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How To Start Online Business Ideas Drop Servicing Ideas

In this video, I present to you how to start online business ideas, a drop servicing business idea in 2020. If you are looking for drop servicing business examples this low cost business idea might interest you. I explain how to find a good drop servicing niche, how to find profitable drop servicing services to sell, how to get clients and more. This is a business idea that you can start from home and that requires very little capital.

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How To Start Online Business IdeasΒ Transcript

hey everyone this is vil so in this
video i’m going to show you an amazing
business opportunity that
you can do it yourself i was actually
even thinking to pursue this myself
but then i decided to focus on this so
instead i’m giving it out for you
because i do appreciate you being
subscribed to my youtube channel
even if you don’t plan to pursue this
business idea still
watch the whole video because you are
going to get a lot of good insights of
how to go about thinking of how to
create a service
how to sell it where to find your
audience and all that
all that so i’m going to show you the
different types of services you could be
selling with this business idea
where exactly do you find customers for
how exactly you would go about selling
these services and promoting these
services and so on and so forth by the
every week i give out one of my courses
completely for free so
just leave a comment down below to enter
the competition okay so what i am
talking about
are services for youtubers so there are
a few different services that could be
sold within this business idea so first
of all
we have video editing for youtubers
we then we have channel branding channel
outreach and growth campaigns and i’m
going to explain
all of these different services in
detail how to sell them
how to use them and so on and so forth
so let’s start with the outreach
so me myself i have built a youtube
channel actually before
to 100 000 subscribers within one year
as a side project while bootstrapping a
at the same time and the reason why i
was able to
build a channel with so quick with so
little work
was because i had a good outreach
strategy so really what we are doing
and what it’s always best to do when you
think about
services that you can sell is how
exactly are you solving someone’s
problem and in this case
not getting enough views not getting
enough subscribers
is pretty much the biggest problem on
youtuber that a youtuber has
so as you might have already understood
outreach campaign basically just means
finding different media outlets that you
can contact
you can picture content and get them
share your content
so then in return you get more views and
subscribers why i actually like this
service quite a bit is
because it’s pretty simple to create a
really good trip wire
so if you don’t know what tripwire means
it basically means providing
some sort of service for a really really
low price
where people can’t really refuse and
then you are
upselling them more expensive services
so for outreach campaign you could use
something like a
trial on a special discounted price
where you just do
a very little outreach and if you can
show them that you can get results with
this little
outreach then you can upsell bigger
services within
actual prices so if you actually have a
good service and you can bring
in really good results then honestly
this should be
very simple to sell and after some time
if you are targeting channels within the
same niche
then you are going to build out sort of
of all of the different outreach that
you can do and if you have already the
then you can just use that for all of
the different youtubers
and that saves up a lot of time in terms
of research
so for you it becomes cheaper and
cheaper to do this
outreach while you’re still charging
same amount of money from the youtubers
also same thing happens with a system so
you really need to sort of
build out a framework that helps you to
do this outreach
and you figure out what really works
well and then
you take that framework and again you
apply it to
different youtubers so if you haven’t
seen i made a separate video about just
called win-win method where for the
it would take too much time to actually
do the outreach do the whole research
create the framework and all of that it
would take a ton of time
for you it takes very little time so you
paid more than what you deserve forever
but at the same time for youtuber it
makes more sense to hire you than do it
themselves so it’s really a win-win
situation for both
parties okay so the next service is
video editing and this
is actually the main service that i
think would work
the best and i’ll explain in a second
why i think this
is the case but one thing i want you to
is that a lot of people are
actually afraid to outsource their video
editing there are
channels that have literally million
subscribers and they’re still doing
editing themselves
just because they are afraid that
someone else is
not going to be able to do the same type
of editing as they are
and that is not the case you can
definitely find
people who are going to do the same or
even better
editing so once again if i would be
doing this and i would
probably have some sort of special offer
such as
a discounted rate as a trial to just
showcase that this editing can
actually be really good if it’s a really
big youtuber they have
perhaps million subscribers or so on or
not even that
honestly i might just give out a
completely free trial where i would just
edit one video completely free
just to show them what really is
possible make them feel
safe and they don’t risk anything but it
might be worth for me
to invest that money to do that one edit
for free
if i’ll manage to acquire that customer
for months and months if not
years to come so i actually came across
this problem myself
because i needed someone to be editing
videos and the thing i realized is that
yes you can go on fiverr
and you can find people who do video
however i don’t think the rates for this
on fiverr are that cheap per se
so really if you go outside of fiverr
and you find a freelancer
who is going to work directly with you
and is going to do this type of editing
you can get a lot a lot lower rate so
