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How To Choose A Drop Servicing Service To Sell (Niches/Ideas)

I explain how to choose a drop servicing service to sell. You can apply same method for finding drop servicing niches or ideas. This one strategy I call win-win technique will help you to find profitable drop services that can make you and your customers satisfied. This works whether you are drop servicing, selling digital products, selling digital services, running a digital agency or pretty much anything really. Apply this when finding a drop servicing services and you will be almost guaranteed to make money.

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How To Choose A Drop Servicing Service To Sell (Niches/Ideas)

How To Choose A Drop Servicing Service To Sell (Niches/Ideas)Β Transcript

hey everyone this is Vil so in this
video I’m going to tell you a specific
technique which if you apply you are
almost guaranteed to find a successful
digital service or a digital product
this is something that I don’t really
hear people talking about a lot but I
have been applying this for years and it
helped me out a lot and once you hear it
believe me it’s going to make a lot of
sense so first of all I’m going to tell
you what exactly is the problem that you
might be facing right now then I’ll tell
you what is this specific technique I’ll
give you some examples so you can really
understand what it is and how it applies
and then lastly I’m going to give you
some actual technical steps how you can
create this so let’s talk English you
jump straight into the video so what is
wrong with a normal approach and I think
it’s sort of just a consensus that all
you need to do is you find the service
you slap on a higher price you find
customers you sell it you just package
it nicely you’ve just marketed nicely
and that is it and that can work don’t
get me wrong however I think there is a
way way better situation how you can
actually go about to sell your services
so what I’m talking about is a win-win
approach and this is something that I
personally came up so if you Google you
probably are not going to find a lot of
information about this but this is
something that I just applied seeing
through what exactly works and this is
something that I try to follow every
single time when I’m coming up with some
sort of service or some sort of product
so first of all when you are trying to
find a good service a good product you
need to find something that just can be
easily outsourced that’s one of the main
criterias and I know this sounds a
little bit obvious but I feel like
people don’t always necessarily think
about that and the second point that
kind of comes with this is that you need
to have something that requires
structures or systems what I mean by
this is that
if someone needs a specific service or
product they can just go on one of the
freelancer websites and just order it
just outsource and that’s it it’s not as
simple as that
there has to be some sort of structures
in place for them to actually get that
service or get that product and I know
this might sound a little bit
complicated right now but I’ll give you
an example later and this is going to
make a lot of sense but I just want to
explain how you need to think about
services when actually choosing what
you’re going to do if you can have
something that requires systems and what
systems will I mean is that there have
to be specific steps taken or there have
to be specific people or a combination
of people that have to do all of these
different things to make one service on
one product this takes your service or
your product to the next level and that
gives you advantage because people can
just go out and do the same thing
because you created this specific
structure specific service whatever it
is it basically gives you this
competitive advantage that no one else
really has another point that kind of
leads from this is once you have these
structures or systems and it doesn’t
necessarily have to be this but usually
if you will have these systems and
structures then what is very important
is that it is better and it is cheaper
for both parties so what this means is
that it is cheaper for clients to
purchase the service from you rather
than going on just some freelancing
website and while it might look like you
are under selling a certain service you
have to make it in a way that it really
costs you only a fraction of the costs
to get that service delivered so hope
that makes sense again I’ll give you
example so it will make perfect sense
at the end of the day the main principle
is that
want both you want your client to be a
winner and you want yourself to be a
winner so that’s kind of the problem
that I see a lot of times that people
just think how can I get the most money
out of the service how can I you know
put on the highest margin all of that
and what you need to focus is how can
you give the best product to your
customer that it actually makes sense
for them to go with you but at the same
time you are also making money and when
you find that sweet spot this is where
you’re going to be successful okay so
how do you create a win-win situation
first of all one thing that it can be it
can be a huge piece of work that can be
adjusted for other clients so if you
create something that takes a long time
or it takes a lot of resources a lot of
manpower so you need to find something
that you invest a lot of time but you
can adjust that product so you can
resell it to multiple people so you only
invested one big piece of time but then
that time can be resold to a lot of
different people this works way better
rather than you doing services that
every single time you need to figure out
how do I do this for this specific
client how do I do this for this and
this and this and that and you need to
start from scratch every single time so
you need to create a framework that
allows you to create one big project
that can be applied to a lot of
different people so then in return what
happens is when you’re selling the
service or this product it doesn’t
require you a lot of time even though it
might seem to the client that it does
require a lot of time because if the
client would do this themselves it would
actually require them a lot of time and
this is as you can be maybe you follow
already this is where the win-win comes
in one time large input that can be
reused multiple times all right so let’s
get you some examples because they know
that it might be a little bit difficult
to comprehend what exactly I mean so by
this example of thing is going to
very very clear let’s imagine you are a
yoga instructor and perhaps you want to
sell yoga online courses or classes or
retreats whatever it is what you want to
really do now you want to do a publicity
outreach so if you want to do that as a
yoga instructor it would require you to
do multiple things so first of all you
would need to create outreach strategy
you need to find contacts creating
proposals working out details creating
