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Drop Servicing Challenge Only Fiverr 2020 (Drop Service Agency)

Drop servicing challenge only using Fiverr. How to start a drop servicing store or a drop service agency for beginners. The first part is a full tutorial where I start drop servicing business live, find a good niche, services from Fiverr that I can resell, and create a website. This guide a great to see a real drop servicing example and also to understand how to choose profitable services for your business.

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Drop Servicing Challenge Only Fiverr 2020 (Drop Service Agency)Β Transcript

hey everyone this is Vil so in this
video i am going to
do a drop servicing challenge where i am
going to
build a step-by-step drop servicing
and to make this a little bit more
interesting i am only going to use
fiverr to find the services to drop
service and to take it to the next level
i’m also going to use fiverr to build
the drop servicing business itself
because honestly
i don’t really have the time to do all
of that myself
and also because i’m only using fiverr i
am not going to use
any paid media to get sales
so i’m actually only going to use free
traffic which i think is going to be
interesting because i have a lot of
people messaging me asking how to get
organic traffic how to get
clients without big investment so i’m
going to apply some of the strategies
that i have
in the pinterest course that i’m
building and we will see how exactly
that is going to work
out i’ve seen some of these challenges
and every time it seemed that people
are just choosing a logo design service
to drop service and
i honestly don’t need to make a youtube
video to tell you that
that is not a good niche not a good
service so i’m going to try and find
something a little bit more interesting
than that so in this part i am going to
find first of all a good
niche then i’m going to find some good
services to drop
service and then i am going to build out
website for those services and then in
the next part we are going to have all
of the marketing
the sales getting the clients and all of
that fun stuff so make sure to subscribe
to my youtube channel to see the second
as well and also every single week i
give out one of my courses completely
for free so
just press thumbs up on this video and
leave a comment down below to enter the
i do also have a bunch of useful
freebies and whatnot so
all of the links and everything i
mentioned in this video as well
everything is going to be linked
down below in description now let’s jump
straight into the video alright so the
first thing that
i am going to start out with is finding
a good
niche and honestly you can go both ways
so you can find a good niche or you can
find a good
service but in this case i’m going to
start looking from the niches to begin
and i already decided that i am going to
do btb
so business to business and i do talk in
my other videos a lot that you can also
don’t forget because everyone only talks
btb but you can actually do business to
consumer as well that could work really
well but because most of the people want
i thought it would be more interesting
if i do this as b2b video as well
so first of all what i’m doing to find a
good niche i am going to jump on youtube
and i’m going to see what exactly is
trending on youtube so
i am looking at business as a general
big niche so i’m typing that
in and then seeing what’s within that
niche is trending and then i’m trying to
basically narrow
down to see what’s good alright so first
of all i’m going on youtube
and i’m just typing in something like
business ideas
and then basically once you find some
videos like this so eight most
profitable business
ideas seven business ideas
usually i want to find something that
has a little bit more something like
15 new pandemic created ideas so this
seems pretty good because
it shows something that is definitely
very recent and a pretty big amount so i
have more to choose from
also something as top 20 small business
so basically just going to go through
these videos
and make a list of the different
business ideas the different
niches that there are i can also do the
same thing just going on google
typing in the same thing and then i’m
going to dive in a little bit deeper
one by one into these different niches
okay so i went through youtube and
basically i have
narrowed down different ideas so i have
around 15 different niches
within the business niche that i see
that could
be performing pretty well on youtube so
the next thing that i want to
do is i’m going to go on google trends
first of all
see whether these are trending upwards
so the interest is increasing
or going downwards also going to check
out pinterest trends because i’m going
to be using pinterest for my marketing
acquiring clients
also i am going to even check out
youtube channels whether the channels
are growing and then lastly i want to
out the search volume to see whether
there is
actually enough of search volume for me
to pursue a niche
in the first place if it’s too small and
perhaps it’s not even worth pursuing it
all right so first of all i went
on pinterest but it seems that the
topics that i chose
are too small in search volume to
actually appear on pinterest but what i
have basically done
is when you type in the keywords of a
specific term
in this case amazon fba i got
the pin sorted out by repins the first
few pages
and as you can see there are some repins
that have let’s say this repin
has 6122 saves
this has 1200 900 600
and so on and so forth so what this
shows to me there isn’t
a ton of saves in this specific niche
but what it shows me because there are a
couple of pins that are performing
really well
then perhaps it’s the case that
there is a lot of interest but there
aren’t that many people that
are putting out content about amazon fba
on pinterest so i do need to go a little
bit deeper
into figuring out looking at different
accounts uh
and different pins how many people are
actually creating content
but for me i would say this is a pretty
good sign to see that
there is uh some interest on pinterest
for this specific
niche and i could be pursuing that on
as my marketing choice also another
thing that i like to do
is go on this website called socialblade
and basically what it does it shows you
stats of
different social uh platforms and as you
can see
i just put in right here the different
youtube channel and if we scroll to the
you can see it shows you here the graphs
of how fast a youtube channel has been
and as you can see this specific channel
which is about
amazon fba again is growing a lot in the
past year
it has grown a lot in views and in
you do have to keep in mind that when it
comes to youtube that’s how usually
channels work in general
they start growing very very slow and
then it just
goes really really quick up so what you
really need to do
because you can’t really look at one
channel and decide that okay this
niche is growing you need to take a lot
of channels
put them all into this and then see if
