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How To Build a Drop Service Business

How To Build a Drop Service Business 2020 (Drop Servicing Set Up). Not only how to create a drop servicing website, but also how to find services and freelancers that will do those services. How to manage your drop servicing freelancers, get clients, pay your freelancers and much more. I tell you every single tool you will need to start a drop servicing business. This is basically a drop servicing setup blueprint.

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How To Build a Drop Service BusinessΒ Transcript

hey everyone this is will so this video
is going to be
basically the ultimate guide of
all of the tools and software you need
to create a drop servicing business
i’m not just going to tell you about all
of the tools i’ll show you how you can
create your drop servicing website
where you find freelancers how you
manage freelancers
so on and so forth i will have a link
down below in description with a full
of everything that i mentioned in this
video and the list
is always going to be updated so
whenever you check out the list it’s
going to be the best tools
that i mentioned for that specific task
by the way i did contact these companies
and i do have special discounts for
everything that i am mentioning and some
bonuses as well
so check out the links down below in
also i do have another channel where i
a lot of these tools in detail so i will
leave a link down below as well
if you want to check out review of a
certain software
and i do a giveaway every single week
where i give
out one of my courses completely for
free so just
leave a comment down below to enter the
now let’s jump straight into the video
so the first thing that you
need to do is we need to create our drop
servicing website and it’s not
as simple as you might think because
there are a few
different options so first of all what
we can do is we can create a website on
we can also choose an e-commerce
or we can use a landing page
builder so the first option is wordpress
and when it comes to wordpress
why i like wordpress is because out of
all these options
i think wordpress is the most
if you use the correct theme you can
really customize pretty much
almost anything all the little margins
all of those
things how your website looks you can
customize everything and that can be
very important if you’re creating
landing pages
where you are selling your services it’s
important to have
good design that sells well also
this is actually the cheapest solution
basically all you need is wordpress
and there are different options for
hosting again i will leave some links
down below
but you can start as cheap as four
dollars per month so what is really the
if it’s most customizable and it’s the
the catch is that probably this
is the biggest learning curve compared
other solutions i have done wordpress
for many many years now so for me
honestly it seems pretty simple but i
have heard from a lot of people that it
is a little bit more complicated at
compared to other solutions i would say
that don’t get scared too
quick have a look into it even if you’re
not tech
savvy you don’t need to write any code
or anything like that
so i don’t think it’s crazy complicated
or anything
but it might be a little bit more
complex to start out with compared to
the two other options also another thing
what i personally dislike about
wordpress is their e-commerce solution
so i think it could be just a little bit
and the check out process is honestly
just a little bit ugly however at the
same time i do have to say that
there are ways how you can change it and
how you can overcome that
but there that just means a little bit
of extra work and also you can start out
with free themes
and free builders and all of that but i
would really advise to
invest in a good professional theme that
is going to save you a lot a lot of time
if you go with wordpress
so the next option for you is to use an
e-commerce solution
and there are a lot of different
e-commerce solutions
but the most popular which you might
have already heard about
is shopify so shopify starts from
29 a month plus you pay
two percent on this plan you pay two
percent transaction fees
if you’re not using shopify payments but
you’re using some different
payment processing system so it is a lot
expensive than wordpress however
the plus on this is that if you’re
selling your services especially as
packages you are almost selling them as
products and shopify
is really built out specifically for
and they have a lot of apps and things
like that
so it is a little bit easier to use this
for e-commerce specifically also when it
comes to just the interface itself
shopify has really made it very very
simple and i will as much as i like
wordpress i will admit that shopify for
complete beginners
i think shopify is probably easier to
use than wordpress
the big downside for me is that shopify
is not as customizable as the other two
yes you do have some apps that you can
use that allow you to have sort of a
drag and drop builder for your pages
however still it is
not as customizable as let’s say
uh you really are still restricted so
that is one downside and
also you do need to pay for these apps
monthly fees
so that is going to add up as well okay
so the last
option you have are landing page
you have again a lot of different
options i will leave some of my
but it really depends you have some
landing page builders that
have just the basic features where you
can create a simple landing page and
opt-in on all of that
or you have some landing page builders
that have pretty much
everything that you will need to create
a complete
sales funnel so if you’re going to
choose a landing page builder
again it really depends which one you
choose but i would say as a minimum
it’s going to start from at least 50
dollars a month
to it can be something like couple
hundred dollars a month the cool thing
with landing page builders
is that they have a lot more tools
compared to
wordpress or shopify you have your sales
funnels you have
order bumps already all build and
all of that so you don’t really need
anything extra you have
already everything built in and you have
your drag and drop builder
your opt-ins all of those things so it
makes it just
very very simple if you don’t want to
spend a lot of time
learning how to do all of this with
or how to do all of this with shopify
this already has everything in one place
and it
is really a very convenient system so
really the downside for this i would say
is just that it is a more expensive
option when it comes to comparing
landing page builders with shopify
i would say it’s not necessarily more
expensive because
if you want to have all of these extra
features if you want to create sales
