some of the pros and cons of each of the business idea and how much it costs to start an online business. In my personal opinion, these are the best online business ideas for beginners to choose from if starting a business right now.

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What Are The Best Online Businesses To Start For Beginners (Ideas)

What Are The Best Online Businesses To Start For Beginners 2020 (Ideas)Β Transcript

hey this is Vil so in this video i’m
going to tell you what are the best
online businesses to start right now i
am doing
all of these businesses that i will
cover at least to some sort of extent so
i will tell you from my own personal
what i think works well what doesn’t and
why you should start one business or
so i’m not just going to tell you what
exactly these businesses
are but i’m also going to give you all
of the pros and more importantly all of
the cons so you know why you might not
want to start one of these businesses
and lastly i’m also going to tell you
about the costs
so you know exactly what you might
expect so the first business that
is becoming pretty big now is drop
and what drop servicing means basically
what it really sounds like
so it’s selling services to customers
that someone else actually does so you
don’t need to do
the service yourself so basically you
have your website
or your landing page whatever it is
where you have your services package
a client a customer comes on that
website pays you for that service
and then you get other people to
actually do that service for
them so the formula here is pretty
simple you put a price tag of
what a service is worth and then you
need to deduct
how much the outsourcing actually costs
you to do the service
and then how much it costs you to
acquire that customer
and this obviously depends a lot because
there are also
different methods how you can acquire
customers whether you want to
create content you want to run ads
whatever that
is but once you deduct those costs what
is left
that is your profit i have made another
video just on this
topic in-depth ultimate guide so i will
that below so right now i think this is
one of my favorite
online businesses to have so let’s get
into the pros
why exactly that is first of all when it
comes to something like this
there are really no limits pretty much
whatever service you can imagine
you can actually be selling that service
so when it comes to products there are
some limits because sometimes
you might not find suppliers who are
going to make those products
but here you can pretty much do anything
that you can imagine another great thing
is that a service price is relative of
how great of a benefit it is to someone
meaning that you can really have high
you can price a service let’s say for
two thousand dollars
but the outsourcing might only cost you
two hundred dollars
so you have a pretty big 90
margin on top of that you can outsource
so obviously you are
outsourcing the services that whole work
but also customer acquisition can be
outsourced as well so
a lot of this can be outsourced and this
is one of the things that i focus
most because at the end of the day you
don’t want to be doing
all of the work yourself so if you’re
getting into something
you either really enjoy doing it or make
sure that you can actually outsource it
and lastly the cool thing about this
compared to
some other online businesses is that you
can really build
out a big brand it might be a little bit
difficult at the beginning
once you’re just trying to discover
what’s a good niche what’s a good
service and all of that and your quality
might not be up to the point but after
some time after some practice
you can really build out a huge
long-term brand
of course there are some cons as well as
any other business
so the first con i would say is dealing
with clients so compared to
some of the other businesses that i will
cover later
there you can just sell a product and
you’re done and you don’t really need to
interact with a customer that much you
might need to do it a little bit
with customer support and all of that
but when it comes to this
because you are providing a service
there might be more
questions there might be a little bit
more communication so this is
one of the downsides at least personally
because i’m not a huge fan of doing that
but then again you can be outsourcing
this process as well and another point
that i do have to mention
is because it is so easy to start it
requires so little money
and you can build out so much obviously
a lot of people are getting into this so
there is a competition especially in
some particular fields
however if you think a little bit
outside the box and you find something
that’s not as saturated not
everyone is jumping into it then the
competition can be really not
that bad so the last point is cost
because we know
that is always important when starting
so i’m not going to go crazy into detail
but basically
what you will need is you need a domain
name usually for your website
you need a website which can start for
as cheap as four dollars a month
you might need a professional theme
that’s something i would recommend which
costs 89
but it’s not necessary to have one
that’s just something that i recommend
that i think it’s going to make your
life easier you also
don’t necessarily need to have it but i
would recommend you have email
so you can start with that completely
for free or it starts for as little as
10 dollars per month
you can also use something like leaked
pages which is basically
landing pages so that again is going to
cost either 15
a month if you buy annual plan or 37 for
monthly plan
there is also a free trial so
technically you could start
out for free and lastly obviously you
need to acquire customers so however
much it’s going to cost you to get those
that’s one of your cost as well and this
is a little bit hard to pinpoint how
much exactly that’s going to be
i do have some other content that
teaches you how to
actually get in front of a lot of people
so make sure to check that out
by the way every week i choose one
person to whom i give
