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How To Find A Drop Servicing Niche

In this video,I cover how to find a drop servicing niche. This is basically a step by step tutorial for drop servicing niche research. I show my special method that I use for drop servicing niche selection and a lot of other ways how you can find the best drop servicing niche and test it out to see if it can be profitable. Hopefully, this should help you to choose drop servicing niche and get some drop servicing niche ideas in general.

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How To Find A Drop Servicing Niche


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How To Find A Drop Servicing Niche Transcript

hey everyone this is will so in this
video i am going to show you
actually a really unique way how you can
drop servicing niche or actually any
in general i have not seen anyone talk
about this kind of way of finding a
and i have read pretty much every single
article out there about niche selection
i love geeking out about this stuff so
watch the whole video because i
guarantee it’s going to be
very very useful so i’m going to tell
you a really unique way how you can find
your niche
i’m also going to tell you what exact
things you need to
look into and how you need to understand
these things for your business
i’m also going to give you a little
quick live example of
how you would go about finding a niche
a bunch of other stuff so make sure to
everything by the way i do have a lot of
very useful
things all the freebies for drop
servicing so on my website so check
out the link down below in description
also have a couple of other youtube
channels so i will link them down below
as well
now let’s jump straight into the video
all right so
that unique way that i mentioned
is to actually think about
marketing first so this is something
that i learned
throughout the years and something that
see among a lot of people i get a lot of
messages about this
the number one struggle that i see with
is getting the customers to actually
clients so what it makes sense for me to
is to actually first of all figure out
how am i going to drive traffic how am i
going to get
clients and then from there we are going
to figure out okay with this method
what is the best niche one very
important thing i
want you to understand from this video
is that
you can have the perfect niche you can
have the perfect service and all of that
your website can be amazing best sales
pages and all of that all of that
but if you don’t know how to drive
traffic then no one is going to see it
and your business is going to fail
whereas on the other hand if you don’t
have the best niche and your sales
pages suck if you know how to drive
really cheap traffic
you could still be successful so this is
one thing that you have to really
understand and this is why
i’m saying that figure out first what is
your traffic method
and then from there we are going to
reverse engineer
what is a good niche within that traffic
method and i’m not saying by the way
that all of the other things don’t
matter they obviously
do but you have to at least know a
little bit how to drive cheap traffic
and then you can concentrate on
improving your sales and all of that and
all of that to increase your conversions
and have
customers that come back and all that
kind of stuff so when it comes to actual
traffic methods
and there are a lot of different methods
obviously you can go with ads and it
also depends what kind of ads you use
because you’re going to sell
different services using different ads
so let’s see if you’re using facebook
and you’re using instagram ads the way
you portray your services
and what kind of services you have are
going to be a little bit different
if you’re using google ads they’re going
to be completely different
if you’re using youtube ads again
completely different one more time
and pinterest as well different ones
what you can also do is use pinterest
this is right now my favorite marketing
out there and i do have a full out
just on pinterest and marketing alone i
do have also a free mini course
so there’s going to be a link down below
in description
it’s an amazing way to drive traffic and
clients and it works for drop servicing
as well influencer marketing
another strategy to get sales
creating your own content so whether
it’s youtube videos like this
or blogging perhaps using seo search
engine optimization um you can also do
affiliate marketing create teams
that are going to drive sales for your
drop servicing business
so there are a lot and a lot of
different methods and i’m not going to
into them because this is not what the
video is about
but basically just narrow down and
choose one method that you
think works the best for you so once you
have done that once you choose which
traffic method you are going to use
then you need to reverse engineer these
keywords are some of my favorite words i
reverse engineering everything i think
it works really really well
so what you really want to do is you
want to see what exactly is trending
within that traffic method so for
example if
you’re going to be using ads you’re
going to let’s say use
facebook advertising then you need to go
and figure out
what exactly is popping within facebook
advertising right now and that can be
a good niche for you to jump on rather
than choosing the niche
and then seeing oh do you facebook ads
work or not should i be wasting a lot of