when it comes to competition and
people going out on fiverr and just
outsourcing on fiverr
i would not be as afraid that people are
going to do that because
probably you can have pretty competitive
rates so why i said that this would
probably be my main service or at least
the best service is because you would
ongoing payments so you really only need
sign up a person once and the really
beautiful thing about video editing is
after that it’s pretty much just sending
the files over editing the file sending
them back
getting notes back editing and sending
the final copy
so really you don’t even need a project
once you sign up a client it’s really
you just get a person who does all of
the editing
and that is it and then you get all of
this profit
coming in non-stop so let’s say even if
you get
just ten dollar margin per hour on
what the customer is paying if you get
let’s say 100 hours of work per month
that’s already one thousand dollars in
profit for you so you only need to sign
10 youtubers that would do 100 hours of
editing per month and you get 10
000 dollars in profit
every single month recurring without you
needing to do
anything and this is why i think this
would be a really beautiful business
plan so the next service that you can be
is channel optimization and so what this
basically means
is creating seo friendly descriptions
and finding seo base tags so youtube
videos can rank
better so this again deals with the big
issue of
people not being able to rank their
videos and get enough
views and the reality is that a lot of
people don’t even
do their seo research and they don’t
even find the right tags
and there are tools that you can use to
do this
and it really isn’t even that
after a little bit of practice the cool
thing about this again
is what i would probably do is i would
create a bunch of case studies because
yes you can create case studies with
outreach as well but this i think is
even a little bit easier because you can
take a video just find the right tasks
for the video find the right
keywords it might only take you 10
minutes to do that
and then you can see how the videos
started ranking or how many more views
the videos are getting
and you can put that up as a case study
so it’s really easy to create some case
studies that can work
really really well and this also goes
well with the other services that i
mentioned so probably i wouldn’t be
selling this as the main service but if
someone signs up to get their video
editing done
or an outreach campaign then i think it
would be a fairly
easy sort of bundle for them to sell
channel optimization as well okay so the
last service
is channel branding so as you might
already understand this basically means
same design for a brand for a channel so
basically having
banner designs having thumbnails
having perhaps other social media
looking the same as the youtube channel
honestly this is probably pretty
competitive because
i do kind of hear a lot of youtubers
just saying oh just go to fiverr
and get your design done and that is it
i don’t really want to guess
anything but my assumption would be that
probably this
is going to be a little bit competitive
of fiber and this is not going to make
millions because it’s not really a
high-end product however if you do start
making thumbnails for different channels
then that can be
an ongoing revenue as well which again
is something that you really need to
look for also
why it is so cheap on fiverr is because
once again once you have created a
so in this case once you have created
certain templates
for banners for thumbnails all of that
you can basically take those
templates you can change them out a
little bit and you can apply them for
youtubers so you don’t need to be
building everything from scratch once
you invest a little bit of time
once you build it out then it’s very
very easy for you to just make these
again this is basically what i made a
whole video about the win-win method
where it makes sense for the youtubers
to be ordering this from you
and for you it is so easy and simple to
make this
and lastly because of what i just
mentioned that it might not be a really
high price tag
i might even use this as a tripwire okay
once we have our services chosen then we
need to think about the sales
workflow so the really cool thing about
this business idea as well
is that youtubers want to be
educated how they can grow their
channels faster how they can get more
so what i would do first of all i would
create some sort of landing page where i
would create a freebie that would be
an educational freebie for youtubers
learning how to grow their channel what
are the biggest mistakes they’re making
how to get brand deals whatever it is
there are so
many different topics to choose from and
that is the really beautiful thing about
niche so i would create a freebie and
get the traffic going there so
i would acquire customer emails so i can
retarget them later through
email i would also create some really
cool case studies so basically what i
mentioned before
whether it’s ranking based on seo
or it’s doing outreach campaigns
whatever it is i would create some
really cool case studies
just for people to learn more of how
they can grow their youtube channel and
why they should be using my services
and then as i said probably i would try
out to do
outreach sample as a tripwire to just
get people to do that first payment open
their wallet
and then so then i can upsell more
services after that
or if they don’t have any design
on their channel perhaps i could use the
design services branding services
as a tripwire as well so and then once i
get them in through the door then i
would be
upselling video editing and perhaps i
would be upselling also the outreach
or even the search engine optimization
it really kind of depends you really
need to test out i can be
guessing right now um but probably these
would be the services that i would be
upselling so
once we kind of took the initial step
and we get
people on our website we give them out
freebie we acquired their email
all of that then i would have some sort
nurturing campaigns and again the really
beautiful thing about this
is that there is a lot of educational
that you can provide for your potential
so really what i would do i would send
content that would be very useful to
and would show how they can grow their