one of my courses completely for free so
leave a comment down below to enter the
and if you are finding this video useful
make sure to press
the thumbs up button and subscribe to my
youtube channel alright the next point
is drop shipping and this is very
similar concept as drop servicing
however instead of services here we are
selling products
so basically selling products to
customers that someone else
makes and ships them out for you that’s
the words drop shipping come in so again
pretty much
exactly same concept you go find
products that are already made products
you put them on your store then you have
customers who come
in and purchase those products and then
these products get
automatically sent out to your customers
so you really don’t
need to do anything so you really just
need to cover the product costs
and the customer acquisition costs and
whatever is left
that is your profit so drop shipping
pros and there
are quite a few first of all there are a
lot of products to choose from so
let’s say if you go on something like
aliexpress you can drop ship
any product from aliexpress so there are
really millions and millions of products
to choose and some of the products
they’re really amazing so you can just
if you manage to find
one amazing product you can really make
a lot of money one of my personal
favorite features of drop shipping is
it can be very much automated if you’re
using one of the drop shipping apps
really all you need to do is you just
need to insert the products on your
and get customers on your store to
purchase and that
is it all that you need to do really is
you just need to press the button
and the orders get fulfilled and that is
it and you don’t really need to deal
with anything
except maybe if you have some customer
support but again you can just outsource
all of that so really i think the
beautiful part is that it’s
easy to start and it’s just really
really simple process
it’s nothing complicated you just need
to find good products and you really
just need to know how to drive
traffic for cheap so you can actually
make money and a lot of this can also be
outsourced so this is why this is one of
the businesses that i really like a lot
so there are some cons as in
anything because you can go out and find
any product and just start
selling it anyone else can do exact same
thing so what ends up
is that sometimes you have stores in the
same niches
that are selling same products or at
similar products obviously this makes
your life
much harder but it doesn’t mean that
it’s impossible i have had stores that
had a lot of competitors that had
exactly same products
and as long as again you know how to
drive traffic for cheap
you can still be successful but that’s
just one of the hurdles compared to some
of these other online businesses
another kind of related con to this is
it is a little bit harder to build a
brand because
you are just getting these products from
someone else and you’re not
actually creating your own product so it
becomes harder when you want to build
something long term though again it is
possible to transition
from drop shipping to actually building
your own brand
and lastly again kind of related to this
the shipping times
are usually pretty long so it depends
where you’re getting your products from
but let’s say
if you’re selling to american customers
and you’re getting your products from
it might take quite some time for them
to be shipped
however you can find suppliers somewhere
and again there are a lot of ways how
you can go about that people don’t
really care too much about the long
shipping times so it comes to drop
shipping costs
again it is a really cheap business to
start out
i’m not going to go into everything
because some of these this stuff already
but what you will need you will need
some sort of store so you can either get
shopify or you can also build a
woocommerce store on wordpress
which is a lot cheaper but shopify is
going to cost you 29
there is a free trial so you can start
out but with wordpress you would
probably be able to start for as cheap
as four dollars a month
then you will probably need a plugin to
get all of the products to your store
and automatically get
all the orders for fulfilled so for
shopify for a bear lawyer you can start
completely for free
or then it’s going to cost 29 dollars a
month or for woocommerce you can get
alidropship plugin which
i think is just one time 89
fee and that’s it again there are some
other additional things such as
professional theme if you want to be
using wordpress
email marketing lead pages and all of
that and obviously
customer acquisition as well all right
so the next business idea is
print on demand and this is one of my
favorite businesses as well what this
means is basically
products with your designs made on
and shipped when someone orders them so
the way this works there are different
print on demand providers where they
have different
products so what you need to do is you
just upload your design
on those products and then you connect
the service
to your store so you have these products
on your store
so when a customer comes to your store
and they make a purchase
then this order is automatically sent
to the print and demand service and it
is getting fulfilled
and sent out directly to the customer so
again you don’t
need to do anything the only thing you
really need to do is
you need to have a design and you just
need to upload that
design to the print and demand services
so when it comes to money this is again
exactly same concept you just need to
deduct the product costs
and the customer acquisition costs and
whatever is left is your profit so when
it comes to print on demand
pros one of the things why i like this a
lot compared to
drop shipping because in essence this is
sort of the same
concept as drop shipping but here you
have your
own unique designs so the con that they
talked about drop shipping that
you do have sometimes same products as
your competitors
this is not going to be the case with
print on demand because
you are actually producing your own
designs the cool thing as well that
comes with that
