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Stop Doing SMMA and Do This Instead (Drop Servicing vs SMMA)

I explain the pros and cons of SMMA and why you might want to consider an alternative which is drop servicing business. Drop servicing business is similar to running a social media marketing agency in a few aspects. But with drop services you have a lot more niches and services/products to choose from than SMMA. Also, opening a social media marketing agency has a lot of competition these days, while finding a non-competitive good drop servicing niche is still very much possible. So, if you were thinking of opening a social media marketing agency, then you might want to reconsider this option and start drop servicing business instead.

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Stop Doing SMMA and Do This Instead (Drop Servicing vs SMMA)

Stop Doing SMMA and Do This Instead (Drop Servicing vs SMMA)

hey everyone this is Vil so in this
video I’m going to tell you why you
shouldn’t do social media marketing
agency and what you should do instead
this is going to be very interesting and
for many years now everyone seems to be
jumping into creating social media
marketing agencies but there is a lot
better way and I will tell you
everything step by step why exactly it
is a better way what you will need and
all of that so if you have been thinking
about starting a social media marketing
agency then was this whole video till
the end I’m pretty sure this is going to
be very useful it might actually even
change your perception of what you want
to do also all of the links everything I
mentioned I will have down below in
description I also have a bunch of
freebies that can be really useful also
I have just launched a new channel where
I review business tools so if you’re
looking for certain software or if you
just want to discover software that
might be useful for you again I will
leave a link down below in description
now let’s just jump straight into the
video all right so first of all let’s
have a look why you might not
necessarily want to consider social
media marketing agency to begin with
what are some of the problems because
everyone just tells you how easy it is
you have this agency and how you can
make a ton of money right away and all
of that all of that but very few people
actually tell you what are the downsides
so first of all there are thousands of
searches every single month when you
look up social media marketing agency
it’s a really trending topic and because
of that because all the people are
researching it a lot of people want to
jump into this the competition is
growing a lot and especially in the past
few years it has just skyrocketed there
is basically only one service this is
the differentiator what I’m going to
talk about in this video that with
social media marketing agency you’re
basically just selling one service and
is competing on that service so even if
you need each down even if you choose
and obviously you should always niche
down and choose let’s say if you’re
choosing you’re going to do social media
marketing only for athletes you’re going
to do social media marketing only for
local businesses based in this in this
location all of that is good and you
obviously need to do that but even then
honestly these days there is quite a lot
of competition and another thing I
wanted to mention is that compared to
what I’m going to discuss later in the
video social media marketing agency is a
little bit harder to scale mostly
because most of the time you will want
to contact the clients and talk
face-to-face or well face-to-face to
your laptop and you will want to pitch
basically I’m your agency to them and
then you will need to discuss all of the
things that you’re going to be doing and
all of that
whereas what I’m going to talk about
later it seems to be a little bit easier
to scale because you can outsource more
things and you don’t have as much of
one-to-one communication another thing
is that do you have higher margins is
rather difficult so yes as you progress
with your social media marketing agency
as you build your reputation you can
charge more and more money for your
services however at the same time again
because first of all there is a lot of
competition that means that the prices
are going lower and lower and also
because the prices are really well
established because there are a lot of
options everyone already knows what the
prices are and for you to put in a high
margin on top of what let’s say the
averages it is rather difficult whereas
if you’re looking into something else a
service that no one really knows how
much it really costs exactly then you
can put on your own price tag that can
leave you with much higher margin and
that’s going to be okay or at least is
going to be easier to pass because
people don’t really know what you expect
in the first place so if the service is
worse for them you pay that price
they are going to pay the price and
while I say all of these things that
might sound very negative I’m not saying
that social media marketing agency isn’t
a good business I myself have done it
and I have a lot of friends I have at
least a dozen friends probably who do
social media marketing agency and some
of them are really really successful
some of them are kind of just you know
trying to do it but not successful yet
but you can definitely see a lot of
success so I do want you even though I’m
saying all the bad things it’s
definitely still a good business the
only thing I’m trying to say is that it
is a little bit higher to stand out in
this specific field so what is the
alternative and the alternative is drop
servicing what drops interesting is it’s
basically selling services to your
customers that someone else actually
does so if you know the concept of drop
shipping this is pretty much exactly the
same just with services so you are sort
of like the middleman in between and
you’re just getting the clients to order
the services and then you’re getting
someone else to actually need those
services so you don’t need to do the
work yourself so in very short this
looks very simple it’s what client pays
to you – outsourcing costs and customer
acquisition costs and whatever is left
that is your profit I have another video
where I explain in depth what drop
servicing is so I will leave a link down
below check it out if that interest you
so why drop servicing and why exactly
making this video first of all I’m
making this video because I do think
that these are very similar concepts
because at the end of the day when you
drop servicing or selling services you
are sort of having an agency you are
selling services the same as you are
