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How To Start Drop Servicing Business Step By Step

In this video, I explain how to start drop servicing business step by step in 2020. Drop servicing is one of the best businesses to start for beginners in 2020 as it requires close to no money and skills. I answer the question of what is drop servicing, explaining the drop servicing business model, what exactly you need to get started and why you should not drop service on Fiverr. This guide includes explaining how to find a niche, test the niche, find good services, find clients, do marketing and so on… I tell you all of the necessary tools you will need for drop servicing and more. This is the ultimate guide for drop servicing.

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How To Start Drop Servicing Business Step By Step


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How To Start Drop Servicing Business Step By Step 2020 Transcript

hi this is will so this video is going
to be pretty much the ultimate guide
how to start drop servicing business step by step.
I see a lot of people out there just
telling you go to Fiverr and drop
service those fiber gigs but please
don’t do that you’re not going to really
be making money doing that so in this
video I am going to tell you pretty much
everything that you need about drop
servicing so what exactly is drop
servicing how you can start drop
servicing that actually makes money how
do you find good services how to test
those services out all of the different
tools that you need and I’m going to
give you a lot of hacks and just golden
nuggets in the video so make sure to
watch the whole video it’s going to be
very very useful by the way there is a
freebie template for you that you can
put and on your website do you have a
website made for you right away so check
it out on description on the website so
let’s start from the meaning of drop
servicing and I would say that drop
servicing is selling services to
customers that someone else actually
does so basically you get an order for a
service that you are setting you’re
putting that service on a website and
then someone else does that service and
you are basically the middleman that’s
connecting the two so if you have heard
about drop shipping this is pretty much
exactly the same thing but instead of
product here you have a service so that
is the difference so the way the
business model works in here is very
very simple you get whatever the amount
is paid by the customer for that
specific service and then you deduct the
costs for outsourcing and the cost for
customer acquisition whatever way you
choose to do that and whatever is left
that is your profit so very very simple
concept so why not fiber because do you
see a lot of people saying that you
should just use fiber for drop servicing
and yes
it is very simple because you have all
of the services there already packaged
very easily and you don’t really need to
do that much work but at the same time
the main problem I would say is that
those services are very small services
so even if you’re going to put in some
sort of margin on top of those services
when you’re drop servicing most likely
it’s not going to be that big so maybe
maximum you can make couple hundred
dollars per one gig per one service that
you’re selling but if you were doing the
other way that I’m going to explain
later you can put on a margin of few
hundred dollars or even couple thousand
dollars so it’s a lot a lot bigger and
another thing when you look at Fiverr
what it works really well for is one
time type of things so it’s it doesn’t
necessarily mean that’s a bad thing but
also I’ll show you later how it makes
maybe more sense to have something
that’s more recurring and not just
one-time payment so small projects small
margins I’m not saying it’s not
impossible to do it you can definitely
do it with Fiverr but what I’m saying is
it’s going to be much much much harder
and you’re not going to make as much
money to be honest because all the
people as well if they will see those
specific gigs that look like a Fiverr
gig they might just go to fiver so you
need to make sure that you can somehow
distinguish yourself from the cheap
Fiverr services and I’ll show you what
you can do instead of that by the way if
you are finding this video useful make
sure to smash the thumbs up button and
subscribe to my youtube channel that
would really be appreciated so the right
way to do this so what I suggest you to
do you and what I have done before is
actually finding freelancers instead of
just going to fivers so you don’t just
go and buy a gig but instead of that you
go to you a certain website where that
has really cheap outsourcing and you use
those freelancers so a couple of things
that happens is first of all on Fiverr
you probably end up paying more money so
in this way you will actually be able to
higher margins and the other thing is
what you’ll be able to do you can find
different projects that are much bigger
projects than just the small Fiverr gigs
and you can also have a long-term
clients from this. Hence, this is a much better way
how to start drop servicing business.
