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Drop Servicing vs Dropshipping (What No One Tells You)

I explain the difference between drop servicing and dropshipping. Which of these online business ideas are better for beginners. There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to both drop servicing and dropshipping. However, currently, I would say drop servicing is better than dropshipping. Based on drop servicing niches, types of services, competition, margins, finding clients and so on… This does, however, depend on what kind of business specifically you want to run.

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Stop Doing SMMA and Do This Instead (Drop Servicing vs SMMA)

Drop Servicing vs Dropshipping (What No One Tells You)Β Transcript

Is this still so in this video I’m going to tell you what are exactly the differences between drop servicing and dropshipping I have been doing both of these and I have gathered as long to all of differences so you want to watch the whole video I watched some of the videos that are out there on this topic and I don’t think they cover. So he really deep and and I’m going to explain all of the really necessary stuff that you need to understand if you are going to the ring which one to actually choose so when she home video I promise you’re going to get a lot of value I’m going to cover a lot of different topics from customer acquisition two different types of product management product fulfillment margins so on and so on a lot of different things turned into different points I do have a lot of freebies on my website so I would leave a ling Down Below in description and check it out if you can be here very very useful I also do a giveaway every single week where I give out one of my courses completely for free so leave a comment down below under this video to enter the competition and I have just started a new channel where I review business software so if you’re looking for a specific review for a be just one to discover cool business software that might be useful for your business then again I would leave it laying down too low for that channel take it out now was Young Street into the slaves first of all really quick I do want to say that both of these businesses can be really amazing I see some people out there now seeing that draw shooting is dead and you should just go focus on drop servicing and dad is it and that is just not true. Honestly it’s Rob shipping is still working in working for many years and still going to be working for a lot of years yes the competition is increasing whoever is still working especially for an entry-level business dropshipping or drug servicing both can be really amazing so what you really need to understand is just Which business suits you better so the first thing I want to start around with is customer acquisition because this is something that I see people struggle with the most weather is dropshipping or drop servicing so when it comes to drop servicing the one thing that what you can do is you can approach the client’s by simply pitching them your service it so you can actually direct contact a client’s even by just sending a message to them through Linkedin or even Facebook DM’s whatever it is you can send an ounce cold to message cold email directly to a client which is something that you can do you withdraw shipping so I just went to fruit for you to understand that you’re is this additional we all know how you can acquire customers would drop servicing if this is a way how we want to proceed if you don’t necessarily need to proceed like that there are other ways as well but I just want to say is that this is an option and it isn’t really an option with dropshipping you will really just directly contact customers and show your product to them you’re not going to message someone and be like hey by these sneakers they look cool that’s when it really work so this is 1.4 drop servicing largest selling the product you’re putting the product on your store and you are just shipping it out and Dad’s in but what you can do with Services you don’t necessarily mean to pitch them what I try try to cut out the human communication as much as possible and they don’t like it but honestly because it’s easier to scale it so Well Servicing is full you can packaged those Services as digital products and then you can Market them basically the same as you would with dropshipping products so if those things into consideration than drop servicing has a few more ways how you can actually require your customers has a sort of the thing that you just need to decide for yourself what is your customer acquisition plan if you want to clients than drop servicing my be really a good option for you but if you want to go to the other route then drop shipping and drop servicing might be around the same difficulty is product types of when it comes to Drop Shipping in the cool thing pause living is so attractive to begin with because you can choose from millions and millions of different product out there and I had you don’t need to create anything you just find a product you put on your store and you start selling the product than that is in it is very easy to find products but at the same time anyone can find these products they are all in the same place no secret where they are so that’s makes them or that makes this method kind of competitive on the other hand a will look at drop servicing again it’s sort of similar and you also have a million different services that you can drop service and you can go to certain places you can go live stage you viberti fine to brainstorm for different services or you can do to help work or wherever you can just Google and find different services so there are services that you can choose from however what you can do and this is really really important is that you can actually customize your own Services you can freezer or sewn services from scratch or you can combine different services in to another service that perhaps doesn’t exist and what are those is that eliminates a lot of competition and makes you unique this is the really important point because it is a very different business when you are competing with someone with the same products