designs and so on and so on there’s a
lot of stuff that would go into this and
Dad let’s say it is in this example that
would take you one month of work even if
you are outsourcing that would still
take the outsource team one month of
work however if you followed what I said
then you already have this system or a
structure that has all of these needs of
this yoga instructor so you already have
contact database you already have design
templates you already have proposal
templates and so on and so on and so on
and so on
you have already invested in all of this
and you have already created all of this
or if you are drop servicing you might
actually just find someone who has
already done all of this work so in this
example for you to do this outreach for
this yoga instructor it would take only
one week because you already have all of
these resources you don’t need to start
from scratch it on you to build
databases you don’t need to build
designs you already have templates that
it takes you very little effort to
actually just change a few things and
it’s all already done for you so when it
comes to the end result one thing I want
to emphasize is that sometimes people
might understand that they are over
paying you they’re paying you way more
than this service is worth and I have
done that a lot of times myself I would
pay for services that I know it takes
maybe five minutes for the person to do
the service but I will pay a hundred
dollars or a couple hundred dollars
because I know that for me that would
cost a lot more so that’s the point that
they might know that they are overpaying
but they are all
so paying less so if they would do it
themselves it would take them a lot of
time so for them it would make more
sense to go and teach a few yoga classes
and make that money and if they are
outsourcing in this example let’s say it
may cause them four thousand dollars and
it might take one month for the outreach
to actually be completed whereas even if
they are paying you two thousand dollars
for one week instead of one month of
work for four thousand dollars so that’s
double the pay for the amount of time
however at the end of the day it’s still
it’s two thousand dollars that they paid
you and sell four thousand dollars that
they pay someone else to get the same
result and actually getting the same
result in less time getting the delivery
faster is even better so I hope now
after this example you understand how
this is a win-win for both and how when
you look for different services or
different products this is the approach
that you really need to try to apply as
much as possible and again for this
example once you have all of this
database designs proposals all of that
build out already then you can go to the
next yoga instructor and you can do the
same thing again for them and the next
one in the next one in the next one so
that’s the main principle build out
systems and structures that are going to
bring you and a lot of money now let’s
go to the technical level so you
understand the different ways how you
can actually do this and there are
actually a lot a lot of different ways
but I’ll tell you of some of I would say
the main or the easiest ways how this is
possible so the first thing that you can
do that is very simple is simply just
buying something that can be reused so
you’re making that investment that
you’re purchasing something but then you
can use that for multiple clients so
this can be something as simple as
design templates or it can be something
even a little bit more interesting such
as outreach strategies not everyone
knows how to do outreach but there are
people that will sell you strategies and
once you get that strategy you know
exactly how
to do everything that’s why people who
sell horses are very successful and
people who buy courses have a lot of
success because it’s just you buy that
thing that’s already prepackaged for you
and explains everything
another thing is buying things in bulk
so again if you imagine let’s say that
yoga instructor going on freelancer and
asking someone to do a little task of
maybe a couple of hours just think about
it if someone’s asking you to do a task
of a couple of hours you’re probably
going to ask quite a bit of money
because just for you to start something
and to invest couple of hours it’s not
really worth your time that much or real
estate someone offers you one month of
work then probably you’re going to take
a little bit less per hour rate just
because you know you’re going to make
it’s guaranteed that you’re going to
make a lot of money throughout the month
so that’s kind of the principle if let’s
say you’re doing drop servicing and
you’re getting a lot of freelancers to
do a lot of tasks you’re giving them a
lot of work then you can ask them for a
lower rate and then when your client
comes in you can give them the rate that
they would get anywhere else if they go
on freelancers but because your actual
rate was lower you are already making a
profit and lastly what what I already
kind of mention you can create systems
so again just a couple different
examples what you can do also you can
have pre-made work structures so
basically you have a certain structure
of what exactly needs to be done what
steps need to be taken and all of that
which will save a lot of time and time
is money so obviously if you save a lot
of time then it costs you less so then
you can sell it for a higher price for
your clients also a little tip you can
pay those people at once in large sums
because the transfer fees do you cost a
lot especially when you’re outsourcing
abroad I will leave a link of an amazing
payment system that makes it so much
cheaper to transfer money to people
abroad but the principle is also if
someone’s just paying for a couple of
hours of work they are going to pay a
lot of money in fees whereas if you are
paying for one month of work you’re not
going to pay that much more in fees so
this is something
where you are also saving up money and
lastly just a principle of combining
people together so again if we go to
that example of the yoga instructor they
might need to hire a few different
people they might need to hire someone
who does
copywriting someone who does design they
might need to write someone who does the
outreach itself so it’s combining a lot
of people and if you have already all of
these combinations in place then you can
have again this competitive advantage
that’s going to help you to sell your
services or your products so really hope
you found is really useful as they said
just strike you find that win-win for
everyone and believe me it’s going to be
so much easier to sell your services or
your products if you find this video
useful make sure to smash that thumbs up
button and subscribe to my youtube
channel put on those notifications so
you see next time I upload video also
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website follow me on social media stay
awesome and I’ll see you soon

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