is that you can actually really niche it
let’s say if you are doing drop shipping
perhaps you can find
quite a lot of products in one niche but
there might be some limitations to that
just because
you need to find suppliers that are
making all of these different products
whereas here you can actually create
your own product so you can make
as many products as you want so if you
want to focus just really focus on one
you can actually do that also when it
comes to shipping most of the time it’s
going to be
faster shipping again it depends where
exactly your customers are based
but there are a lot of print providers
both in united states
and in europe again similar as drop
shipping a lot of these things can be
outsourced so you might be afraid
already that i said
you have to do your own unique design
don’t be afraid you can outsource all of
that stuff and it is a very automated
process as well so really once you get
order you can just actually you can set
it automatically then the order gets
automatically so you literally don’t
even need to do
anything you just get customers to come
to the store make purchases
and everything else is done for you
which is
absolutely brilliant and the last pro
compared to
drop shipping i would say that this is a
easier to turn into a long term brand
obviously there are cons as well so the
first con compared to
something like drop servicing or drop
shipping is that
the margins are going to be a little bit
because these products are not produced
in bulk but they are produced one by one
the cost of production is a lot higher
compared to let’s say
drop shipping another thing that is
quite a bit of a con
is that you have only limited amount of
so you will see all of these print on
demand services they have different
catalogs of the products available
and there are quite a few products that
you can choose from you don’t
necessarily need to just
do t-shirts there are other options as
but there is a limit of how much because
of the nature of what
this is there is a limit of how many
products you can choose from and the
last con i would say
is that you actually need to create your
designs so whereas again with drop
servicing or drop shipping
you just need to find something that
already exists that is already created
whereas with this you will need to put
in a little bit of extra time to make
those designs and apply them on
different products but again you can
outsource all of that when it comes to
cost this is pretty much
exactly the same as it was for drop
you need some sort of store whether it’s
shopify or a website
the only difference is you don’t need a
plug-in such as sober law
or alidropship so you can just use the
print-on-demand services
and they do not cost anything but other
than that it depends what exactly you
want but as you can see
it’s going to be pretty much the same so
the next online business
is affiliate marketing and this is again
i feel like i’m seeing this about
every everything i already talked but
this is one of my favorite online
businesses as well
what it means in a nutshell is earning
for products that you recommend so there
are different ways how you can go about
doing this but usually you would
either create content or you would run
ads to let’s say a landing page or you
would even create
videos it really depends how exactly you
want to go about it but the way it works
is if you find some sort of product that
you want to recommend to other people
and they have an affiliate system you
can join this affiliate system which is
very simple to do usually and then you
get a special link
that is a trackable link so if someone
presses on that link
and they go to that website it is all
tracked that you
send them to go to this website so if
after that
they make a purchase then you get a
commission for
driving them to that specific product so
it’s very simple you just drive
customers for someone and then they give
you commission for that
so one of the best things and why a lot
of people love affiliate marketing
is because you don’t actually need to
have a product you can actually just
talk about someone’s else product why
you really love someone’s else product
and you get paid for that so how this is
a little bit different from what i
already mentioned because with drop
shipping drop servicing print on demand
you don’t really have a product as well
however i would say there are some
limitations of
how amazing these products can be or
what type of products these are
because with affiliate marketing you can
really find something that is
an absolutely amazing product that
perhaps you would never
have the resources to make yourself
and you can still get paid for
recommending this product
so let’s say as example there might be
an amazing
app that you are using all the time and
you’re not going to build this app
by yourself perhaps you don’t have the
funds you don’t have the knowledge how
to do that
but if you really love this product you
can just create content send people to
this product
and you are going to get paid for that
there’s a lot of products that
i love and i use every single day and
i recommend it to people all the time
and i get commission from that
and it’s really a win-win situation
because a lot of people they benefit
from discovering these products and i
also get
paid for actually sharing them another
thing why i really love this
is that it is a passive income at least
to a sense
that it’s possible for passive income to
really exist
it depends how exactly you are doing
this but if you are creating content
it can really last for months or even
years in the future so let’s say
if you create a blog post or if you
create a video
someone might discover that years later
and you’re still going to receive a
commission from that
so that’s a beautiful thing that you
create something and then
it’s going to be driving you affiliate
commissions for
months and months or even years to come
another cool thing
is that there is a lot of flexibility so
when it comes to
what niches you want to choose you can
pretty much choose any niche
out there what kind of content you want
