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How To Get Traffic To Your Website 2020

I explain how to get traffic to your website in 2020. This method shows you how to get free traffic to your website using Pinterest organics traffic. This is the best cheap paid traffic method if you decide to outsource this whole strategy or if you want you can do all of this yourself for free. It is an amazing method to improve your site traffic and get more visits and make more money.

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How To Get Traffic To Your Website

How To Get Traffic To Your WebsiteΒ Transcript

hey everyone this is will so in this
video i am going to show you
a really interesting case study we will
go through all of the numbers analytics
and all of that good
stuff i’ll tell you why exactly i think
this is a very interesting case study
what exactly i did to get here
what are the analytics telling us what
we can learn from that
i’ll break down all of the different
and i’m going to tell you how exactly
you can do this as well i do
also have a free mini course of
everything that i’m going to discuss
in this video so i will leave a link
down below in description by the way
every single week i give
out one of my courses completely for
free so just press the thumbs up button
and leave a comment down below to enter
the competition
now let’s jump straight into the video
so first of all let’s talk really quick
of why this case study is very
interesting so what i have done here
is i put in a little bit of work
two years ago one time actually it’s
going to be two times in total
and the interesting thing is when it
comes to these case studies
usually if you do something that is
working really well
then you keep on doing that whereas
this is not the case i just put in work
and then i just left the work so it’s
very interesting to see
how that progressed over the years so it
was basically
two years of not doing anything not
touching this and just leaving this
project alone
and that’s why i think this is really
really fascinating i will show you we
some really fascinating things because
of that and that’s why i think
you will not be able to find this type
of case study
anywhere else so really quickly before
we jump into analytics let me tell you
exactly was the traffic strategy here
and this
was actually very very simple so i only
was using pinterest organic traffic and
this is
part of why i think this case study is
really fascinating because
it’s literally just using one avenue and
it because a lot of times it becomes a
little bit complicated if you’re using
different traffic methods or if you’re
using paid and organic traffic
whereas this is just pinterest organic
traffic for
two years straight and that is it
no paid ads so basically what i did was
i created
12 different articles and then i created
and i scheduled out those pins for those
and that is it okay so if we go to the
analytics there are a few
interesting things here so first of all
as you can see
this is all just pinterest traffic
and this case study is as you can see
right here
it’s from may 1st 2018
to 27th of august which is the day that
i’m filming this
so it’s basically a little bit longer
two years and if we look at
the overall stats you will see that
this brought in 36 000 users
and 48 000 sessions
and what this means is basically that
some people came more than one time
but in total we have 48 000
sessions so now let me explain a little
bit what happened over time
why does this timeline look the way it
so as you can see here um this was the
very beginning
and we have a really huge spike where we
i’m almost 300 users in a single day
and why this happened was basically
because i
scheduled out a lot of pins at once and
then we had this
crazy jump in traffic all at once
but then it went down
crashing and this is actually one of
the tests that i did that i always do
because i do have a complete pinterest
course and
i need to know everything i’m talking
about handsome doing all of these
different tests
and what this showed to me this
experiment was that
if you are scheduling out a lot of
content at once you’re kind of spamming
then that is not going to work and that
is actually
going to hurt your traffic so that’s why
you see there was a huge spike
and then there was a big drop off and
this might seem that it was very sudden
but actually if you look at the dates
so the spike started around the
beginning of june
uh let’s say june 10th and then we see
the drop off really ended june 23rd
so it was around two weeks and in those
two weeks i guess we had
a couple maybe a few thousand visits um
it shows us that if we wouldn’t have
done it
so spammy if we would have scheduled out
the content
a little bit more a little bit less
then probably there wouldn’t have been
this huge spike and rather than that
the traffic would have grown steadily
it would have been higher levels of
traffic over time
so this was just something that i wanted
to experiment on
and see whether that is something that
you can do on pinterest or not so after
as you can see basically what i did was
i just left those pins out there on
pinterest and
i did not do anything i did not
touch anything and as you can see there
was some traffic coming in
i’m not crazy numbers or anything like
that as you can see
around maybe i’m between i would say
10 to 20 users per day and
i did that for a long time so let’s see
this was july 2018
up until december so basically
for six months half a year this was the
and then after that we did a second
of posts and now we didn’t go
crazy we didn’t go crazy spammy we
actually spaced
out the posts and that’s what you’re
going to see so
because we spaced out the posts uh we
started in december