so when you find these
and again what you can do just as
example you can let’s say you see a gig
for WordPress design on Fiverr and then
you go and find a freelancer that does
the whole thing for WordPress the whole
setup all of that so then you create you
package that really nicely you have a
really nice website all of that and then
you sell that as a premium service as a
whole package and then instead of
charging maybe a hundred or two hundred
dollars you can now be charging a
thousand or two thousand dollars so I’ll
tell you everything step by step how
exactly you do all of those things but
quickly before that I just wanted to
mention a few benefits if you are
completely new to this because I think
it is actually a really really great way
to make money so first of all it has
minimal cost to start honestly this
might be the cheapest way to start out a
business right now and I’ll tell you
later all of the different costs but
really you can start pretty much almost
for free or you just pay a few dollars I
think it’s much cheaper than any other
opportunity out there right now another
thing is you don’t need experience and
this is really the beautiful thing about
this because imagine if you would decide
to be graphic designer for example you
would spend a year or you would spend
two years learning how to do graphic
design how to have gained all of these
different skills and all of that and
then eventually you would find out once
you’re already gained those skills you
find out that oh it doesn’t really pay
that well or it’s kind of difficult in
this market you find clients for
whatever it is and then you spend Q
years of your hard work for really
nothing whereas with this with drop
servicing because you don’t actually
need to acquire skills because someone
else is going to do all of the work
it makes it so easy for you to test you
literally could test this in one day and
I’ll show you how you can set up website
really really easy so really you could
have a really nicely set of website in a
day and then depending how you try to
find a client’s I would say obviously
it’s gonna take longer than a day really
realistically but you could do that
probably in a week you could probably
and you could do multiple niches at the
same time multiple services at the same
time you could whether you choose to
maybe contact people or run ads whatever
it is you could just test out a service
in a week and if it doesn’t work you
move to the next idea until you find one
that works really well and then you just
focus on that so that is a huge huge
benefit it makes your life so much
easier because you don’t need to gamble
you can actually test things out another
point that might seem a little bit
strange for you but taking advantage of
salaries around the world so what I mean
by that is a lot of people still up to
this day they’re kind of used to hire
locally or they have different
perceptions in terms of what kind of
services are getting and I’m not going
to go deep into this because I can
already tell that it’s hard to explain
this but the point is that let’s say
you’re getting a graphic designer
from the United States it might cost you
you let’s say $50 per hour to pay that
graphic designer and then you can find a
graphic designer
in the Philippines that only is going to
you constitu maybe $5 or $10 per hour so
it’s at least five times less or even
ten times less and your quality their
skills quality of work might be the same
and work ethic might be the same you
can’t really actually if someone’s
perform Philippines their work I think
is even better to be honest so the point
really is that at this exact time
there’s such a huge opportunity because
not everyone is outsourcing yet not
everyone is taking advantage of this so
if you can be that middle person that
actually takes advantage of the
different salaries and using those
skills for a cheaper price then you can
a lot of money with this another really
cool thing is depending on what exactly
you might also be thinking about doing
but with this what I like is that
usually when you let’s say if you’re
doing drop shipping you most likely are
going to be selling product once and
then sometimes you might have repeat
customers but it’s not going to be as
often whereas with this it’s quite
likely that if you actually have good
service that you can have long-term
customers and you have that recurring
income which is already always a really
good thing to have and as I said it’s
really easy to test out niches so that’s
really beautiful thing about it and one
really cool thing as well is that you
can build out a brand eventually so
honestly I would say that be realistic
at the beginning you’re not going to
start out building out a brand because
you will not have enough knowledge and
you need you work really fast you need
to do a lot of testing and all of that
so as the time goes by you’re going to
be improving your services and you’re
going to be develop better relationships
with different customers and all of that
and then eventually if you really find
one service that works really well for
you you can actually turn that from just
drop servicing into a proper brand so
this has potential to you actually be a
you being able to create a really big
brand out of it so really quick a few
things that you can drop service if you
haven’t quite understood the idea yet
first of all the design so website
design social design brand different
designs for a brand all of that
copywriting market research social media
management video editing even such thing
as customers apart so really pretty much
anything out there that you can find
that people need you can drop service
those services alright so now to you the
good part and that is finding a service
so this is a whole video itself and I
honestly could talk for hours about this
thing alone so I’ll just go really quick
and give you a couple of ideas so you
get basic idea of
how do you find a service so a lot of
different methods first of all you could
I said not to you drop service gigs from
Fiverr but you could go to Fiverr and
see what exactly what type of services