and when you have a unique Prada by the way when is comes to Services I do see a little people just talkin okay you can do social media management you can do graphic design SEO that kind of stuff but it doesn’t have to be olives in digital marketing Services you can really do anything that you can think about so what you can do to say you can drop service custom diet plans you can drop service add custom fitness routines you can do all of these kind of things that I don’t really see people talking about as with all of these are different services to the next one is building a brand and if you’re looking for something long-term then this is definitely one of the most important points so when it comes to drop shipping honestly building a brand is rather than cool and that is because of a combination of different factors such as knocking you products no branding no long shipping times and things like that and yes you can find ways to go around it you can have faster shipping times and eventually gave you might just start dropshipping general products but then you might start customizing them and all of that so there are ways how you can transition from a drop-shipping business to a branch however it is rather difficult I am not going to lie about that when it comes to draw Servicing head is much easier because essentially all that you are doing aside from trying to find customers you are really just building out to Brands so you find Freelancers either don’t know how to approach clients or the really just don’t want to approach clients they just want to do the work that they specialize in and you are building out a brand new or packaging do Services nicely you are rebuilding yourself as a priority and that specific field and then you are selling yourself to the customers so really what you’re doing you are building a brand and you can really build out as Big Brand as to who won from drop servicing and then perhaps after sometime you can sorry creating your own internal seem to really have a solid brand sewing next is competition and when it comes to competition as you probably already know being has been loading play Crazy in the past couple past few years really so there are a lot of people who are doing Drop Shipping and it’s becoming more and more difficult and I don’t want to say that always impossible or anything like that because you do have the new products coming out all the time and you do have any leashes and all of this but draw shipping definitely has Elmont Memorial competition and again what they already kind of mentioned before you are using same problems as other people to dad makes it more competitive as well when you look at drop servicing the actual term as Joe starting to take off right now however as if you have to say this is not a New Concept has actually a pretty old concept and I have been giving drop servicing before drops everything the term itself even existed but now because of this term actually a really great business opportunity however it is still at the very early stages compared to drop shipping so when it comes to competition I think drop servicing is definitely better and again just what I mentioned before because you have these unique services that you can construct yourself dad craze a little bit less competition as well so far I have service but there are some things as well hold a drop-shipping is a little bit better than drop servicing and one of those things I think is the Fulfillment process so when it comes to fulfillment withdraw shipping and is super easy to do your fulfillment that’s why I love dropshipping so much because you just need to get customers to restore purchase and everything else is automated everything is done for you too officer being shipped out and all of that when it comes to drop service saying it’s a little bit different because you are the middleman between your client and the freelancer so what you need to do is you need to take care of the communication between those two parties so this makes the whole process more complicated because you need to invest some time as well however I will say there are some workarounds how you can do this how you can incorporate either other people into the process or you can really agree with a freelancer that are basically working under white label so you can allow them to communicate with the client but they just have to work under your brand so they’re all her ways how you can kind of cut up process but I will say that for dropshipping this is definitely a no-brainer when comes to profit margins and I can’t I save this about all of these funds but this is an important Point as well because the higher margins you have the more money you are going to make me easier is going to be so for drop servicing I think personally that and will most recently bought from hearing other people is full margins usually tend to be higher just because in general for services the margins are bit higher agency hired ticket purchase for a client and especially if you have services that are unique Services Wesley says if you perhaps combine different Services together or a is a completely new no one knows how much they should be charging for for example when social media first appeared no one really knew how much to charge for social media management or when pooping blood after his first started popping up and I had another social accounts as an influencer and companies have no clue how I met and it was really funny because sometimes Atlas a $1,000 and another company would pay me $5,000 so that’s what I’m talkin about you can really play around with a margin quite a bit when it comes to Services whereas when it comes to physical products is going to be a little bit more difficult to really have that high high margin and another thing as well as as he said services are a little bit more expensive usually so think about it in terms as well what would you rather choose selling hundred products that have $10 profit on them or selling 10 service that have $100 profit on them you have same amount of profits but on one hand you are selling a hundred products and on the other hand you are only selling 10 Services who this is I think I’m pretty important distinction so when it