money or not
if you’re going to choose facebook ads
go see
what works within ads and i’m going to
give you a little live example just in a
moment of how exactly you go about
doing this but also what i want to
mention is once you do that or
as you are doing that you also need to
competition which is very very important
and also you want to check your ad costs
so if you’re going to be running ads
even if
at the beginning you don’t want to run
ads uh it’s all it’s still good to
see what are the ad costs because
eventually as you scale you will
probably want to start running
ads by the way if you are enjoying this
video so far
make sure to smash that like button i
would really appreciate that okay so
let’s say
that we chose pinterest as our traffic
method because i absolutely love it
one cool thing that pinterest has right
now is pinterest
trends and as you can see here it
basically works the same as google
trends if you know what it is
um you got united states you got uk and
you got canada
uh hopefully later they will add other
countries as well
and let’s just say we are going to put
in some sort well they actually have
some topics that you can choose from
but let’s just say we did a little bit
google search or kind of just brainstorm
from the biggest topics out there
and let’s say we want to check something
keto diet so if you put keto diet
in as you can see actually it is
it seems like it’s decreasing on
pinterest certain things
are sort of increasing a little bit but
in general i would say because the main
keyword is decreasing quite a bit
i don’t really quite see beginner rules
uh it could work for certain things but
i would say probably a little bit dying
out or well not dying out but
a pretty saturated niche so another key
term for example let’s say we would
choose um i know this is pretty popular
because a lot of my friends are talking
right now about working out their butts
i’m here we go perfect absolutely
perfect so well the butt workout as you
can see
it’s um it looks okay nothing
too spectacular but what i saw is
all of these as you can see this is
trending a lot
and obviously because of the
circumstances right now
you got the home workouts that are
trending quite a bit
but this is also the thing that you have
to understand something like this
it’s trending maybe just for right now
but it doesn’t mean that the trend is
going to continue i would assume that
it’s running a lot now
but within a few months it’s going to
die out
so that might not be the best option
um if you look at what we got else uh
butt workout so this is increasing quite
a bit but
lift workout i’m this is looks really
bubble butt workout
i honestly don’t know what it means i
don’t know whether that’s like a
term for i’m assuming that just means uh
really really big glutes um i’m assuming
that’s what it means
but this is actually really really great
i’m again i’m assuming i’m not in the
niche or anything but
i would say because it sounds like such
a specific term that
a lot of people a lot of advertisers
might not think to include this
i would assume that a lot of people
might include okay big butt workout
things like that
but not all the people might concentrate
and target
bubble butt workout um i can’t believe
we’re going with this term but actually
i think this
is a really really good term and then
again you got upper butt workout as well
quite a lot so bubble butt i really
uh really like this one it shows quite
it shows like it
has potential to be a good niche okay so
i went
on to pinterest and i sorted out
basically put
in the keyword bubble butt and i
can’t believe this is the keyword you’re
using but
as you i really hope no one’s gonna
search for no one’s gonna look at my
search history
um we started i started it out by
saves and this is just from the first
four pages
and as you can see there is quite a lot
of volume what you really want to look
at is something like this let’s say
something that’s you know you want to
click through
from the pin to go to your page and
it does has there are some pins that
quite a bit of volume
and the interesting thing here is
um i do see that
a lot of these they do have the keyword
bubble butt
but some of them they actually only have
a keyword of butt in them
or glutes in them so i
feel like and i need to have a look a
little bit more into this i’m just
really glancing at it
but i would assume that even though it’s
i think it would be possible to rank
some pins and get some traffic from
for this specific keyword
and if we go to i’m
google the interesting thing so if i put
in bubble butt workout and by the way
i’m not just
putting in bubble butts um because i
feel like a lot of creepy guys
uh would probably uh look into that like
just search for the term
but if you put in workout as you can see
um the search volume is 1600
and then the cost for adwords
um the estimated cost in a way is
14 cents for a click which
is really good um so there
is a good amount of interest we got 1600
and for pinterest by the way if a topic
appears in pinterest trends
that means that there is enough volume
for pinterest to actually show it up so
um there is quite a bit of interest as
well on pinterest
and as you can see here uh you have
quite a few youtube videos as well so
this already gives me quite a few ideas
of how i would go about
uh working in this niche and if you want
actually i don’t know i find it really
funny that it’s a bubble butt
niche but if you want me to make another