are working really well and then see how
you can expand on that so as I said
before if you see that someone’s doing
let’s say WordPress design then perhaps
you can do a whole set up for a
WordPress website so including all the
design SEO all the plugins all that kind
of stuff so that could be an idea
another thing that’s sort of similar to
this is to go to some of these
freelancer websites and see what the
best performing freelancers are doing
and what kind of services they’re
selling those are some of the best ideas
and you can also do it the opposite way
around where you go to those websites
and not all of them but some of them
they have job postings so just see what
kind of jobs are being posted a lot and
what which ones are being you know the
best paid jobs so see some of that you
will after some time you’re looking at
those you will see what is likely a good
opportunity little hack I will give you
her is that you can also just narrow
down a niche so what I mean by this is
let’s say you want to drop service
graphic design so instead of just doing
general graphic design for everyone
really narrow it down to a niche such as
yoga so a lot of Yogi’s they are now
opening different web sites whether
they’re once you teach yoga or perhaps a
month you sell products or whatever
exactly it is so what you can be you can
be specifically at this design agency
graphic design agency for Yogi’s so if
they find her agency think about it
would they choose just a general design
agency or really choose an agency that
specifies in Yogi’s I’m pretty sure they
would choose the second so this is one
very very powerful tip that you can
really just find a good service and
narrow down for a specific niche and
after that you can always expand so you
can start with the
and don’t worry because it might not be
a huge market but just get hundred
percent of the small market and then
focus on expanding and another really
cool hack for you is to you find fast
growing agencies fast growing companies
and see what kind of services they are
providing if they are going really if
they’re growing really fast then that
shows you indicates that there is good
potential for those kind of services so
the next step is to actually test the
service and I feel like a lot of people
to skip this step they don’t think about
it but it’s actually really really
important so first of all obviously just
go to Google Trends and see whether the
demand for this is increasing or it’s
decreasing obviously you want something
that’s increasing over time I don’t
think I need to explain that and then go
and see how competition is doing so how
much competition there is so in terms of
SEO if you go to Google how many
different services are ranking there is
there a lot of competition maybe you can
compete with some of the companies again
what the action is like on social media
what the action is like on paid media so
how many different ads there are and so
on so just to see how difficult is going
to be queue for you to compete with
other agencies another thing that a lot
of people discard is see if there are
actually successful competitors so
competition isn’t necessarily bad you
want you have some competitors not too
many but you want you have some that are
actually successful because that shows
you that it’s basically a proof of
concept that this service is actually
something that people want and you can
actually be successful with it so find
someone that is successful within the
service so lastly I would say find some
exact numbers so yes you can look around
and honestly you will get a pretty good
feel of what it looks like but I would
real advice if you are serious about
this find some exact numbers so what
exactly is the search number for that
specific service how much do you need to
pay for ads
if that’s the way you’re going to go how
much are these agencies charging for
those services and how much profit are
different companies making so see the
exact numbers if that is possible and
obviously from that also calculate your
costs how much is going to cost for you
to acquire customers outsource and all
of that basically just really know your
numbers all right so once you have
figured all of that out the next step is
you need to build a website so first of
all you will need a domain name which
you can buy in just two minutes then you
will need somewhere to you host your
website so honestly what I would advise
is just have WordPress so basically you
need to get a hosting and you need to
get WordPress and if you are scared just
by hearing this believe it is very very
very simple the setup literally takes
maybe five to ten minutes and I’ll again
I’ll leave all the useful links down
below in description but believe me it’s
very very simple to do that what I would
really real advice is to get a
professional theme there is this theme
that I absolutely love it’s amazing you
just you can customize everything on the
front end so you don’t need to know how
to write code or anything like that it’s
really really simple to use and they
have a lot of templates and whatnot
I’ll ganna leave a link down below in
the description I would really advise it
just because it’s going to save you up a
lot of time and you can build out a
really professional-looking website and
literally one day and if you really
don’t have money then you can go with a
free theme that’s fine it’s still going
to work but honestly I would just advise
to you invest a little bit of money and
get something that’s going to save you a
lot of time another way that you could
go about doing this if you don’t want to
do WordPress you could use something
like leadpages which basically allows
you to create a different sales funnel
and that is also very very simple to use
and very easy to set up and it actually
works really really well honestly I
would advise to get WordPress and use
leadpages with WordPress together so use
both of those but also if you know if
if you want to start very simple you can
use separately one or the other option I
see some people talking that you should
be using Shopify for this do you sell
