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Tailwind App Review (Best Pinterest Scheduler)

I discuss some of the main features the Pinterest scheduling app has to offer, creating board lists, scheduling out a lot of pins at once, changing pinning schedule and mixing queues, joining Tailwind tribes, pricing and much more. Tailwind is definitely best Pinterest scheduling tool and I explain all the features of why that is.
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Tailwind Best Pinterest Scheduler



Tailwind App ReviewΒ Transcript

hey this is will so in this video i am
going to
try and explain some of the main things
you need to know about tailwind and how
exactly does this tool differ from
all of the other tools i think this is
going to be very very interesting i
absolutely love tailwind and there’s so
much value you can get
out of this tool so definitely watch the
whole video to really
understand it also i do have special
discounts and bonuses
so there are links down below in
description also every single week i
give out one of my courses completely
for free
so just subscribe to my youtube channel
and press thumbs up on this video to
enter the competition
and also i do have a main channel
where i talk all about online business
digital marketing all that kind of good
so definitely check that out as well i
will leave a link down below
also now let’s jump straight into the
video all right so the first thing why
i really love tailwind is the board
list so by the way don’t ignore this i
was too lazy to blur things out so
that’s why i’m just covering using this
to cover
some of my board lists but what this
allows you to do is
as you have different boards on your
what you can do is you can just create a
list so let’s say
i’m yoga all boards so you can let’s say
if you have a yoga account and you have
boards for let’s say beginners yoga
yoga for um advanced people yoga for
uh depression whatever it is
you can take all of those boards and you
can put them
into one list and then when you’re
scheduling out your pins in the next
you can just use a board list so
automatically you don’t need to be
scheduling out all of those pins to
one board and then scheduling them out
to the next board and the third
and so on you can make a list you can
even do let’s say five different boards
and at once you apply all of those
to those pins so that just if
that just saves up so so so much
time so for you to understand just a
little bit better when you go to the
actual scheduling as you can see first
of all you have your drafts here
so i just uploaded a few pictures in the
drafts and the cool thing also what i
love about this
is that you can basically upload
multiple images at once
and if you know pinterest you are if you
don’t know yet
you should be creating more than one
image per
every blog post or whatever exactly
you’re sending the traffic to
so you can upload multiple images at
once in bulk which again saves up a lot
of time
and as you can see here i have a board
list where i have three different
uh boards so i just need to put that in
here and by the way this is very cool as
well that
if let’s say i am maybe i upload let’s
say 20 pins at once
i can just put in uh the board list here
and then all of these bars are
automatically applied
to all of the pins that i have and in
this case
they are also three different boards for
every single image so this just saves up
so much time for me rather than doing
one by one if i would be doing this one
board okay i apply a board here then
assign board here assign board here
and then i need to do that all that same
with all of the other board uh with the
same images
whereas with this i just press one
button and it’s all done for me
all of the images have boards and they
have multiple boards all at once
and that is it which is absolutely
amazing and also the cool thing what i
like as well i’m not going to go into a
full thing but
if you put in the url right here then it
automatically also
extracts the title so that again is just
a little bit of a time saver once again
and another thing that is very cool
about scheduling
or actually not even about scheduling
but um
what you can do to make this whole
process easier for you
they actually allow you to add
collaborators to your tailwind account
so if you have virtual assistant and you
should get a virtual assistant to do
this for you because
this is a very simple task that anyone
can really do once you give them a
little tutorial
so you can actually add couple of
different collaborators if you want
and when they schedule out so as you can
see we’re at drafts now
once they uh do all the scheduling you
have this section here as well
awaiting approval so that is very cool
as well that it doesn’t go straight to
your schedule because
let’s face it people sometimes make
mistakes so if you want to actually
check on what your virtual assistant has
done and here
if they done everything correctly you
can actually go to the waiting approval
and then you just press one button
and then all of those pins go from
waiting approval
to the scheduled pins so that is
a feature that is just so so so useful
when you’re actually have
other people managing all the work for
you so another feature that
is very very useful with tailwind and
this is one of the
main selling points for me at least i
would say is
smart loops so what smart loops means is
basically when you put a pin on
after a certain amount of time you can
put it into your smart loops
and after a certain amount of time
tailwind is going to
automatically recreate that pin
one more time so for example it might
three or four months i think the minimum
now is four months
so after four months pass they can
recreate that pin
once again so you don’t need to do
anything you don’t need to do
any work whatsoever and then you get new
content created
on your or your pinterest once again so
this is a
very very very powerful tool so as you
can see and you can create different
smart loops as well
so you can basically um if you want
let’s say to have
certain pens go on certain
different bars and on certain different
periods of time and all of that so you
do have a lot of different customization
and you can choose what kind of pins you
add as well and as you can see basically
you have different plans
so you can choose on how the different
plan of how many smart loops you want to
in total but it’s very very customizable
and all of that so
really a lot of props for tailwind for
having this
future the next thing that i love about
tailwind and that i think
is something that you need to know about
the actual pinning schedule so the cool
thing why i like this because obviously
you always will have your schedules
what i like about it is that it makes it
very very simple to customize so as you
can see right here
