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Printful vs Printify Review (Cost, quality, print on demand supply…)

I cover Printful vs Printify comparison, which of these is the best print on demand company. I cover not only Printful and Printify costs, but also quality, shipping, and more. This is the ultimate guide which is better Printful or Printify for your print on demand business. A review of both of these print on demand suppliers.

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Printful vs Printify Review

Printful vs PrintifyΒ Transcript

hey everyone this is will so in this
video i
am not just going to tell you the basic
differences between
printfa and printful but i’m actually
going to tell you why
exactly those difference matters and
what you need to know to really
understand which one of these you should
be using for your print on-demand
business so
watch the whole comparison it’s going to
be very very useful
also i do have special discounts for
both of these
so there are going to be links down
below in description check
it out also i do have another channel
that’s all about
online business and all of that so if
you want some tips you want some
i will leave a link down below in
description as well go check it out i
guarantee it’s going to be
useful now let’s jump straight into the
comparison all right so when it comes to
printify and printful in essence these
are very very similar apps so i
am not going to explain every single
because uh pretty much they do exact
same thing and they work in a very
similar manner
and it’s super simple to use both of
these i love
both of these platforms and they use
actually both of these platforms
one thing uh to start off with is
the basically the product catalog
and when it comes to product catalog i
would say that printful probably has
a little bit bigger catalog but at the
same time
they do change from time to time and it
really depends
what kind of products you want to sell
and by the way
you don’t need to just be using one of
these platforms and i as i said i use
both of them
and that is because they have different
products and i want to sell different
products that perhaps
i’m using printify but printfy doesn’t
have a certain product
so i go to printful to get that product
and by the way they constantly add new
products so even if you decide to use
printify or you decide to use
printful you should from time to time
check in
on the other platform and see what kind
of new products they have because you
might find some
really good business ideas i would say
at least once a month
make sure to check in what’s new so the
most important thing really when it
comes to print on demand
is the price because compared to other
businesses with print-on-demand you
really have
very small margins so unfortunately
price is an important factor so if you
look at that
as an example here we’re going to take
t-shirts and let’s say we’re going to
look at
bella plus canvas which is probably the
most popular t-shirt
um gildan is selling a lot as well but i
absolutely hate gildan it’s trash
i would really say don’t use gildan
um at least use bella plus canvas which
is much much much better quality
so if you look at printify you will see
that the basic price starts from
seven dollars seventy cents uh
and then if we go to printful you will
see that the basic price for the same
is twelve dollars ninety-five cents so
basically if we round it up
um let’s say printful is 13
and 25 is eight dollars
so it’s a five dollar difference which
is quite a lot and this
isn’t the actual price honestly because
you do have to realize that you’re also
going to be putting on your designs
and then you will have to choose
different colors of t-shirts
so depending on the color depending on
your designs and all of that
the price is going to increase and with
it also depends on the exact supplier
which i’m going to explain
a little bit later but as you can
understand the price difference is
quite a bit five dollars and for
sometimes if you just
have if you just look at it at the
glance it might seem okay
perhaps it doesn’t matter too much
because it’s still
very cheap and all of that but what you
also have to take into consideration
is that it’s not just getting orders and
fulfilling them you actually have to
acquire customers and that costs a lot
of money so let’s say
if you have with printful let’s say you
will have
um a dollar uh margins
and then with uh printify let’s say for
the same
exact same product all of that you would
um 13 margin because
this t-shirt is five dollar it costs
five dollars
less so it might not seem that huge
between eight dollars and thirteen
dollars however
if you let’s say you’re spending five
dollars on your marketing
you to acquire a customer then in terms
of profit
you only get three dollars from
printful per every single t-shirt which
really doesn’t sound like a lot and on
the other hand
would print if i if you have same
marketing budget
and i mean you’re just using printf
instead of printful
your profit margin is going to be eight
dollars so in this case when you
the marketing budget it’s going to make
a big
difference that’s more than double
of profit and that can really make a
huge difference whether
your print-on-demand business is going
to be successful
or it’s going to fail and i’m not saying
price is the only thing that matters
when it comes to
print on demand obviously you need great
quality and all of that
i’m all about sometimes spending more
money but actually getting the best
of the best but i just wanted to show
you an example that
it does matter quite a bit so you can
just completely
ignore it and this is just an example
for t-shirts
but actually if you go to some other
products you do need to depending what
you want to sell
um you do need to look um how much those
products are and really compare because
if you go actually if you go to your
accessories i know that
um where was it now so if we go to
products let’s go to accessories and
let’s go to laptop cases
and in here you will see as well so here
i would printify a laptop case
costs 22.40
and if we go to printful you will see
that it only costs 17
well basically 18 so it
actually is cheaper with printful to be
selling this laptop case than it is with
printify so again
don’t just assume that printify is
it depends what kind of products we are
talking about
and another thing you probably already
um this little green uh text underneath
of every of these products you have
if you are using printify premium and
the discounts
are up to 20 and they
are actually for depending what kind of
products you want to use
but they are pretty good if you look at
the same t-shirt let’s say
you will see that it’s basically one
dollar or less and again
when you have margins that are
so little for print on demand that one
is going to add up over time because you
selling a lot you should be selling a
large quantities of product and it
really depends so what you want to sell
let’s say if we go to hoodies you will
see some of them basically have
full four dollars seven dollars
so um depending on how many products
obviously you sell
it can really make sense for you to
upgrade to the premium plan and then get
these discounts let’s say here you have
12 difference and the way
you get this discount is by getting the
and uh if you look at the plans you will
see that basically the free plan
allows you to have five stars and
unlimited products
and the premium costs 29
and then you can also have 10 stores and
unlimited products
and this is where you get that discount
and as i said
the discount is up to you 20
and so basically you just need to
estimate how many sales you’re getting
and if it makes sense for you let’s say
if you’re selling this hoodie