those services technically you could do
that but I honestly don’t see the point
of doing that when you think about how
much you’re also paying for Shopify I
don’t really see the point and you can’t
really customize that much or well it’s
real difficult compared to WordPress you
customize things so I would really not
advise to do that but besides that when
selling the services you will need some
how to charge money so again you can
actually have an e-commerce type of
integration so for WordPress you can
have WooCommerce or leadpages already
have integration themselves so basically
you can have a service that people just
press a button and they purchase that
service right away or what you can do
also you can send invoices for the
services and there are some free ways to
do that you can honestly just use PayPal
and send in was through PayPal but there
are some other programs that are a
little bit more professional so
depending what exactly you need there
are a lot of different services for that
once you have your website the next
thing is getting emailed service of what
it is this is a private email so what is
is instead let’s say of having your
company at you’re going to
have info at your company dot-com so
basically a professional email address
that’s what private email addresses and
then after that I would suggest that you
get some sort of email automation
service and again I will leave a link
for my favorite service down below it’s
really great you can start for free you
don’t need to pay any money or anything
so this comes in really well if let’s
say you want to set up some sort of
email automation that you are sending
out your potential clients or even
clients that you already have signed up
or if you want to let’s say collect your
leads so again you can create different
pop-ups and signup forms and all of that
and collect emails and then again you
can have different automations based on
different actions that you are sending
out those leads and con
them into customers so definitely
definitely be using email so once you
have your whole setup done then you need
to actually find some freelancers who
are going to do those services for you
and again there is one website that I
absolutely love that they use most of
the time and again I will leave the link
down below in the description but
basically what this website allows you
to do is you pay one-time fee and you
get connection cute all of these
freelancers that are very very cheap and
then you just work with those
freelancers so instead of other
platforms you don’t need to pay per
every project that you’re working but
once you’re connected with the
freelancer you aren’t just working with
them one really great hack that I have
learned throughout the years is as the
freelancers to commit for a minimum time
so what this means is that let’s say
when I first start working with someone
I will ask them to be available to
commit at least 10 hours per week if
that is required so what this means is
I’m not telling them and usually I
approach this like we’re just starting
out so I want to test it out I want to
test the waters to see how exactly is
going to go like so I’m not telling them
that I’m going to give them a certain
amount of work and by the way a lot of
people I feel like they approach this
thinking that oh I need to hire someone
full-time so I need to invest a lot of
money and I’m taking risks but you don’t
take any risks like this because what
essentially you are doing let’s say a
client you sell some sort of service the
service comes in then you contact the
freelancer and you tell them okay I need
you to do this service for me and you
told me that you’re going to be able to
commit at least an hours per week so
even if you’re working on other things
you promise me that you’ll find some
time to do this as well and if you don’t
have any service then you were already
upfront about it that it might take you
a minute to give them some sort of work
so the freelancer is not going to be mad
about that as well I think that is a
really good approach that has worked for
me for quite a while on top of that what
I also suggested to you is get
more than one freelancer because
sometimes you might get more work than
you expected and then that one
freelancer might not be able especially
if you’re not hiring them full time that
one freelancer might not be able to do
all of the work so have couple different
freelancers just in case and also you
want to have them because you can
actually test out which one works better
and that’s kind of the segment to the
next step which is get and tracking
software this is honestly if you don’t
use one yet this is going to change your
life one of the best investments I’ve
ever made again I’ll put a link to my
favorite one and this is amazing because
it tracks everything that is done for
you so it tracks all of the time and
then you can even get screenshots of the
people to see what exactly work they do
and this is very useful to a see if
they’re actually doing the work they’re
supposed to do and B to just see their
workflow as well and then you can see if
someone is doing something wrong and you
can actually give them some points how
to change things to be more efficient
and how to do things better and then
this is also where you can test out
exactly how much time it takes for
people to do certain projects and then
you can get rid of the people that are
doing the projects really slow and be
left with the ones that are doing the
projects really fast and really really
well so tracking software I think is
really a must also on top of that you
should get a management software because
it’s simply going to allow you to get
everything organized really well and
just work with your team a lot easier
and believe me if you can’t just start
out simply messaging people but honestly
I would save write of the badges get a
management task management software
because it’s just going to make
everything a lot more clear and H is
going to make is going to avoid you from
making a lot of mistakes and it’s going
to save you a lot of time so believe me
it’s going to help you out quite a bit
