100k Followers And $100k In Sales For 1 Hour Of Work!






99% of store owners fail because they cannot drive traffic to their stores at affordable costs

As a lot of people, you might have also tried running Facebook or Google ads, and have struggled spending thousands of dollars but not getting anything in return.

When doing consulting I came across so many people that were failing with their stores simply because they could not figure out how ads work.

I saw how teaching them Instagram automation and growth hacking techniques changed their lives, so I decided to create a step-by-step course so you can learn how to bring customers to your store with almost very little effort using automation.


Easiest & Fastest Ways To Grow Followers

Easiest way how you can grow hundreds of accounts with barely any work necessary! Or how to skyrocket your Instagram growth.

Advanced Automation

A step-by-step tutorial how to set up automation for engagement that will grow your account and drive thousands of dollars in sales. Tested out techniques and settings.

Driving Sales

The best practices to drive sales from Instagram. How you can combine other strategies in order to drive a huge number of sales with barely any work necessary.

Instagram Ninja Secrets

A ton of other secrets how to completely master your Instagram game. From working with other accounts to hacking Instagram algorithm to get on the explore page.



Setting Up Instagram Power Account

  1. Module intro
  2. How To Choose Account Type
  3. Easiest Ways To Get Pictures
  4. Powerful Bio & Captions

Hacking Instagram Algorithm

  1. Module intro
  2. Instagram Algorithm explained
  3. What Will Ruin Your Account (Must Watch)
  4. How To Get On The Explore Page
  5. How To Choose Pictures

The Automation Hack

  1. Module intro
  2. Dashboard Overview
  3. Adding Accounts (SAFE WAY)
  4. Setting Up Follow Tool
  5. Setting Up Unfollow Tool
  6. Setting Up Like Tool
  7. Setting Up Repost Tool
  8. Scheduling Posts

Instagram Mothership Technique (Scaling)

  1. Module intro
  2. Instagram Mothership Technique Explained
  3. Creating Accounts In A Safe Way(MUST WATCH)
  4. What Not To Do With Automation Software
  5. How To Use The Same Link On Many Accounts Hack

Magic Of Influencers

  1. Module intro
  2. Types Of Influencers & Why To Use Them
  3. How To Find Influencers
  4. How to Get FREE Influencer Marketing

Instagram Ninja Secrets

  1. Module intro
  2. Why Everyone Does Giveaways Wrong(Do Not Ruin Your Account!)
  3. Viral Challenge Strategy
  4. Unique Accounts For Effective Results
  5. Become Affiliate – Get Paid For Recommendations




Spend A lot Less Than When Running Ads


Save A Ton Of Time With Automation


Increase Your Conversion Rates


Learn How To Get On Explore Page


Avoid Making Mistakes/Skip Testing


It is just 1 hour of work because the initial set up takes around an hour, but after that everything is automated.

This is just automation if you want faster results the course has viral strategies for that.

Growing faster will require more time, but with my methods, it will be a lot easier.

Do not forget you can just duplicate the automation as much as you want! (It requires Special Method though)

Little About Me

My name is Vil. I know it’s a bizarre name… I have been working online for the last few years while traveling around the world at the same time. I actually studied international politics and had some work experience in the EU, but after deciding an office job is not for me I went on to built a mobile app startup.

I have being doing dropshipping and e-commerce for a few years, have built many 100k+ Instagram accounts, have built 100k+ subscribers Youtube channel and 100k+ visits blog. As you may tell I have worked on quit a few different things, but that is simply because I am absolutely obsessed with all of this.

Every free minute I have I spend learning new things, testing new strategies and building businesses. Yes, I am one of those weird people who actually loves working, sitting in front of my laptop instead of sitting in from of the beach.


What Our Students Say

I have been trying Facebook ads for months and after losing thousands of dollars I decided something needs to be changed and I took Vil’s course. It absolutely changed my life, losing thousands of dollars I went to earning thousands of dollars.

Peter Wilson

Not going to lie I was pretty skeptical if a course can really have some sort of ‘revolutionary’ techniques… But this course blew my mind. I would have never what difference it can make to know a few ‘viral’ techniques, and how easy they are to implement.

Kenneth Tierney

I have been trying to drive sales with Instagram for years and while having some sales I never managed to crack the system. This course made it incredibly easy! Now I have a few Instagram accounts driving sales on autopilot and will keep on doing it.

Jerry Rivera

Fancy Some Bonuses?


Pre-made and tested out templates of what messages you should be sending to influencers.

What words you should use and how to form correct inquiries for approaching influencers.


Pre-made and tested out templates for running contests on Instagram and being successful in doing it.

The different types of contents you can form and how to write your post captions for maximum effectiveness.


If you purchase a course you will be invited to a private group exclusive for people who have purchased my courses.

Not only it is a great opportunity for a mastermind with other serious individuals, but I will be engaging in this group as well.


Instagram algorithm changes constantly, but do not worry you will not need to buy a new course every time there is an algorithm change.

Whenever there is an important update on Instagram you will be able to find information on this course how to deal with the changes.


Instagram Mothership Technique Course

     • 32 Video Lessons

     • Free Bonuses

     • Lifetime Updates

     • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



Frequently Asked

This seems like a lot of money. Is it worth it?

It might seem like a lot of money, but if you have ever spent money on Facebook ads, this would not even be that much. This is an investment to learn how to save up a lot more money. With some of the methods in this course, you can drive thousands of visitors to your store each month for as little as $30! You will easily make your money back with the cheap traffic you will learn to drive.

In what format is this course provided?

It is Video. The course is a step-by-step video tutorials showing different softwares, pages, and going through slides while explaining some of the Instagram strategies. Video format seems to be the easiest way for students to learn what exactly they need to be doing.

Does this course works for any niche?

There can be a pretty big difference on results depending on what niche you are in. However, if there are posts about your niche and a community on Instagram, then there is no reason why this should not work. Having even not a very Instagram friendly niche you can still achieve much better results than just running Facebook ads.

How quick will I see the results?

Yes, I am very confident that this course can help you to grow your Instagram account and drive traffic to your store. However, if you do not see any results there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. All I ask is to send us an email providing evidence that you did in fact implement some of the methods taught in the course and they did not bring in any results.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, I am very confident that this course can help you to grow your Instagram account and drive traffic to your store. However, if you do not see any results there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. All I ask is to send us an email providing evidence that you did in fact implement some of the methods taught in the course and they did not bring in any results.

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