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Pinterest For Ecommerce Traffic (180k Visits On Autopilot)

I explain how to use Pinterest for Ecommerce traffic. Whether you are using Pinterest for Shopify, Dropshipping or any type of e-commerce. You can drive free e-commerce traffic using automation and you can also use Pinterest ads for ecommerce. What I really advice to do is create a Pinterest sales funnel that allows you to warm up your commerce customers and not only increases traffic to your Shopify store, but also increases your conversions. Pinterest for ecommerce is really one of the best ecommerce traffic method out there right now!

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Pinterest For Ecommerce Traffic (180K Visits On Autopilot)

Pinterest For Ecommerce Traffic (180K Visits On Autopilot) Transcript

hey everyone this is Vil so in this
video I’ll show you exactly how these
stores are driving hundreds of thousands
of visits using Pinterest.
How you can use Pinterest for
Ecommerce traffic very few
source seem to be using Pinterest
everyone is crazy about Facebook
advertising and all that but Pinterest
is one of the best ways to drive traffic
to your store and I’ll show you exactly
how these or so you’re doing it step by
step by the way do you have a free
Pinterest course on my website where I
dive deep into all of this so let’s just
jump straight into it and let me show
you a few really real interesting
numbers so the first example right here
as you can see in the past three months
we have hundred sixty-three thousand
visits and it will look 80 percent of
those visits came from social and it
will look the source of the social all
of it pretty much is Pinterest so this
store is not using anything else as you
can see and you’re driving pretty much
fast my jority under traffic a so you
can see that your traffic is just direct
and you got a little bit of other paid
search but vast majority of this 160
thousand visits per month which is quite
a bit it’s all just from Pinterest and
you might think we’ll it may be this is
a really big store maybe they have been
doing this for years maybe it’s a big
brand they know what they’re doing and
all of that they have a big team that is
not the case let me show you some more
examples so another example here and
this is a great example because as you
can see you got ninety four thousand
visits a month but they just started as
you see in December so in December they
had less than 5,000 visits and then they
had 28,000 visits in January and in
February they had 63,000 visits so as
you can see they just started three
months ago from nothing and they have
grown quite a lot and again if we look
89% is from social so pretty much all of
its social other is just direct
and then if we look at this source of
social aids all Pinterest so they just
started using Pinterest and they are
driving hundred thousand visits already
well this is even in the past two months
basically and again just to show you one
more example how great this can really
be this store as you can see here they
started a bit more than three months ago
they started what four months ago and
four months ago they had five thousand
visits then they had forty six thousand
visits then seventy three thousand
visits and now hundred eighty thousand
visits just in the last month as you can
see that growth is really really good
growth and if we go to see exactly where
the traffic is coming from as you can
see three hundred thousand visits past
three months and all of this traffic
eighty-three percent of this traffic or
so eighty six percent of this traffic is
from social and again if we scroll down
you will see that social it’s all just
Pinterest so they just started four
months ago and they took their store
pretty much from nothing two hundred
eighty thousand visits just from
Pinterest and as you saw this is just
the start they’re still growing and
increasing their numbers so you might
say yes this all looks amazing and all
of that but how exactly do I do this for
my store let me show you exactly how you
do that and by the way if you will find
this video useful make sure to press
thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
and put on those notifications so you
see more videos like this coming in
actually if you want me to maybe create
a dummy store and just use Pinterest and
grow it with Pinterest if you’re
interested in something like that leave
a comment down below and I might make a
series of those videos first of all
really quick there are a couple
different ways how you can drive traffic
using Pinterest so you have your paid
traffic Pinterest advertising same as
let’s say Facebook advertising and then
you have your automated content which is
basically organic content organic
traffic using content
Automation which is something that still
works really well with Pinterest which
doesn’t really work would Facebook and
first of all let’s compare it with
Facebook because I know all of you love
Facebook advertising and all of that I
don’t know why but everyone’s just crazy
about Facebook and the only see Facebook
and that’s it and that’s what everyone
is just talking about so first of all
because of that I guess everyone is on
Facebook and obviously on Pinterest
there are very few companies really that
I see on Pinterest it’s kind of almost
seems like they’re keeping it a secret
so of course there is a lot less
competition on Pinterest there are very
few companies that are doing Pinterest
really well it almost seems like no one
is talking about it because they want to
keep it a secret so in some niches
there is almost no competition at all
it’s absolutely insane when it comes to
advertising you won’t see any
competition they’re still going to be
ads because a big companies such as
Walmart or bad Bath & Beyond they just
run ads on pretty much any niche so you
will still see those ads in specific
niches but it doesn’t mean that there
are any come actual competition of a
specific niche store that’s a direct
competitor to you and even for organic
traffic I have found some smaller niches
that don’t even have competition it
might not be insane amounts of traffic
but there still are niches that don’t
have competition
in this time and age which is absolutely
mind-blowing thinking how many people