youtube channels faster
but at the same time i would basically
be talking about
my services so how you can use search
engine optimization to rank your channel
to get more views and subscribers and
all of that and then i would say well
if you don’t want to do all of this
yourself or you’re not you know very
confident about it
we have a service that we can do all of
and you can look at all of these case
studies all of the channels that we work
the results we got them and all of that
and all of that and i promise you
a lot of youtubers are going to be using
services so basically i would be feeding
my potential
leads with all of the different content
statistics case studies testimonials so
and so forth okay so now let’s talk
selling proposition and
this is actually really basic when you
narrow it down
and what i’m here talking mostly about
by the way is video editing
so when it comes to video editing really
the main concept
is youtubers cost per hour versus your
price so let’s see if a youtuber is
making 20 dollars per hour
and editing only costs 15 dollars per
then they should be outsourcing the
editing because
it’s not worth their time to be doing
editing themselves so really what you
need to do you just need to educate
how it just makes sense to be
outsourcing the editing
and just prove to them somehow that you
can do it for them
and that is it you have your clients
also a few other things that you could
is actually have some special editing
that they don’t know how to do
themselves so perhaps having different
and graphics and just editing style in
so this could be a competitive advantage
that they can do it themselves
so they need to hire you and then if
you can do it even for a cheaper price
then what
they charge themselves per hour then
it’s no brainer
at all another thing on top of that
perhaps what you could use
is purchasing all of the different
effects so such as transitions
graphics music all of that so you do
need to invest a little bit of
money and purchase all of these assets
but once you have them
you can use them on all of the different
channels so for you
the cost becomes less and less the more
channels you use it with and if it would
be just one youtuber
who is purchasing all of this for
themselves for them that would be very
very costly but because you’re using
this for multiple clients
for you it is not that costly so at the
end of the day
when you are pitching this what you
really need to do is you need to
show the youtuber how you can take this
of their hands that it makes sense
financially and they can really
on creating more content with their free
time coming up with more
video ideas and all of that because
that’s what you need to do
at the end of the day to grow your
channel all right so now for
the customer acquisition the part that
most people usually struggle with
so first of all the really cool thing is
youtube is trending people want to be
youtubers if you ask little kids
what they want to do in the future when
they grow up most of them are going to
tell you they want to be youtubers it’s
just so popular right now and the
beautiful thing about this
is that even if you have no budget for
your marketing means
you can honestly just directly contact
youtube if you’re selling if let’s say
you’re selling shoes or bags or
something like that you’re not really
going to be messaging the person
and just asking them to buy shoes
if it’s youtubers you can actually just
directly message them and tell them give
some sort of value so provide them with
something useful
and then you can make and then you can
create relationship with them
and pitch your products aside from that
there are a lot of channels that
teach you how to be successful on
i think this is actually how i came up
with the idea because
i saw a lot of these videos are trending
right now
so if i would be pursuing this i would
probably try to
collab with some of these channels and
share some of the profits
in return for them bringing in customers
for me asides from that
of course you can also work with all of
the different types of
influencers i think that would work
pretty well ads
should work pretty well for this also
because it would be probably pretty easy
to find good targeting based on all of
the interest and different youtube
and pinterest i think would work really
really great
again i just love pinterest marketing i
have a whole
course if you want there is a free mini
course i’ll leave a link down below in
but i think you could absolutely kill on
pinterest with this because once again
there’s a lot of educational content
when it comes to this so you could
a lot of content a lot of pins that you
put in on pinterest
and drive a ton of traffic so i’m not
going to go into crazy detail of the
customer acquisition but
i think you get the basic idea of some
of the things that you could do so to
summarize this
why do i actually think this is a good
business idea
first of all the interest of people
becoming youtubers
is increasing and there is a huge
pool of potential customers there’s more
than one service that you can
offer your potential clients and all of
these services
are fairly easy to bundle up and they
are and some of these services also are
recovering revenue which
is always amazing to have then on top of
that when it comes to actually getting
clients and customers
you have multiple ways how you can do it
if you have no budget and if you have a
lot of budget this should work
either way and also there probably would
be honestly a lot of referrals because
a lot of youtubers they know other
youtubers so they share this information
of hey what are you doing for a channel
what’s working for you
and if you’re doing really good editing
for them they are going to refer you to
other people as well so really hope you
found this video useful or
interesting at least at least you’re
going to get hopefully something out of
do you let me know if you enjoyed this
type of video and if i should make more
of these type of videos because
i do have a million of other business
ideas saying so i definitely would be
down to you share them with you
if you found this video useful make sure
to press thumbs up
subscribe to my youtube channel put on
those notifications
so you see every time i publish a new
video stay awesome and i’ll see you soon

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