just how i would go about creating a
drop servicing business
with this niche of bubble buds do you
let me know in the comments i might do
it because i actually think that
this is a good niche and i’m already
getting a lot of ideas just
while talking um as you can see
uh pinterest again is appearing quite a
lot in the images i can tell all these
images are from pinterest
this is sort of why i love pinterest
because again it’s not just traffic
you’re gonna get from pinterest but as
you can see
your images might rank on google as well
so when someone comes on google
goes to images they will go to your
website so
again amazing uh traffic and then
basically what you would want to do
obviously um you want to check the
competition and
go through all these websites and see
whether um
there are there is someone who has
himself as authority for this i’m not
going to do all of that
right now but this is basically how you
would proceed to finding your nation
investigating whether it’s good or not
to see whether you can compete with
other websites and there are a lot of
different tools
and that you can use kind of to see what
the competition is like
and also you can use such the tool
as a keyword server which was what i
used to see
this estimate and on the side as well
see you have a lot of related keywords
so you can kind of also see
um even let’s say this term wouldn’t
work you could get some ideas
from here to see okay what’s a related
niche maybe or what’s like a sub niche
of that niche if you can dig in a little
bit further and find
something good by the way as an example
i just put in
six pack workouts and if we look again
at the search volume it’s 2400 an
search volume so a little bit bigger but
not that crazy of a difference
and here the google adwords
shows up as two dollars nine
cents on average so that’s what that’s
uh more
than 10 times even though the search
volume is not even that
crazy uh different so really bubble but
seems like it could be a pretty good
niche the next thing you might want to
do is go
on google trends same as pinterest
trends and we just want to see what’s
happening with the topic so
you always want to find something that’s
trending up and you can pursue it
rather than something that’s already
dying down
and if we put in bubble but workout
what we can see and this is really
interesting actually because
as you see the interest was increasing
quite a bit on google
but now it kind of looks like it’s
starting to decrease
so this is very very interesting again
if we would have just found this topic
this niche
through um google and we would have i
mean google trends
we would have probably just assumed that
okay this niche is dying out
and it’s not worth pursuing but because
we did the reverse engineering and we
went on pinterest and we decided we’re
gonna drive traffic with pinterest
we saw that on pinterest it’s actually
working really well it’s actually
picking up and it might be a good
niche so that’s the interesting thing
that don’t always just
you know look up google trends and
that’s it depending on
how exactly you’re driving traffic even
if the topic
is dying out on google trends it still
might work
on a certain traffic method another
thing i
wanted to show you is that if we choose
instead of all pins we choose video pins
you will see that yes there are
a lot of keywords that have bubble
button them
as you can see but at the same time
it looks like a lot of these videos they
are basically just a video either
showcasing bubble butts or having
one exercise for uh
bubble butt and there aren’t that many
videos that would have sort of a title
that has a call to action for someone to
to your website so this could be kind of
like a
unique way that if you have something
that stands out among these videos
you can get a little bit more traffic
and you can get people to come to your
and then you can sell the services to
them and actually one thing as well
that i just realized is i don’t see any
oh actually okay i am actually in asia
let me put on my um vpn
and let’s see what ads look like okay so
i put on my vpn
and technically now i am in united
but the interesting thing is if we go
for the term
bubble butt i’m there are no ads no ads
are pairing us
and you can see if i put in workout
you can see right here by the way we
have an ad we have another ad right here
as well
but we don’t have any ads for this
keyword and as you saw this keyword is
trending and it has
quite a lot of interest and this is one
of the reasons why i
absolutely love pinterest because it has
a lot of search volume a huge audience
but so very few marketers so very few
use pinterest that you can still find
keywords that have zero ads and you can
really really low conversions so just
imagine if we would put
just a couple of ads on this keyword
we could get really low clicks and we
could make a lot of profit
with bubble but drop servicing service
oh and i just realized also by saying
that that
it might sound weird for some of you
that i
am talking about this niche because what
exactly the
the bubble buds have to do with drop
but really just sort of think of what is
the problem so the problem is that
some girls can’t get bubble butts or
well they can’t grow a big butt so what
you can do very easily let’s say i would
um find someone on let’s say instagram
or something like that
and someone a girl that works out and
has uh butt routines or something like