of 2019 basically i think it was the
beginning of 2019
and then we had this steadily grow and
as you can see here one of the things
that this helps us to understand as well
if you’re not familiar with pinterest
especially is that
you’re not going to get you are going to
get some traffic
instantly but you’re not going to get
all of the traffic right there at once
uh for example if you’re looking at
something like instagram
you post a picture then you get all the
traffic and
a couple of days pass and that is it
whereas with pinterest as you can see
and this is a really good example
because this shows us that
from december so basically let’s say we
started at
december or sorry we started in january
and then
once it hit the peak so let’s say the
was around i would say here so this was
end of february so we had the whole
january and february
of the traffic just slowly slowly slowly
building in
and this was scheduling as well but the
scheduling of the pins wasn’t
for a whole two months it was honestly
just one month and that’s it
so we went through january scheduling
out the posts
and then the traffic kept on growing and
growing for another
month until it sort of hit the peak
of how much traffic it was generating
and then
we can see that that peak has been
lasting for a long long long time and
there are some downs
and some ups and some downs and ups
again um
this is probably to do what i’m
just seasonality and all of those the
interest fluctuating and things like
that so the really interesting thing
here is
what i said before is that because i
just did this work at one time
and then we didn’t schedule out anything
so now we can see what’s the
longevity of a pin that has been
scheduled out
for how long it’s going to be bringing
us traffic
and if you look at that so basically
from let’s say
well we can actually see that from here
it was bringing in the traffic
uh for at least half a year and then
because we did it again
um so let’s say we reset the results uh
so from 2019
uh you can see that up until today
almost for
two years it has been bringing in
same type of traffic and it has been
maybe declining a little bit
in the past half a year and this is
because pinterest algorithm has changed
in the last half a year
and a lot of people were afraid that
this is going to drastically
drop the reach and all of that but
we haven’t put in any new content we can
actually see
what is really happening with the old
pins and we see that
okay it has declined a little bit but
it’s not even that much and it’s still
bringing in
good amount of traffic so just to show
you by the way really quick i do
have another experiment that i
am running only pinterest uh organic
not doing anything else to this website
so let me open it really quick
and let me show you that this also shows
um how pinterest takes a minute for the
traffic to
actually grow so if you look at this
experiment has been i started this i’m
not as
that not as long ago and as you can see
uh the traffic has been growing steadily
so what i did with this experiment
was i also just did some scheduling i
believe the pins were scheduled out here
in two weeks or one month and as you can
it took quite a while so this was um end
of march
and then from end of march
we had basically we reached the peak
in june which is really a long time ago
and then you have this sudden drop and
this was my mistake because i do run a
lot of these experiments and i actually
honestly just forgot
to update the domain and the domain
expired for this website hence there was
nothing tracked
so that is my mistake uh
and you can see after that i don’t know
whether this had an effect
on the website or not i’m not
sure but the traffic went right back to
where it was but since then it has
declined a little
bit so we kind of stopped i’m growing i
don’t know if it would have grown
even more if um this wouldn’t have
happened because
pinterest does penalize you if you are
leading people to websites that don’t
actually work so i’m assuming the
website got somewhat penalized
and then you can see the traffic kind of
dropped off a little bit
but now for the last couple of months it
kind of has been
staying steady and again nothing has
been done here but i’m just showing you
um to understand as well that uh it does
take a minute for pinterest traffic to
grow so if you post some pins
and within the first month you don’t see
the results that you expected
don’t get discouraged because the next
month might be double or
triple and then the month after that
might be double of that and so on and so
forth as you can see this is a really
really good example so another important
thing i want you to see
from these analytics is where exactly
the traffic is coming from so
if we go to um
the users and if we choose
where is it if we choose country
then you will see that
vast majority 50
of the traffic is coming from united
which i would say is pretty good and
then after that you we have canada
then we do have some traffic from india
but then also
united kingdom australia france south
germany philippines morocco so as you
can see the traffic isn’t
also just traffic from some countries
don’t really have as much money to spend
on your
goods or services but a lot of this
traffic is
from countries that actually have
very high consumer spending and by the
way pinterest has
the highest average order out of all
social platforms so
these users are not just from good
countries but they do
have a lot of money that they can spend
so just let me show you what
is happening right now to get a little
bit better understanding so let’s say if
we choose
last 30 days you will see
that in the last 30 days we had 2
200 sessions in total
so this is kind of what it looks like
now without