pages and all of that
with shopify you are going to be using a
apps and that is going to add up so it
might equal it
out however when it comes to wordpress
wordpress is definitely going to be a
option so just to mention when it comes
to checkout there are
a few different options that you can
also use this is not necessarily
something that you
use instead of the options that i
already mentioned before
but this is something that you might
incorporate together
especially if you’re using wordpress you
might use one of these things as well
so first of all you go digital product
platform so what this means
is these are platforms that allow you to
accept payments
and deliver digital products right there
and then so what you could do for
if you have your wordpress website you
could use one of the digital product
and you could accept payments to this
and send out whatever you’re selling to
this platform automatically another
thing is online forms and there is
actually one online
form provider where you can accept
payments completely for free i think
it’s up to 10
payments that you can accept free
however you do have to keep in mind that
sending your customers to this form
might be
a little bit strange experience but just
something that i wanted to mention to
you so you know that that is an option
as well and perhaps
you will find some creative way to use
talking about creative ways another
thing what you can use
is online course platforms so there is
one online course platform where you can
create an account
completely for free and you can sell
courses completely for free
which in this case would be actually
your services
so you could enroll your customers your
as students in your school
and then through that you’re selling
them services
so something just to think about and
interesting creative way
how you can work with your clients all
right so once we have our website then
we need to find our freelancers and
there are a few different ways how you
can do that as well so
first of all we have such websites as
then we have websites such as freelancer
free up basically a marketplace for
and then we have websites such as
so first of all let’s look at fiverr
fiverr i would say
is a place that has a very conveniently
packaged services
so really you can just go on fiverr find
the service
sell that exact service and you don’t
really need to
think a lot of how to package those
services yourself because
everything is already packaged for you
when it comes to price
honestly from my experience it depends
you can find some services on fiverr
are priced really really well and you
can put in your own margin
and some of the services are a little
bit more expensive and it’s not really
going to make sense
to drop service from five or those
services and put on your margin on top
another thing about fiverr is that some
of these services can be
a little bit limiting because if you
want to
sell a certain service to your client
and then the services on fiverr they’re
similar but they’re not
exactly the same then you can try to
contact the person and ask if they would
do something a little bit different like
a custom order
however that is a little bit of a
problem you might run
into the next option is to use such
websites as freelancer or freya so let’s
say for a freelancer you can just
post your own jobs and have freelancers
to apply for them or
you can actually search for freelancers
as well for free up it’s
a little bit different concept because
they actually find
some the one percent uh best workers out
there and they assign them to you and
then you still can choose which one you
want to do but in essence i wanted to
group these two options together because
they are kind of similar you’re using a
platform to work with a freelancer
so both of these options are really good
places to
find freelancers you have a lot of
reviews you have references
all of that let’s see if you use free up
if you’re not happy with work
they are going to actually replace the
freelancer for you
and all of that so you have your support
and you have escrow payments so again
if you’re not happy about something you
can just
trust the platform to keep the payments
you and only pay out the freelancer once
are actually an agreement and once
you’re happy with the work on the
downside because you
are getting all of the support you are
going to be
paying fee for platforms and sometimes
you might not see the fee itself because
it’s not you who’s paying the fee
as the freelancer who’s paying the fee
but at the end of the day it doesn’t
really matter
whether it’s you or it’s the freelancer
who’s paying the fee
because there’s still going to be a
margin if someone is charging let’s say
100 on freelancer if you would
contact them directly and you would work
directly with them
then perhaps they would only be charging
eighty dollars
so it really depends which platform
you’re using and
even what kind of jobs they are but i
would say more or less on average it’s
going to be somewhere around
20 feet so the last option is something
online and there are a few
different options
but what this does how this is different
is that
you only need to pay one time so you pay
one time
and then you can have your job posting
and you have people applying for it
and you can choose the people from the
and then you are working directly with
those people
so on these websites you can find
freelancers for
very very cheap price and you don’t
have any more fees however at the same
time you don’t have any support from the
platform so it’s really
down to you and the freelancer to work
things out so you really only get
that first posting and then you see some
of the references
and ratings of the freelancers on the
platform so if you want just a really
quick gig done for you then probably
you’re better off with the first few
but if you want to find someone that’s
going to do
a lot of continuous work for you then
this is probably the best
option and you will be able to put on
higher margins compared to the two other
options before
the next tool that i would say is
essential for
every drop servicing business is to have
email marketing so you’re going to be
using this for a few different reasons
first of all you will want to give out
lead magnets on your website so you can
get your potential
customers emails and then you can
retarget them
so you can set up follow-up sequences
and then you can basically nurture
people nurture your leads
for them to actually be more willing to
purchase your services
and you can just have direct selling
through email as well the beautiful
thing about this
is also that it can be all automated
using different
email marketing softwares so you just
create your framework
once and then it just runs automatically
for your
clients unless you decide to have some