then if you do just for sales it would
actually make
more sense for you to have the premium
and get that 12
discount um whereas
uh with um printful
you don’t have any um premium plan
or anything like that but what you do
is monthly discounts so this
is based on how much how many
sales you are doing each month so for
if you’re doing well if you’re doing
below one thousand dollars in sales
it’s not going to matter but once you
reach at least one thousand dollars in
then you will get five percent discount
and as you can see from one thousand to
two thousand five hundred
uh you will get five percent then from
two thousand five hundred to
five thousand you will get seven percent
and so on and so forth you can see
um the table and if you’re doing 20 000
then you contact their team and then you
have to negotiate with them
what kind of discount they’re going to
give you so when choosing in terms of
price you really have to again
look at the product that you’re going to
selling and then also consider what kind
of quality
you are selling because you are going to
get a discount with printful
if you are selling in higher quality
quantities but when it comes to
printify as well most of the time i
would say it’s
larger than five percent discount so
again it depends on the product but most
of the time it’s going to be larger
and then to begin with a lot of products
are cheaper on
printify the one thing that i saw that
some people complain about
is that printfy doesn’t have
as good of a printing quality and one
thing by the way about printf
that you have to understand is that for
when it comes to printful
printful are doing all of the production
whereas printfy is actually basically
connecting you to different printing
so they’re basically drop shipping for
drop shippers which is absolutely
amazing great great concept
but you will see once you open the
products um you will see that you can
actually choose
different providers and as you can see
um they have a few well they have
different prices
they have different shipping prices they
have different
even sizes and as you can see the
average production time
and they have different colors for
different products and all of that
so um you can really choose also
different countries as well
so perhaps if let’s say you want to
be sending things in europe or you want
to be sending things to us
you can choose from the different
providers and they also have
a different they also have ratings for
all the printing providers
which is again very very useful in
deciding who you want to work with so a
lot of people have said that
with printfi the quality isn’t as great
and obviously
the quality is going to depend on which
provider you’re using because they are
going to have different
qualities if it’s different provider
whereas with printful
you always know that you’re going to
have exact same quality
because it’s just one place that is
all of the goods however honestly
i never really well i never have had a
big problem with quality of print file
like i didn’t have
a lot of complaints or anything like
that so while i do see all the people
just jumping on printful because they
say that okay printful has way better
quality and that’s
it perhaps that is the case for certain
but i would say that isn’t a big enough
problem for me to just be like okay i’m
not using printify
screw printify that’s it and again you
uh the ratings and all of that and you
can actually order some of the things
and you you get actual discount if you
order things for yourself to check out
quality so do that if you are really
and check out the quality for yourself
but i would say that
perhaps printful has better quality but
not as big of an issue as some people
might assume
one thing that makes printful quite a
bit different
is that you can actually do your own
and basically it’s a white label type of
so what it means is when you order let’s
say again a t-shirt
from printf i the t-shirt that’s going
to be sent there if you’re choosing
let’s say bella plus canvas
um for our t-shirt for our print
then the label is going to be bella plus
whereas with printful they actually
allow you to
put on your own label so that
allows it to for you to actually be kind
of take it next step
to create a brand and that can be really
really useful and you do need to pay for
it as you can see
um a label costs 2.50
um however sometimes you know if you
want to go that extra step
and you want to create a brand that
might make sense
though then again as i said we do have
very little margins when it comes to
print on demand
so you do have to think about that
lastly i would just say
that when it comes to printful also in
terms of differences
they provide additional services so as
you can see here um
when it comes to print on demand they
can help you to set up your stores
uh they have creative services so if you
need design you need photography you
need video services
all that kind of stuff they do different
things when it comes to mockups by the
way i didn’t talk about this because
i don’t think you should be using either
of uh printful or printf
mockups um they’re not really that great
and if you’re going through all of the
trouble of building out the
print-on-demand business
then just put in that little bit
extra effort and get some nice mock-ups
and put your designs they’re going to
way way way better so i’m not going to
go through the mock-up generator
because i don’t think you should be
using either of these
another thing what kind of i already
mentioned is
that printful they actually
make they produce all of their goods
so they have just uh three warehouses
and they’re actually going to i think
they’re going to
have couple more very soon uh but for
now they have one in the united states
they have one in latvia riga
which is where the company is from
actually both of the companies
are from latvia funny enough and
then they have one in barcelona spain so
this matters uh just in terms of
shipping times
uh it can be faster if oh actually they
have one in australia as well
uh they have a partner so it’s not their
own but they partner up with someone and
they have
a warehouse in australia so the shipping
time to australia
isn’t horrible as well so they just have
um what you see right here and when it
comes to
uh printify again when you open the
product and it depends on every single
but as you can see here we got canada we
got united states
um we got uk we got germany we got czech
so they have a lot uh
more for well a lot more destinations
where they are sending the products
from and the last little thing i wanted
to mention just before we finish because
i know this is
pretty important as well when it comes
to customer service
i have had a lot of experience with both
of these platforms
i’ve been using printful from well i
don’t even remember what year but printf
i didn’t even exist
back in the day when i was using
printful they just came out with the
concept later
but when it comes to customer service i
would say that printfy has
a better live chat than printful and
depending on
you know what exactly you want to do and
business savvy you are and all of that
that might be a factor that you need to
so i hope you find this video useful and
is going to help you to decide
which one of these you should use or
perhaps you should actually use
both of them as i said the special
discounts are down below in description
so check it out and i will leave a link
for my online business youtube channel
that should be
very useful as well if you found this
video useful make sure to
smash that thumbs up button subscribe to
my youtube channel
put on those notifications so you see
every single time i post a new video
stay awesome and i’ll see

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