me doing any work or anything literally
not touching anything there are still 2
200 people
coming into the website every single
month okay so now let’s look at the cost
because even if you drive a lot of
traffic if you’re spending a ton of
money on the traffic it really doesn’t
matter so we really want to have
high return on investment so first of
all as
i already mentioned we had 12 articles
in total made for this website
i didn’t do these articles myself this
was just a test
just something that i wanted to
experiment with these were very very
simple articles
500 words each and the article the
written part of the article
only costed me five dollars
yes you can get articles written for as
cheap as that i know it sounds a little
bit ridiculous i will leave some links
down below in description of some
writers that i know are pretty good
if you want to get some content written
for a very cheap price
as well so 12 articles in total cost me
60 and so then after the articles were
done the next thing what i needed was to
create the pins and schedule the pins
so i got my virtual assistant to do that
for me
and again because these are very very
basic tasks they are
not complicated at all it was very very
cheap so i only paid
30 dollars to schedule out those couple
hundred pins
and then i also use tailwind because
it’s just very very useful and it makes
sense for me to
just use this software rather than pay
more money for my virtual assistant to
keep on going on pinterest and
scheduling out everything manually
so for tailwind because i did this as
you saw from the analytics
i did this in two times so i had the
scheduling out at the
may of 2018 and then i had another time
in 2019
so in total i used two months of
subscription and that costed me 30
so in total the whole cost was 120
dollars and to be completely transparent
you do
have to also take other things into
consideration as well
so for example when it came to choosing
topics for those 12 articles
i did that myself i chose those topics
this is something that you could
outsource but just because i found it
interesting i decided to do it myself
another thing what i did myself was i
created the pin
designs and this is again something that
you can actually just purchase templates
so i will leave some links
my team can make some templates for you
and you can purchase them for
very cheap price and just use those
templates so you don’t need to do it
or you can actually even hire someone if
that’s what you want to
do but in this case i decided to do the
designs myself
and i honestly didn’t spend much time
honestly the designs are
fairly ugly but as you can see they were
working but this is something that you
still need to consider as part of the
whether you are spending your own time
or you’re actually buying
the presets or you are hiring someone to
do that for you so the results
so far and i say so far because as you
the traffic keeps on coming so if i
wouldn’t do anything
and i would just leave it as it is the
traffic would still be coming probably
for months and months maybe even years
it’s been already two years
so maybe it would continue for years and
right now
as of making of this video as you saw 48
000 visits in total so if we divide 120
dollars that i spent
by 48 000 visits that means that we paid
dollar per one visit per one person
coming from pinterest
to my website that’s one quarter
of a cent for a visitor to come to your
i don’t care what you say but i don’t
that you can find a cheaper traffic
source than this and a quarter
of a cent for a user and a really good
quality user and in a second i’ll tell
what the niche is as well and that
makes it even more valuable so asides
the insane cause there are some
additional things that
make this even better i think it’s i
don’t know if you can believe that this
can be
even better but so i’m not going to tell
you what the exact niche
is because i do still plan on using this
account and even probably doing more
work on it
but one thing i can tell you is that it
is in a business niche
and as you probably know or you can
probably just
logically assume business niches are
really really expensive so if i would be
ads in a business niche then the ad cost
would be insanely high it’s would it
this niche specifically
is probably one of the highest ad costs
out there so there are a lot of
variables obviously of
which platforms they choose what type of
ads and all of that
all of that but i would say that for
this specific niche
to get same amount of traffic while they
go to the website
would probably cost me anywhere from 10
000 to 40 000 which is
a little bit of a difference from 120
dollars i do have to admit that paid
traffic would be
much faster you wouldn’t need to wait
for two years
but at the same time this was just an
experiment so if you actually would put
in more work
you could get that same amount of
traffic much much faster than two years
another thing to consider from this
experiment is that
this niche was actually a very very
small niche because i do know that
sometimes people have questions
if you have a niche that’s not popular
on pinterest
can that niche still bring in a lot of
traffic and this niche was actually
very very tiny so you know how sometimes
when you type in the words on pinterest
and they have suggestions for you uh out
auto complete suggestions
so when i was typing in keywords for
this specific niche
nothing was coming up but there is still
a fairly good amount of traffic that you
can bring
um to your website from pinterest so i
am seeing this a to encourage you that
even if you have a niche that you don’t
think is popular on pinterest
still give it a go and b to show you
these are the numbers with a tiny niche
so if you have