with social media marketing agency so
when you look at the business model
itself or well if you look at the tasks
that you do within the business they are
pretty similar
tasks the only big difference is that
when it comes to drop servicing you have
thousands and thousands of different
services to choose from whereas if
you’re doing doing social media
marketing agency you’re really just
doing one thing and that’s it managing
someone’s social media marketing needs
whereas here with drop servicing you can
really choose to do you anything that
you want it can be from doing graphic
design to doing writing to even having
let’s say I’m selling services that
create specific meal plans for let’s say
keto diets something like that you can
really finish it down and be creative of
the services that you are drop servicing
another concept why I do you prefer this
a little bit more because of the way
that you can package the services so I
would say with drop servicing you can
find services which you can sort of
package more in a way that it’s almost
like a digital product rather than the
service that requires you to have a lot
of interaction with the customer so
instead of spending all the time
communicating with someone you can
create something that’s a little bit
more concrete more package that you can
actually scale faster and make more
money and again what I already mention
when it comes to margins you can really
go almost as high as you can imagine if
you find the right service if there is
no competition no one really knows how
much you need to pay the same thing used
to be with social media marketing back
in the day when no one was really doing
social media marketing some of these
people they would charge enormous
amounts of money just because the
companies in really know how much this
cost and as long as it brought profits
for them as long as it was worth the
money they were willing to pay it and
this is kind of the thing that you want
to do as well when choosing drop
servicing services and again there’s
less competition which is just I think
pretty clear when you look at the basic
numbers of how many people are getting
into social media marketing agencies and
how many people are doing all of the
different services
I think it’s a no-brainer that you
definitely have less competition in all
of the other fields and the last thing I
wanted to mention is it is easier to
test the finishes so when it comes to
services because you’re not actually
learning how to do the service yourself
but you are drop servicing the service
because of that it’s very easy for you
to just quickly create a website create
the landing page test how the service
see how it works if it doesn’t then go
to the next one and so on and so on
whereas if let’s say you’re creating
social media marketing agency
theoretically you could do that as well
perhaps with different niches but it
will require a little bit more time as
you will actually need to create a whole
selling process for yourself and all of
that because it is like once again a
little bit more sort of client to client
based type of business so the last point
I wanted to discuss is the easiest to
actually start drop servicing business
so the first thing that I love about
this is that you don’t need as much
expertise so most of the time if you’re
starting social media marketing agency
you will actually need to know the ins
and outs especially if you are the one
talking with a client you really have to
know everything because you are pitching
to them and you need to show how they
are going to benefit from your expertise
and how you know more than they actually
do whereas with drop servicing you can
find some services because you are the
middleman you find someone that’s going
to do those services for you so you
don’t need to sit there for months and
months and learn different design skills
different copywriting skills different
programming skills you can just find
someone that’s going to do that for you
and then you are just the middleman in
between the customer and the freelancer
who is going to do that when it comes to
technical parts again this is sort of
why I said that these to you are sort of
similar businesses it’s because the
technical part is pretty much the same
what you will need is you will need
website you will need email you will
need some funnels and all
that but more or less it’s going to be
the same structure of social media
marketing agency or honestly most of the
online businesses out there it’s nothing
extraordinary that you need to create
and lastly the thing that I love how
this most because I have done a lot of
e-commerce as well I do love to sort of
just package services and just sell them
when it comes to drop servicing just
because there are different services
that you can choose from it is a little
bit easier to be selling them there are
different ways and it’s hard to explain
it but as you go through different
services as you will do your research
you will realize that there are a lot of
different ways how you can sell those
services compared to social media
marketing agency which is a little bit
more restricted technically social media
marketing agency is a branch of drop
servicing because you could go out and
create social media marketing agency and
just drop service all of those services
that are your agency needs to do or when
it comes to drop service saying you
don’t need to stick to just social media
you can branch out and you can choose
all of the other different services and
that’s where the beauty is because
there’s a lot less competition and
there’s a lot more demand for all of the
other things so this is kind of the main
point that I’m trying to make her so I
really hope you found this video useful
if you were thinking of doing social
media marketing agency I would say look
at drop servicing and look at some of
the other services that you might want
to be selling and just see if something
could work I would really recommend to G
that honestly just because of the
competition and of the ease of doing it
in terms of having the skills and all
that everything I mentioned in this
video by the way I also do you have
another channel that has all about
reviews for best business software so if
you’re looking for a review or if you
just want to discover business software
that might be useful for your busy
this then I will leave a link down below
in description I will also leave a link
to my website there’s a lot of useful
stuff there a lot of freebies that might
help you out so go check that out if you
found this really useful press thumbs up
subscribe to my youtube channel say
awesome and I’ll see you soon

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