random campaigns but most of the time
you can just have things
set up to be done automatically there
are a lot of different email marketing
software’s out there
to choose from but there are some that
actually allow you to start out
completely for free
you don’t need to pay anything up to
maybe 1 000 or even 2
000 subscribers which after at that
point hopefully
you are making enough money to be able
to afford email marketing software
but after that it’s going to depend on
your list how many subscribers you have
so it might be anywhere from ten dollars
thirty dollars to hundreds of dollars
and so on and so forth again i will
links for my favorite softwares down
below all right so now
let’s talk working with freelancers so
first of all
the first thing you will need and not
everyone might be doing this but i
definitely advise to do this from the
very get-go
get a project management software so
basically just a software
that’s going to help you to stay
organized and
everyone knows exactly what they need to
do and you know at what
point everyone is so everyone’s on the
page you can find some of these
software’s completely for free to start
out with so you don’t
need to be investing any money so
there’s really no reason why you
shouldn’t be using one
another thing that i really advise to do
as well is have a video recording
software so basically just so you can
record your screen and show exactly
what you want your freelancers to do so
just helps out with the whole management
aspect it’s just easier for people to
see to understand what needs to be done
and it actually just saves
a lot of time rather than just writing
everything down and lastly you need to
choose a good channel
how you’re going to communicate with
your freelancers so a lot of times you
might want to be using something like
or you can also use something like zoom
or skype it really depends on you
what you prefer the most next thing you
will need
and this is really really important i
would say
this is a complete must
you need a time tracking software so
basically a software
that’s going to track time it’s going to
show you activity
so basically how much people are using
their mouse how much
they are typing on their keyboard and
all of that kind of stuff
and it’s going to take screenshots so
basically automatically
takes screenshots a certain amount of
screenshots every 10
minutes and what this really does first
of all obviously
it lets you understand what exactly your
freelancers are doing are they just
chilling on facebook half of the time
and not doing the work
or are they actually working but even
more than that
it allows you to estimate exactly how
time was spent on certain things and
then you can have good estimates of
how much you should be charging your
clients what are your profit margins
and all those kind of things so really i
would say
this is going to save up a lot of time
for you and
because you also have those screenshots
you can also see
what exactly is happening if someone is
doing something that
you don’t think they should be doing or
they’re not doing it things in the right
then you can contact them and let them
know because you
are working virtually so you can just
stand behind someone’s shoulder
and see what they’re doing and this
helps you out to deal with that
problem another tool that not everyone
knows about
but is really really good tool to use
is transfer wise so when you are paying
your freelancers most of the time those
are going to be from a different country
and they’re going to be
using different currency so what
transferwise does
it’s a service basically that allows you
to transfer money with
much better exchange rates compared to
your bank and obviously you need to
check with your bank
but i’m almost guaranteed it’s going to
be much better i have
different banks with different
currencies in different countries and
it’s way better than any of my banks and
also provides you lower payment
fees so if you want you could actually
just let’s say if you hire someone from
the philippines
you could just tell them that you are
going to pay
them in their currency and then you use
transferwise and in this case then it
becomes a little bit
cheaper for you to be sending them money
or you can just
charge people in dollars and just tell
your freelancers hey
i’m not going to send you dollars to
this bank account but i’m going
to use transferwise so you are actually
going to get
more money from me so it actually
benefits them
even more working with you and for you
it’s lower fees as well so it’s really a
win-win situation for both
parties all right so those were all of
the main tools but there are some other
tools that
i would say you might want to consider
as well so first of all
having a live chat so again you can find
live chats that don’t cost any money so
there’s no reason not to have one and
when someone comes on your page and they
have some questions
this can help out a lot to capture those
leads that might be lost otherwise
another cool software is
email finder so if you want to have and
do an outreach and you want to find
email sometimes it might be a little bit
tricky but there are
different services where you can just
type in a domain name
and you’re going to find email services
for you so very convenient
saves up a lot of time then depending
how you’re doing your marketing you
might want to use some social media
scheduling softwares
and you might also want to use
appointment scheduling software so it
just makes it very very simple when
someone comes on your website
with couple of clicks they can just
schedule a call with
you and they don’t need to be sending
you messages and then go in between the
emails trying to arrange a meeting
rather than that this is all automated
and again
you can start out using this for free
and lastly if you will need some designs
or something for your business
if you don’t already know the tool canva
canva has
a lot of tools for creating different
types of designs
and it is very very simple to use so
again i will leave
links for all of this below so do you
hope that you found this video useful as
he said
this should be the ultimate list of all
of the tools that you will need
but if there’s something that i forgot
just check out the link below there’s a
of all of the different tools and there
it’s always going to be updated
to you what tools are the best at the
time when you are
checking i also have discounts for all
of these things so if you want to grab a
check out the links down below if you
found this video useful make sure to
press thumbs up subscribe to my youtube
channel put on those notifications so
you see
every single time when i upload a new
video stay awesome and i’ll see you soon

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