a bigger niche that is actually popular
on pinterest
then these numbers could be way way way
bigger and you could literally be
bringing in
50 000 of users every single month
rather than those two years
so what have we learned from this case
study because
i’m not just doing this for fun even
though i do find it really fun
but i’m actually doing this because as
he said i have been building
out a pinterest course and i’m trying to
understand as much as possible
and really learn a lot everything there
is about pinterest
so first of all we learned that organic
only organic traffic can work really
really well
so you don’t need to necessarily spend a
lot of money pinterest ads are actually
i think the best
ads right now so i’m not saying that
don’t use ads
definitely do use ads if that makes
sense for you
but i wanted to show with this case
study that
even if you don’t want to invest money
because i know not everyone wants to
invest money into ads or don’t have the
budget to do so
even with free organic traffic you can
as consistent amount of traffic to your
website another thing we learned from
this example was that spam
can kill your reach so don’t go
overboard when you do pinterest
marketing because pinterest
is going to punish you for that and it’s
going to kill
your reach another very important thing
that i know a lot of people got
discouraged about
is that it takes a few months to see
the full potential of the work that you
put in
a lot of times i see people pinning up
10 pins
and not doing anything and then just
expecting that in the first week they’re
going to get thousands and thousands of
which can happen if you have incredibly
amazing content and those pins go viral
but most of the time let’s be honest
that’s not going to be the case
so it’s going to take a little bit of
time so you do
if you want to pursue organic traffic
you do
need to be a little bit patient and the
last and the most important lesson that
we learned from this
is that old pins can bring in traffic
for a long
time this is very important case that we
learned from this
and there are no other facts that came
into the play
so really you cannot deny that those
pins are
not still bringing in traffic for months
and months and months to come and that
just shows you
how powerful pinterest can be and how
of a return on investment it is compared
to all of the other social media
i do love instagram but at the same time
if you put in some work
it’s going to bring the results and then
after that it’s going to die so you
consistently need to put in
more and more and more work whereas with
this you can put in some work
and then you can sit down and relax and
basically have
passive income coming in for you so how
can you
do this yourself and recreate this
yourself so
in a nutshell this is a very simple
obviously there are a lot of different
hacks tricks and all of that and i’m not
going to go through all of this i spend
a lot of time
testing things out learning things so i
have created a full out
course i might reveal some of the things
over time so do subscribe to my youtube
channel if you want to see some of those
but basically in the nutshell what you
can start doing right now even if you
don’t want to take a course
you simply just need to create some
articles capture leads
using those articles have offers in the
create pins schedule out pins using
different tools
and that is it and you just start
driving traffic to your website
so first of all let’s get on the
creating articles let me give you a few
tips so i know when it comes to this and
when i say you need to create articles
a lot of people are very negative about
this and they say hey i’m not
a blogger i don’t want to be creating
articles i
am selling products or i am selling
and the thing that you need to
understand that it doesn’t matter
what you are selling what you’re using
pinterest for
you just need to get the traffic and
then you can
use that traffic to make money in
any way that you want to do so really
what you do with these articles is you
can use these articles and i want to
emphasize on this this is important
use these articles as descriptions or
sales pages so literally in some cases
you can just take the product
or service description or the landing
page and just create
pins for that page obviously sometimes
you want to go
a little bit deeper and you actually
want to create some content
but just to give you this example with
the content that you create
you can actually use that content just
to describe your products
through the content if that makes sense
if you can’t be bothered to do that and
that seems like
too much work what you can also do is
you can have just
generic articles that are not directly
selling your products
and then you can just have basically
what i like to call banner ads
so within the article you can just put
in an ad that has some sort of offer
that’s a really good offer
and that is going to entice people to
click through
and purchase your product or service or
perhaps you want to capture a lead or
something like
that so you can just put that within the
article the cool thing here
is because it’s not google seo traffic
we don’t really care about the length of
the article so you don’t need to have
two thousand or 4000 word articles with
keywords and all of that really you can
have a small article because all that we
really care about here
is that people click on that pin from
and they go from pinterest to your
website and then once they are on your
then it is down to you how exactly you
want to
turn them into your customers so because
the article length and all of that
doesn’t really matter you can create a
lot of articles
really really quick and once again you
can outsource this for a very very cheap