actually are using Pinterest so of
course because of that Pinterest ads are
a lot a lot cheaper than Facebook so you
can get much higher return on your
investment and one thing to keep in mind
is it’s not just cheaper traffic but the
quality of that cheaper traffic is
actually much better and one thing that
indicates that really well is that 40%
of Pinterest users make hundred thousand
dollars a month so they have a lot more
money to spend they actually spend much
more money compared to any other social
media platform and those people who come
to Pinterest they are here
already coming with any intent to buy
something that’s why they are on
Pinterest to begin with we have people
with already an intent to purchase goods
and on top of that they have a lot of
money to spend so it’s really a perfect
place where you want to be and the last
thing that makes Pintrest different is
that Pinterest is a visual search engine
and where this comes in is that if
you’re running ads you can really find
exactly what your specific potential
customer once so if let’s say someone is
looking for a specific thing like let’s
say bohemian accessories then you can
target that when someone is searching
for that specific word bohemian
accessories your bohemian accessory
store is going to pop up so because of
Pinterest being this visual search
engine it really helps you out you put
your ads exactly when people are looking
for those things and I could go more and
more about all of this wiping dresses so
great but I really don’t want you to
worry too much so let me get to the next
part so automated content as I like to
call it or organic content
first of all organic content still works
on Pinterest which is amazing because
you can’t really imagine getting any
organic traffic from let’s say Facebook
on Pinterest however that is not the
case and if you combine organic traffic
with automation tools which are really
cheap and really easy to use then you
can really get a lot of organic traffic
it’s not something like oh let’s have
like one Instagram account and let’s put
a couple of posts on your Instagram
account and let’s expect that you’re
going to get a ton of traffic here you
can actually drive hundreds of thousands
of visits just from your account alone
which is absolutely amazing and I don’t
let a lot of people the G worry that oh
I don’t want to get into Pinterest
making different designs or creating
content or whatever it takes all of
these steps don’t worry about that
because actually it is very easy to
outsource I honestly don’t do any of
that myself I get everything outsourced
and it is very very simple to do cool
thing about this
when it comes to automation there are a
few different methods how you can do
this so there isn’t just one way there
are a few different strategies one of my
favorite one is actually creating a
sales funnel because that works great on
Pinterest so what exactly is what I call
Pinterest sales funnel first of all it’s
basically creating something that’s a
little bit more enticing a little bit
more tailored specifically for Pinterest
that is going to get a lot more
engagement so as you can imagine as you
probably know already some things work
for specific platforms so let’s say
things that you use for facebook and
things you use for Instagram or things
you use for YouTube those are going to
be different kind of things because
different content works for different
platforms differently so if you really
manage to figure out what works for
Pinterest you can really lower down the
cost per click and becomes absolutely
just insanely cheap to you drive traffic
to your store but it’s not just about
that because we’re creating a funnel so
using that tailored content you can
actually warm up your audience and I’m
not going to go into detail again I have
a free Pinterest course on the website
where I go deep deeper into this what
exactly is Pinterest sales funnel but
all of this basically just helps you to
warm up your audience a little bit it
helps you to sell to them better and
then you can get them into the funnel a
lot easier and then you can do a bunch
of different things so again I’m not
going to go too deep into this let me
show you just a quick example so this is
a very simple example just you kind of
for you to visualize what I am talking
about so as you can see on the left side
it says there’s just a product image and
it says free hand sanitizer tag for new
baby so basically they’re selling this
hand sanitizer and they do have as you
can see they actually have 40 teary
pants so they perhaps the god couple of
sales out of this but then it will look
to the right side as you will see they
have an image that has some writing it
looks more like usual Pinterest design
what you probably won’t get
your baby shower so this is kind of
creating curiosity for people to click
through and actually see what those
things are practical baby items list
baby things to buy before birth so they
are selling it as well but instead of
just putting their product they actually
are creating this curiosity and enticing
people to click through and go and see
this list and these are I’m pretty sure
once you click through you actually get
sort of a bit more of a sale they are
creating a story what exactly you need
if you have a new baby and all of that
and as you can see this post has two
thousand repents compared to this that
has only 40 so this works really well
they probably got a couple hundred sales
at least from this one post so this is
just a quick example what it works so
don’t want to make this video too long
so I’m going to stop here now but if you
want me to make more content on how
exactly to use Pinterest you drive
traffic to get sales all of that do let
me know in the comments and I’ll make
sure to create more videos by the way I
choose one person every week that I give
out my one of my courses completely for
free so leave a comment down below leave
Pinterest ecommerce marketing or
something like that and I’ll choose one
person once a week to give a free course
dude again if you found this video
useful I would really appreciate if you
press thumbs up subscribe to this
YouTube channel put all notifications to
you get updates when I release new
videos stay awesome and I’ll see you

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