to produce again whether you want to
let’s say do a blog
you want to do a video you want to run
ads there are a lot of different ways
how you can go about
doing this and lastly you can outsource
a lot of that which again is something
that i always focus when starting an
online business so when it comes to cons
and there are definitely some cons with
the first one if you’re going the route
of creating content
content can really take a lot of time if
you are going for something like
seo posts that are going to rank on
google and can take
a few months until it starts ranking
there are different ways how you can go
about it though
so it is a little bit shorter but
creating content in general
does take some time another thing that
they mentioned from the pros that
you are actually making money by
recommending someone’s else product
you are only getting some sort of
commission from that so let’s say
it really depends what kind of products
you are recommending the commissions can
be from
as low as two percent all the way to
perhaps eighty percent sometimes even a
hundred percent but
i would say somewhere from two to fifty
percent usually is going to be the
commission so if you compare this to
selling your own products
then obviously this doesn’t look as
great because you would be making
at least twice or perhaps even 10 times
more and lastly compared to all of the
online businesses that i talked
before for this one you might need to
actually have some knowledge if you’re
writing about a specific topic specific
then you probably need to actually have
knowledge about it again you might just
actually hire someone that’s going to
produce content for you or perhaps you
are just running
ads and you don’t really need to know
that much per se
again when it comes to cost this is kind
of almost the same as the other online
i already talked about it’s really cheap
to start out
you will only need domain you will need
a website again a theme
professional team that is optional
probably you will need
email automations again you can use
landing pages
and eventually how you drive traffic to
specific website or page the next online
business that
is becoming really popular in the last
few years
is online courses so i think this is
pretty self-explanatory it’s literally
creating courses
online and selling them really all that
you need to do
is you create a course whether it’s a
video course
it’s audio or text course you have
different platforms on which you can
host those courses
and then you just need to sell those
courses to your customers so what are
some of the pros first of all
it’s a unique product so i think this is
probably the most unique product from
everything that i already mentioned so
that obviously helps a lot with
and it just helps you in general because
you create this product
it also helps you to sell this product
to people
if you have a really good idea a really
cars that might sell really well then
that can really
have a lot of potential it can really
make you
a lot a lot of money and again as all of
the other stuff and this
maybe even a little bit more it’s really
really easy to
start you really just need to record
or you really just need to write out a
course and that
is pretty much it so i don’t think it
could be
any easier to start a business and it
really high profit margins because this
is just a digital product so it doesn’t
cost you anything to actually produce it
it only costs you your time
to produce it so the margins are pretty
much 100
so when it comes to cons first of all
you need to have
expertise to actually be doing this so
if you don’t have a lot of expertise in
a particular field
you simply cannot do this you really
need to provide
a lot of value with your cars so this is
one of the main cons that simply
not everyone can really do this another
big thing that
i personally don’t really like is that
you have to do
this yourself so you can’t really
outsource this you actually have to do
this yourself because
you are the one who’s providing the
and also i didn’t put this in but this
is a huge time
input because it does require a lot of
time to build
out a course and you’re not making any
money in the meantime
and you don’t really know whether you’re
going to make money as well
obviously there are ways how you can
test out you can pre-sell and all of
but it requires quite a lot of time
in the preparations before you actually
launch a course
and start selling it so when it comes to
the cost of launching an online course
this is slightly different because you
need a platform where you can host your
so there are some platforms that
actually are free what they do
is they just take a percentage from your
so if you have the free plan they just
take 10
from your sales and then the next plan
costs 39
and then they take five percent from
your sales and then you can upgrade to
the next plan and so on another cost
and this depends in what format you want
your cars to be but
if you are doing a video format or an
audio format
then you might need a certain equipment
such as microphone or a video camera so
these are some of the calls that you
need to consider as well
and they can add up to a little bit more
than the other online businesses
after that all of the other stuff is
really optional it all depends
how exactly you want to drive customers
to your course because at the end you
still need to be
selling course to people so sometimes
you might want to
also get a website you might want to do
email marketing and all of that so it
really depends what your costs are
based on how you are going to approach
all right so in the next online business
coaching or consulting this is kind of
similar to online courses as
you are getting paid for sharing your
and getting paid for basically helping
other people so you can go a couple
different ways about this you can either
try to get
some customers who are interested in
your expertise and they want some
or there are some platforms where you
can go on and you can sign up as
someone who has certain expertise and
then people might find you through
those platforms so then usually you will