and then i would create a service i
create a website with a service that
does coaching or it does consulting
or it perhaps creates personalized
something like that and then i would
that service through pinterest and then
get that girl to do all of the work for
me so i don’t need to do anything
i have no idea about bubble butts
um so this is sort of how you would go
to work with a niche i hope that makes
sense again
i think it’s a really good niche
so if you want me to make a separate
video of
just how i will go about creating a drop
servicing business for this niche
for the bubble but niche do let me know
in the comments down below
okay so i hope you somewhat understood
how the reverse
engineering would look like and when it
comes to this by the way
also what i wanted to mention is that
you want to find a unique way
how you can approach things so sort of
always have that
in the back of your head when you look
at all of this stuff for example what
i showed you with pinterest and you have
a lot of pins
for um bubble buds workouts
but when it comes to videos you only
have the basic videos of showing an
but you don’t really have that many
videos that have a different format
and they stand out and they get the
click-through rates so always think of
how you can approach things differently
to stand
out and whether a niche actually has
that potential for you to do
something different and if it does then
that can be
a good niche i think this is one of the
most important things as well
as they said the marketing and then
if there is something unique that you
can do to get
those customers the next thing i wanted
to discuss is
scope of a niche this is also something
this is actually something that
frustrates me quite a bit because
whenever i see people talking about drop
all did they seem to be talking about is
digital marketing and i just want to
tell you that
think a little bit outside the box think
further than that
yes uh b2b uh is
uh really good in terms of high price
tags so obviously you’re going to
and by the way sorry if you don’t know
what btb is b2b
is business to business whereas btc
is business to consumer and drop
servicing doesn’t just have to be
b2b you can also sell to consumers
if you’re selling to businesses you’re
going to have much
higher price tags because businesses can
just afford to pay
higher money they can just they need
services that are going to make them
money as well
but at the same time when you really
think about it okay let’s say you have a
specific service
you might be able to sell it to a few
hundred businesses
perhaps a thousand different businesses
but if you go the consumer route
you can really find millions of
customers that you can sell to you and
the price tag might be lower but
if you’re selling two million people
of thousand companies you can still make
a lot more money and it can be i would
say it can be even a little bit
uh easier automated so this is sort of
the example that
i made again back to the bubble butts
uh girls that want these bubble butts
there are probably millions and millions
of girls that you could
be selling this service to okay so the
next way to
find a niche is service websites and it
would be strange if i wouldn’t
mention this and i think you already
have an idea
what i’m talking about i think we can
all say it
together fiverr and
fiverr alternatives so basically what
you can do you can go to some of these
and you can start brainstorming from
there to find
your niches and it doesn’t just have to
be fiverr it can also be
websites such as upwork or freelancer or
similar websites to that so if we go on
you will see that right here at the top
we basically
have the different categories and when
you hover over the category you will see
the different niches or services
it kind of depends because sometimes
let’s say something like logo design
i would character categorize this as a
service where as if we let’s say let’s
go to digital marketing let’s say we
have social media marketing
within social media marketing you have
the different platforms
you have the different um things you can
do you can
manage someone’s social profile you can
do ads you can
create a whole profile um
branding and all those kind of things so
you have a lot of services within that
so basically what you can do
is you can go to um some of these
different niches and you can get ideas
from here
one thing i would say is if you really
want to stand
out perhaps go here get some ideas
but then try to think how you can make
them unique
how can you put your own twist on things
or perhaps
you can combine different things and
package them in a way
that is a little bit different than what
you would find on fiverr
and then it’s going to be easier for you
to sell it
to your customers and so basically as i
here you have mostly its um digital type
of services
and most of this is going to be to
business clients
and sometimes you might be able to sell
some of these things
to consumers as well and now you
actually also have the lifestyle section
and in here you do have some things that
could potentially be more towards a just
a regular
consumer as we said um what we talked
about again
bubble butt you got your fitness lessons
here so you could go
to the fitness fitness lessons and you
could find a personal trainer
that is going to maybe do services of
consulting coaching um planning whatever
it is for your
bubble butt drop servicing business and
asides from fiverr