you have your recreate schedule so if i
just press on this button
i can choose how many pins i want to
have scheduled out per day so let’s say
for example if you are just starting out
or uh there’s some period when you don’t
have that many pins
you might not want to be scheduling
scheduling out a ton of pins at once
because then pinterest might see that as
a spam
so it’s very easy from here i can just
type in let’s say i want
10 pins uh sorry if i want 10 pins per
and then everything is going to be
changed in my schedule and every single
day they’re going to be 10 pins coming
or i can increase or decrease and
instantly change my whole schedule
not needing to do any manual work
whatsoever so i think that
is very very powerful uh future to have
as well all right so the next thing that
is something that only tailwind has
and is so so powerful and i’m not going
to go into the actual tab because i
don’t want to show all of my information
but they have this section called tribes
so basically you can join a few
different tribes
and you can pin your own pins to the
and then you need to repin other
people’s spin so basically you need to
keep the same ratio of pinning and
and when you share your pins there as
well other people are going to re-pin
so you’re going to get some extra
traction basically
from pinning these into these group bars
so that can be very very powerful tool
to use as well to get more traffic from
pinterest asides from that you also have
a lot of insights and again i’m not
going through
all of this stuff i’m just going through
the main things that you need to know
but you do have some really cool stats
so once again i don’t want to open this
for you to see all of my stats but you
have all of your boards
inside you have your pin insights
website topper farming pins and all of
that so
this does allow pinterest does have
analytics by themselves but
these are a lot more detailed analytics
it does allow you to really see what
exactly is happening with your pinterest
and how you can improve things and maybe
what you can take advantage of and all
of those kind of things so it is
if you are all about analytics this is a
very very useful thing all right so
let’s go to the pricing and the pricing
is a little bit
interesting so let me take a minute to
actually explain how this works to you
so first of all you do have a free trial
and after that
you need to pay 15 a month to have
the plus plan for pinterest specifically
by the way they also do instagram but
i’m only talking about pinterest because
this tool is really i would say mainly
for pinterest
so it’s 15 a month and that is for
one account so you can have a few
different accounts
on one few different pinterest accounts
on one tailwind account
but you will need to pay separately for
all of the different accounts which is a
little bit annoying but
still 15 for that when you think about
it again if you look
at let me see i have thousand
more than a thousand pins scheduled out
and the amount of time that i save up
yes i could basically have my virtual
to go on pinterest and do
all of the scheduling for me manually
and i am paying very little for these
kind of tasks because they are very
but when you look at all of the board
lists that i mentioned when you look at
being able to switch around your
schedule and all of that
and one thing i didn’t mention as well
what you can do here as you can see you
can shuffle the cue
so at some point when let’s say you’re
adding new pins
if you don’t want them to be the very
very much of the back you can just press
this button
and it can shuffle all the pins around
so all of these features
really make it worth for me to be paying
fee every single month because i do save
up money to use
the scheduling instead of just having my
virtual assistant
to spend more time for them
uh to do everything manually if they
would just do everything manually
definitely would cost me
more than extra 15 dollars a month and
as you can see so what you get
on the plus plan as i said you get one
profile then you get 400 posts
a month and you get 250 free
smart loops and you get five tailwind
tribes so basically you can join
up to five different tribes and if you
choose the annual plan then as you can
see it only costs
10 dollars per month which is really for
what you get is so
so so cheap and the cool thing is also
then you get unlimited scheduling so you
can have
as many pins as you want and the same
amount of smart loops
and tribes so if you want to actually
have more tribes then they have another
pricing for that
which they call power-ups and that’s why
i said that
the pricing is a little bit complex
because they actually divide all of
those different things
so it kind of depends i mean if you
don’t want certain things that that
is actually good uh but as you can see
uh so the beginning plan the tribes pro
costs 7.50 a month and that allows you
to join 10 different tribes
and you have 80 tribe submissions so
basically that
those submissions mean uh repins and
the max plan is 15 unlimited tribes
but again they limit the amount of
repents you can do so you can do 200 per
and tribes unlimited so everything
unlimited for 45 dollars
and again they have the annual plan
where you get a discount and what they
also have
if you notice this on the side they
have basically a bundle of
everything included together so as you
can see here you are paying
39 well basically you’re paying 40
dollars a month
and you do need to pay annually so you
can’t just get
this offer monthly but with this plan
you have you get the tailwind plus and
then you get unlimited smart loops
and unlimited tribes and submissions
so basically you get maximum of
everything that there is and you are
only paying 40
a month so this is actually a really
really good plan
and let me just show you if you want by
the way
to get extra smart loops the pricing is
basically the same 750
15 45 and you get 500 smart loops so you
start with 250 for free
then you get 500 you get a thousand and
you get
um unlimited for 45 dollars again you
discounts if you choose annual plan and
if you want to again go with this offer
you can get everything for all three as
they say
included for 40 dollars a month which is
a very very good plan so i hope you
found this video useful
i absolutely love tailwind i’ve gotten
so many good results and this is one of
those tools that i just recommend to
everyone so as i said i do have some
special discounts and bonuses
a link down below in description also
check out my other channel that
is all about online business and digital
marketing and all that good stuff
if you found this video useful make sure
to press thumbs up subscribe to my
youtube channel so you see more reviews
of useful tools that might help out your
business stay awesome
and i’ll see

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