have some sort of apps that
allow you to easily connect with
potential customers
so everything is automated in terms of
times in terms of payments in terms of
connecting you
and all of that so you just do your set
and then you get paid for whatever time
that you spend so the biggest pro of
coaching or consulting really is
that you don’t really need to put in any
work up front it’s
really just getting customers and you
just start right away to provide them
value and that’s it you don’t really
need to as
online course you don’t need to build a
lot of content
or you as drop shipping you don’t need
to be finding products
here you can just jump in and get paid
right away the entry point here
is also very very simple because really
all you need is it’s just you it’s just
your expertise and that’s it so you
don’t need
to use any apps you find products you
don’t need to create designs
anything really is just you and that’s
and you only get paid for the exact
work that you are doing so i think for
all the people that
don’t feel that brave to start an online
this seems like a little bit safer
option when it comes to cons
though what i just said about getting
paid exactly for the time that you work
for me personally that is a big con
because that
limits you and you can’t really scale
that so you really can only
get you can get more per hour so
obviously as
you get more reviews as you get more
and all of that your demand increases
you can charge more and more per hour
however there’s still at the end of the
day there’s only a limited amount of
that you really have and again pretty
obvious but i just have to mention that
you do need to have some really good
expertise because
people are going to ask you questions
and you
have to make sure that you can actually
value so this is definitely not for
everyone who are just
starting out when it comes to costs
again this is
actually very very low cost because what
you need
you need a coaching platform at least
that’s how i like to do it where you can
have all of your bookings automated and
tracked all of the time and all of those
kind of things so the coaching platforms
really start from zero dollars a month
and if you want certain features
then you pay a little bit more but it
only really costs maybe ten dollars a
month and again obviously it depends how
you want to acquire your customers you
want to get a website email automation
and all that kind of stuff so this all
depends on you okay so the last online
business i am going to talk about
is blogging and i know that might kind
of sound like a really old thing
blogging used to be a
back in the day now there are a lot more
online businesses that you can start
however blogging
is still one of my favorite ones
obviously as you probably already know
blogging is just writing blog posts on
a certain topic and blogging does
overlap with a lot of things that i
already talked about
however if you’re doing something like
drop servicing or
drop shipping affiliate marketing you
are more focused
on those products building out those
products and then you have
different ways how you’re driving
traffic driving customers to those
products so
blogging might be one of those things
but you might also use
influencers you might also run ads
whatever that
is whereas with blogging it’s more
you’re more concentrating on building
content and driving all the traffic to
your blog
and then you find different ways how you
want to monetize your blog and there are
a lot of different ways how you can do
that so what i mentioned before you can
use affiliate marketing which is one of
the main things that people use
but you can also run ads so you can get
paid based on
how many visitors come to your website
and how many ads they see and click on
those ads
you can also get sponsorships which can
be quite a lot of money if you’re
driving decent amounts of traffic
and again you can build digital products
and all of that so basically everything
that i mentioned
you can use those methods to then
your blog so one of the main things why
i like blogging is because
it is a long term game so it does
require some time to create content you
put in that work
but once that is done you can reap on
the results for
years to come also as i already
mentioned there are a lot of different
how you can monetize this so again you
just focus how to drive people and then
you can choose which way you prefer or a
few different ways
how you actually want to make money with
your blog and when it comes to creating
written content or creating different
designs whatever it is
a lot of stuff that comes to blogging
can actually be
outsourced and lastly because you are
putting your opinions your content
out there and people are engaging with
it so they create sort of a little bit
of a connection with you so it is a
little bit easier to build out
a really strong brand that can last for
when it comes to cons as i already
mentioned content can take
a really long time if you’re going for
seo you want to rank on google
it can take at least few months before
you actually start seeing any
results however there are a few ways how
you can go about you can
find something that is just coming up
now and there isn’t
any competition or you can do something
that i like to do also you can use
pinterest and you can pretty much see
results from day one
another big downside is that it is
compared to other online businesses this
a little bit more labor intensive
monetization also as i mentioned takes
some time but that’s more to do
if you can’t drive people to come to
your blog right away but
if you do manage to start driving
traffic right away then you can start
monetizing faster as well when it comes
to costs
it’s pretty plain and simple and the
costs are again
very low for a business to start you
just need a domain
you need a website perhaps you need a
professional theme
email automation at some point and
that is pretty much it and if you’re
really just creating content that
that is going to be the only cost you
have for your customer acquisition so if
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