i will leave some recommendations down
below so when it comes to creating pins
for your articles there are a few
different ways how you can go about
doing this so first of all you can just
purchase some templates and you can just
use those templates so that’s going to
save you up
a lot a lot of time i will leave a link
if you want you can purchase some
templates from me
but you can also find some other people
selling templates as well another thing
you can do
is you can hire a designer who is going
to make templates for you so again you
can outsource this
fairly easy that’s probably going to be
a little bit more expensive but
it’s not going to be a crazy crazy cost
one tool that i will recommend and by
the way all the tools that i recommend
i do have special discounts for so again
links down below in description but
i would definitely suggest to use canva
it just makes the whole process
very very quick and efficient and this
is how i managed to get
the well one of the things i teach a lot
of things how to create pins in my
but this is one of the things how i
managed to get
a lot of pins done for me for very very
low cost
another tip is have multiple
pins per one article so this is a
mistake that
i see a lot of people do they publish on
an article and they create one pin for
that article
and that is it but having multiple pins
is not
against pinterest rules there might be
in terms of
how many pins you are creating so don’t
go too crazy
but you can have more than one pin per
article so basically what you want to do
you want to just
get more out of your investment because
you paid someone or you invested your
own time
to create those articles you want to
how much reach you’re going to get from
those articles
so do make sure to create multiple pins
for one article so a few mistakes that i
see a lot of people making and this is
something that
if you decide to go with pinterest and
apply some of these things
i don’t want you to do this first of all
a lot of people just send traffic
directly to their product or their
service and they just re-pin basically
from the product or the service and yes
you can drive
traffic through that there are different
methods that i teach how you can do that
you optimize that and get the most
traffic out of that
but honestly that is probably the
way how you can drive traffic from
pinterest i know
it takes extra time and no one wants to
spend extra time
that’s why i have been saying a lot that
you can outsource this
you can outsource that and all of this
so i would really say that
take that extra step and create
specific content that works well on
pinterest and then you are going to get
that return on your investment rather
than if you’re just
repeating everything that there is and
you don’t really care how you’re doing
it and all of that
that’s not not going to bring you
results honestly if you’re just going to
do that
i see a lot a lot of pages that just do
that and they don’t get any results and
then they say pinterest doesn’t work for
but if you do it proper if you actually
learn all the ins and outs of pinterest
and you create the specific content and
you create it in a good way
then you are going to get good results
and really just
use that as a tool for you to
sell i can’t emphasize enough that
really you don’t just
need to create something that drives
traffic but you can create something
that drives traffic
plus helps you to sell few less
important things to keep in mind
if you’re going to do this first of all
do keyword research so i see
a lot of people that just pin pins and
they don’t really
optimize them at all they don’t do any
research or anything like that
so do some keyword research because
pinterest is a search engine so you want
to optimize it
to actually appear when people are
looking for certain things
another thing what we already learned
from the analytics
is do not spam because pinterest is
going to kill your reach
or even worse they might actually ban
your account
another tip that’s very useful is use
scheduling tools so again i do have a
special promo for tailwind
i will leave it down below in the
description but it just saves
up a lot of time and it also allows you
to schedule
out your pins within intervals so you
don’t want to just go to pinterest and
schedule out
all of the pins that you have all at
once that’s not going to do you much
that’s going to actually show pinterest
that you are just spamming that’s what
in the analytics example what you really
want to do is you want to use tailwind
to schedule out your pins within
to get more from what you are doing it
does cost a little bit of money but it’s
going to
save you a lot of time if you would be
doing that manually
and it’s going to make the whole process
just easier and lastly i would say
pinterest has
analytics so you can go to analytics and
you can see
how different pins are performing what
is getting a lot of impressions
what is getting a lot of saves what is
most importantly getting a lot of clicks
so find out what is working really well
and then double
down on that type of content so really
hope that you found
this case study interesting i just love
geeking out about this kind of stuff i
hope this is going to inspire you to use
pinterest for your business
it is absolutely amazing as i said i do
have a free
course that you can find down below in
the description and whether you want to
get a
full out course and learn everything
there is about pinterest
or if you don’t you don’t need to do
that you can still
go on pinterest and you can still
through try and error you can still
figure out
how you can get some good results so if
you found this video useful make sure to
thumbs up subscribe to my youtube
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