you can also again go to all of these
other websites
and just see see what kind of services
they have and if you go to something
like upwork
you can see a different job postings and
just see
what has what is being posted a lot and
from there
you might start to kind of get an idea
what sort of niches are trending
what people are looking for but then
again as i said
these are business to business so try to
think a little bit further outside
and try to find some websites as well
that perhaps have services
that are not just business to business
so when it comes to niche selection the
next thing i want to talk about
is going deeper so what i mean by this
is at the very beginning if you have no
idea what kind of issues
you should pursue just google of the
common niches out there and just start
narrowing it down so look at some
evergreen niches
and then find sub niches of those niches
and then if there are sub niches of the
sub niches
go even further as far as you can so for
um if we would look at something like
health which is one of the biggest
niches out there
then we can narrow down to diet and from
diet we can narrow it down to
keto diet and as we saw now it seems
like keto diet might
be a little bit saturated but if you
would have done that couple of years ago
when it was just
starting out that could have been a good
niche for your drop servicing business
and this is also by the way the thing
what we also did with the
bubble buds basically i thought about
there’s fitness is one of the biggest
niches and i know a lot of my friends
talking about um how to get a bigger
so from fitness we narrowed it down to
butt workouts
and from butt workouts we narrowed it
down to
bubble butt workouts and that’s the
niche we got another thing
what you can do rather than just looking
for niches you can
look for the biggest problems because at
the end of the day
with your service really what you’re
doing is you’re helping out
someone with their problem even if their
problem is
that they don’t make enough money and
you’re helping them to make more money
you are basically helping to solve
someone’s problem and even better than
the biggest problems
what you can look out for is new
problems so combine
problem with something that is trending
something that’s
a new problem again to go back to our
of bubble butts the problem there
is and this is actually how it came into
my mind is because
i know a lot of girls are struggling to
you get a big
butt so that’s a problem that we need
to help you solve and if you’re going to
pursue that niche
do you let me know how it goes you are
going to make a lot of guys
very happy if you’re helping girls out
with this problem so asides from all of
a really good thing honestly is just you
influencers whether that is instagram
youtube tick tock whatever it is because
influencers are sort of the people who
are starting
trends these days so if you are
following influencers and you see what
they do
you can kind of almost predict what the
next big niche is
so let’s say something like again i
honestly i don’t really know too much
bubble butt niche or i’m i don’t really
know too much about celebrities per se
but i’m pretty sure that kim kardashian
was probably one of the
people who started out this trend of
a really big butt i’m assuming i again i
don’t really know
if you have been following her for a
while and you saw that
she is making big butts popular then
is sort of a way for you to see
what is the up and coming niche so
basically just
follow a bunch of different influencers
just see
what’s trending and not just maybe one
influencer necessarily but what’s also
on the platform in general so you always
have different trends
that are happening in instagram that are
happening on youtube or
tick tock so perhaps one of these trends
could be your niche or something related
to the trend could be your niche so just
go out there
and consume consume a lot honestly this
how i find a lot of good niches just
going through that and always basically
everything you do you always keep in
back of your mind how can i monetize
this how can i make a business
out of this and you will see that if you
keep that in back of your mind
a lot of niches are going to come to you
even from the
weirdest things that you would never
really think about another thing that i
really love
is popular blog posts so basically just
find some blogs
and find what are the best blog posts on
those blogs
and perhaps you have a good niche there
also trend websites so basically just
websites that show you different trends
again so you want to find something that
is up and coming and these websites can
pretty good and also just product
websites by the way because
even if there is a product even if it’s
not a service it’s a product
perhaps you can create some sort of
service that goes with a product or is
sort of
in the same niche and news media is
another great way
basically again just to see what is new
and what
is getting popular so hope you found
this video useful and it’s going to be
easier for you to choose the
niche that you want to pursue
as i said i have a lot of useful
freebies and whatnot on my website so a
down below in description if you found
this video useful
make sure to smash that thumbs up button
subscribe to my youtube channel and
put on those notifications so you see
every single time i publish a new
video stay awesome and i’ll see you soon

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