all right once we got all of that done
then we actually need to find the
clients and
this is probably the most difficult part
that people struggle with and again this
would be a completely different videos
that you can talk hours and hours about
so I’ll just tell you quickly a few
ideas to get sort of an a perspective of
how you can find different clients so
first of all what you can do you what’s
pretty popular is simply finding
businesses and just cold calling them
called emailing them or cold messaging
them basically somehow it’s trying to
establish conversation with them and
then eventually trying to sell your
services to them so it’s not the easiest
way per se and it’s not super automated
unless you again are outsourcing this
but it doesn’t cost anything for you to
do this and you can even go on let’s say
LinkedIn and you can find people through
there or you can even go to Facebook
groups and message people through
Facebook so you can really if you have
no money this is a really easy way to
start out another very popular way to
find clients is by running ads so you
can do something like Google ads where
if someone is looking for a specific
service you can put an ad in front of
them so they’re going to come across
your service and then within your
website you need to make sure that
you’re converting those clients
potential clients into actual clients
another thing that you can do is create
content funnels and this is quite a big
topic so I’m not going to explain to you
much but basically in a nutshell this is
creating certain content through which
you are getting traffic and then you’re
warming up traffic and through the
content you are requiring leads and then
eventually you’re turning those leads
into actual customers lastly you could
just be using job websites so the same
websites that have those freelancers you
could actually just post your different
services on those websites and if you
have everything packaged really nicely
and really looking professional that
could be a good way to start out and
make your first connections and then
from there sometimes you will just get
referrals if you’re actually doing
work so that is also one of many many
different options again not going to go
into all of these let me know if you
want me I will make separate videos on
Jos DS so the total costs because I know
that is very important when you are just
starting out so first of all domain
that’s going to cost you $10
then you need hosting and if you’re
using WordPress as I suggested to do you
then you need a hosting and hosting can
be really cheap you can find the thing
hosting for as cheap as four dollars a
month I usually get a little bit more
upgraded hosting just because I do
believe that you need to invest money to
make money so I kind of get the best but
if you just want you start out you can
get something as cheap as four dollars a
the theme that I recommend you build
really beautiful websites that costs
eighty nine dollars so that’s a little
bit higher cost that you need to put in
to begin with but honestly when I think
about how much time it saves me and what
beautiful websites I can build with that
I would definitely definitely recommend
to universe that but again that isn’t
necessary if you’re really low on cash
you can start with a free theme email
private email is going to cost you ten
dollars there’s really good service that
I use that I think it must be the
cheapest service out there so the first
few months actually don’t cost anything
and after that it cost ten dollars per
year so it’s really really really cheap
I’ll leave a link for that below if you
decide to go with leadpages then that is
well there are a couple different
options first of all you have 14-day
free trial so you can actually really
start out with this completed for free
with leadpages if you want to test it
and after that if you’re signing up for
an annual plan then they have fifteen
dollar plan a fifteen dollar monthly
plan and then if you are signing up just
monthly basis then the first plan with
the simpliest plan starts from thirty
seven dollars per month and the last
cause that you need to consider is your
customer acquisition and obviously this
depends depending on how you want you
acquire those customers so there are
some free
methods as he said where you can try to
sell your services then again you can be
running ads and all of that so that’s
really really depends on what exactly
you want to do but in general as you can
tell the costs here are very very
minimal so the last few tips before I
finish first of all know your margins
and acquisition costs this is what I see
a lot of people forget about be really
sure about what exactly you can charge
and how much it’s going to cost you to
acquire a customer try to find out a
recurring service so a service that
people are going to come back and order
again if you can find something like
that it’s going to make your life so
much so much easier it’s so much easier
to get money from already existing
customer rather than get a completely
new customer also again just want to
emphasize at the beginning really narrow
it down to a specific niche and then
expand it from there if you know the
topic that you’re the service that
you’re getting into you that can help
out quite a bit but again the beauty in
this is that it’s not even necessary to
do that and lastly as I said just track
everything and really test things out so
even if you think you found a good
service just go further and try out
other things and see maybe you can find
something that’s even much much better
and use the different softwares that
help you to track things so really hope
that you found this video useful if you
did press thumbs up put on those
notifications if you want to see more
videos like this let me know if you want
me to make something more in terms of
drops to tipping itself maybe you want
me to do some sort of case studies or
something like that. Hope this is everything that
you need to know how to start drop servicing business.
stay awesome and
I’ll see you soon

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