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Jarvee Review – Best Instagram Bot 2019

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Would you like to hear a secret how you can get thousands of Instagram followers without doing anything. I know it sounds to good to be true, but actually it is very simple. What I am talking about is software called Jarvee which is the best Instagram Bot 2019.

1. What Is Jarvee Instagram Bot

Jarvee is the most comprehensive social media bot out there right now. The best Instagram Bot 2019.

What it allows you to do is perform thousands of actions on autopilot without you needing to do anything.

Jarvee Review - Best Instagram BotYou just set up the setting you want a bot to perform and it does it for you. This includes follow, unfollow, like, comment and so on…

If you follow someone or like someone’s photo, apart of those people are going to check out your profile account and if they like what they see they will follow you back.

This is the easiest way to grow Instagram account as you do not need to do anything after the initial setup.

I am focusing on an Instagram side of the Jarvee bot, but really it is a tool for all your social media needs.

It includes features for every social media platform. Not just Instagram but also Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and so on…

Not only you have the bot that performs actions, but you also have scheduling tools with this software as well. 2 for 1 price.

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2. Why Is Jarvee The Best Instagram Bot

I understand that saying that Jarvee is the best Instagram bot 2019 is a pretty big claim, so let me explain why I say this.

The best thing about Jarvee is the amount of customization you have. Jarvee has more customization than any other tool.

This is great because first of all, it is safer for you to use this bot and you can also get better results with all the different settings.

Besides that, Jarvee is a non-web based bot, which makes it a lot safer as well.

The first set up might be a little intimidating if you have never done it, but believe me, if you follow their tutorial it is more than easy.

Lastly, Jarvee is really cheap. I mean seriously, for what you get it is an absolute steal.

It only cost $19.95 per month for 10 social media accounts. Or $49.95 for 70 accounts!

If you would have this many accounts on other bots you would be paying way more than this just for Instagram.

If you would be paying for all the different social media platform bots, just the 10 accounts plan would cost you hundreds of dollars.

This is just a very simple explanation why this tool outstands so much, but believe there are so many little details why Jarvee is the best Instagram bot 2019.

If you are a little bit intimidated that you need to download Jarvee, you can try out a web-based bot called Leogram.

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3. How Much Does Jarvee Cost

As I already mentioned there are a few different plans to choose from depending on how many accounts you want to have.

Jarvee Review Best Instagram Bot 2019 Pricing PlansYou can start with just 10 accounts for $19.95. But you get really insane value with the bigger plans.

You also get free 5 day trial, so you can try it out without even investing any money.

Though you need to start it with a lower amount of actions taken first and then consistently increase them if you do not want to raise any red flags.

This means that it will take a little bit of time until you see the full potential of this Instagram bot.

Besides the bot itself, you will also need to run a remote desktop, as this bot has to run 24/7 on a windows computer.

Luckily enough, Amazon provides a remote desktop for FREE for 1 year! And Jarvee has a step by step tutorial how to set it up.

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4. Jarvee Instagram Bot Features

This could easily be one hour article by itself, as there are so many features and settings within those features on Jarvee.

Jarvee Review Best Instagram Bot 2019 FeaturesThere are of course the follow, unfollow, like and comment features that you might find on other bots.

Side note, Do Not use the comment feature as that can easily get you in trouble.

Or at least if you plan to use it, then do not go overboard with it and do it properly.

Besides those features Jarvee also offers such features as direct messaging, repost, deleting posts and even story viewer.

You can automatically send out a greeting message to your new followers after they follow you. A bunch of exciting things.

I do not think I have seen some of these features on any other Instagram bot.

And Jarve is constantly evolving and adding new features to its bot. That was the case with the story viewer that was added not that long ago.

Besides that, on Jarvee you also have scheduling tools meaning you can schedule your posts, so you do not need to post them manually yourself.

This saves up a lot of time and you can optimize your content for the best times to post.

Again, this comes not just for Instagram but for all social media platforms.

5. Jarvee Instagram Bot Settings

So, besides the number of features you have on Jarvee, why I think it is the best Instagram Bot 2019 is because of its customizable settings.

Jarvee Review Best Instagram Bot 2019

You can set time between the operations, put different delays add random sleep times, rotate days, set the tool to stop for a random time in between, automatically start the unfollow tool and so on and so on.

All of these settings right here can drastically help you to look like an actual person doing the actions and can keep your account safe.

Jarvee Review Best Instagram Bot 2019

On top of that, with Jarvee you can customize so much on what accounts you want to interact exactly.

You can make sure the user has a profile picture, has posted in the past few days and has followers in a certain range.

Or you can even narrow it down to some ridiculous settings like having specific keywords in their bio.

The more customization you have here, the higher chance you have to be put in front of the right people.

That, in return, of course, means that you will grow your followers faster if you are doing it right.

Jarvee Review Best Instagram Bot 2019

 Besides some of the settings, you saw above you can also set the sources where to find people that might be interested in your content.

You can find your competitor Instagram accounts and you can actually put their followers as your target audience.

Or even better than that what you can do on Jarvee is target users who have interacted with your competitor accounts.

This means you can target some of the most active and passionate users in your specific niche.

The amount of specific you can customize with Jarvee is almost overwhelming, but it is the number one reason why I think Jarvee is the best Instagram bot 2019.

It can really make a difference between getting a 100 followers a day or getting 500 followers.

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Running an Instagram bot must be the least effort requiring method to grow your Instagram account.

It does cost a little bit of money but believe me, it will pay back really quick whether you are doing paid promotions or using it for e-commerce.

All the features, the settings and the price is why I think Jarvee is the best Instagram bot 2019.

It might take a few extra minutes to set it up compared to other web based bots, but it is actually very simple and it will pay off!

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