comes to actual product management I would say that Dropship and drop servicing they have their Conn’s they are not horrible by any means but I would say that more or less it’s kind of equal trouble so for dropshipping you can be problems such as not having enough inventory are you if you were selling a product and then a supplier all of a sudden runs out of inventory and you can find it anywhere else that has happened to me before many times and I’m pretty sure at some point if you’re doing dropshipping that isn’t going to happen to you as well another thing that’s kind of a little bit annoying thing is that the shipping times don’t depend on you and obviously you see how long does shipping mind take but it does depend on the supplier Wendy actually ship out product and all of that when it comes to drunk servicing it is kind of similar case as well because if you are can you can just tell them when they need to do a certain pass because they might also have some other clients that they are working for so sometimes the delivery times my son always be on time however this is kind of just the thing that you can eat Seamaster overtime and it was a time this is not going to be a major problem another point to consider is that if you are choosing Freelancers from sunglass Forum that doesn’t have any rating so we’ll see if you go to fiber you can kind of tell how good a freelancer is based on ratings and reviews if he goes upward course platforms like that you can also see the ratings however if you choose Freelancers from some platforms where you can see and the right things right between my bad then it might be a little bit more difficult you actually tell what exactly is the quality of the services that they are providing I’m over again hair on a little ways to go about this and try to avoid these problems additional considerations that I thought were pretty important points to mention as well through the bull drum shipping is not as cheap if you are not buying in bulk so this is kind of wife you might come across at some point if you’re doing dropshipping that you will see competitors who are selling exact same products but they are selling is for way way way cheaper than you could actually afford and the reasons why they are giving that is because you’re purchasing a bunch of those products in a bulk and they can afford to lower the prices and you can’t you simply cannot compete with that another really cool consideration is that job service in can have recurring revenue and that is like music to my ears recurring revenue is one of those things that everyone wants to have and technically yes you can have that with call shipping wood certain type of products let’s see if you’re selling Cosmetics or let’s say you’re selling I’m supplements or something like that yes you can have customers that are keep on purchasing from you but I think with dropshipping honestly it is pretty difficult to establish that model whereas withdraw servicing it is a lot easier again just to give you a simple example if you’re doing something like sto management or you’re writing content for people than they will need that probably more than just one so you can have recurring payments so once you capture a client then you might that client might be paying for you for months to months and months to come wish his absolutely amazing if you can manage if you managed to actually do that and last thing I just wanted to mention that his dad drop servicing the thing also is a little bit easier to sort if you have a really really low budget when it comes to you are some ways how you can drive real cheap traffic but all the times you might want to invest into ads and is it going to take a little bit of time to actually test out where is withdrawal physical Dimension before you have more options of how to acquire a customers and because of that there are some really cheap options how you can start out so the question is which one is better and personally I think that’s right now and drop servicing is probably better than drop shipping and I know that might get some people angry but that’s my personal opinion and as he said I actually do both and I love both business models but for me right now I think servicing is a little bit more attractive if you have other opinions if you have any good point that I missed out do you leave them down below in the comments I would love to have a discussion I’m not saying right I’m just saying this is my personal preference but at the end of the day it’s really depends on what exactly suits you so I would say just think about all of these points that I talked about and what do you see your Brazil’s doing Mark and one thing I will save drug servicing is that I think it is a little bit more creative and you have more opportunity because of that so when I see you again the services you don’t just necessarily need to sell exact Services of someone is providing you can have combinations of different Services you can come up with your own services and just gets Freelancers who were going to do them so it is a little bit more creative and the way you sell the services is a little bit more creative as well because you will need to have some seals pages with a good sales copy talking about different pawns trying to sell it to your client or even contacting the client and talking to them so it is a little bit more creative and as you can tell because of this opportunity you can make more money you can build a bigger brand and all that all that so really hope you found his video useful and is going to help you to decide what you want to do dropshipping or drop servicing or by the way you can you don’t need to choose you’re going to actually combined both of those even in the same Niche even in the same store as they mentioned I do have a lot of really useful freebies on my website so I will leave it laying down below in the description also check out of my other YouTube channel for business software reviews again laying down below and description calm a true depressed thumbs up truck to my YouTube channel put on those of the vacation so we see when I come out with new videos say awesome and I’ll see you soonΒ 

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