all of these channels seem like they’re
growing fast in the past year or so
then that is a good indicator that there
is a lot of interest in that specific
that you might want to pursue after this
of course i’m going to
google trends and couple of things that
i like to do on google trends so when i
put in the topic
first of all i have to choose the
country so or i can do worldwide and it
really kind of depends because
usually let’s say if i’m doing something
like pinterest i’m really going to get
traffic from
anywhere in the world i do know that
50 plus of my traffic is going to be
from united states but if you’re doing
something like
ads and you’re choosing specific
targeting and you know it’s all going to
be united states
then you definitely want to go with
united states but let’s say in this case
i might also go with worldwide
and the 12 months is usually good
sometimes when it shows you
um not in this case but sometimes it
shows you that
the trend is looking like it’s going to
go upwards
but most of the time what i like to do
is i just go
last past five years this is kind of the
most important for me
and as you can see in this case blogging
has been kind of
around the same interest and if you
choose actually let’s do united states
so if you put in united states you will
see that it’s actually going downward so
the interest is actually decreasing
another cool thing what i have been
is i type in something like let’s say
and then you can compare two different
terms and see how they are performing
and as you can see it’s kind of okay
podcasting is kind of surprisingly
in united states it’s growing very slow
i would have expected it’s going to be
let’s see worldwide
so worldwide kind of the same as you can
see podcasting is mostly
american thing uh there’s much bigger
gap uh
between blogging and podcasting when you
choose worldwide and this is kind of
also nice to see
in one place of how big of a difference
is in terms of the search volume because
this is basically what it shows you it
shows you
um the search volume of the two
topics so as you can see in this case
blogging is
probably has at least
five if not more times more interest
podcasting does okay so i went through
all of the
15-ish terms that i chose and by the way
i’m not going to
tell you what the niches and the exact
services are that i’m going to pursue
because if i’m putting in my time and
effort and i’m going to make money out
of this i want to
keep on making money out of this and i
don’t want to just reveal it
and then basically throw the services
out get them ruined
uh so i’m sorry about that but hopefully
you will still
get some value from this so most of the
they were either being stagnant or they
were actually decreasing
but i did manage to find a few niches
that have been somewhat growing
uh over time and especially as you can
see the red line has been increasing a
in the past year or so so these are some
of the niches that i see
that could have a lot of potential but
what i’m going to explain later as well
this isn’t one of the main factors don’t
look just into that
just look this as one of the puzzle
pieces that if you have this
that is something that is going to help
you out unless i would say
if it’s a completely new let’s say a
that has just started it just emerged
and there isn’t much competition it’s
completely new then definitely jump on
that but otherwise
i would say this is just one part of the
another thing i also did just to make
sure that these
are decent niches i went on google and i
simply typed in the niche so as you can
see here
amazon fba and i just saw a look at the
search volume
uh i’m using uh one of these chrome
extensions here
a keyword surfer i will leave again all
of the links down below so you can use
these tools if you want as well
so what i want to see is just that it
has a decent
amount of volume and on the side right
you will see that it gives me certain
suggestions so i honestly just like to
go through
these suggestions and sort of see how
many related key terms there are
and what are the search terms of these
related keywords and actually sometimes
it’s even good to find some services
just from these keywords you can get a
lot of
ideas but basically i just want to see
what exactly to understand a little bit
what this niche is looking like all
right so i kind of got an idea of
what the niches are looking like so now
to actually find a service
first thing what i will try to do is i
will try to find
figure out what are the biggest problems
that people businesses within those
are facing right now and then i’m also
going to try to see
what are the best solutions the biggest
and if possible what could be the
highest roi return on their investment
because there are services that can be
just beneficial let’s say if you are
providing branding services
obviously it’s beneficial for a business
to have nice branding and all of that
but it won’t show in exact numbers
how many more sales a business got
because they have a good branding and
all of that but if i can have a service
shows direct return on their investment
then they are going to be a lot more
happy with my service
and then they are going to be a lot more
likely to well purchase in the first
and keep on buying and being my clients
and also the last point what i am going
to look
at is finding something unique and this
is again i would say this is one of the
main things as well
i don’t want to pursue those same
services what they said at the beginning
everyone’s going about logo design and
all of that and obviously you’re not
going to succeed in that
i want to find something that is a
little bit more unique
so in general what i’m going to try is
to combine
all of these different things and find a
service that takes
all of these three different boxes so
when going on
fiverr right now to look at the services
first of all i
am going to basically look for solutions
i already made a list of the different
problems that the businesses might be
and now when i go on fiverr i just need
to see if i can find solutions to fix
those problems so that’s how at least i
like to think about these things
also again i’m going to focus that those
are actually unique services also what
i’m going to do
is i’m not just going to look at my
niche and that’s it but i’m going to go
to other niches and see what kind of
services are in those
niches just to get a little bit more
ideas and also the cool thing about
is that i actually can see the amount of
orders so that doesn’t mean that i
necessarily need to go
after the highest amount of orders that
can kind of mean that it is
saturated but if there is a decent
amount of orders on fiverr
that is sort of a proof of concept that
people are actually interested
in this service and also there are
reviews and all of that so that helps
out as well
when it comes to actually delivering all
of those services
and also sometimes when i go on fiverr i
do find the services that are almost
perfect but they
are slightly different from what i
exactly want so if that’s going to be
the case i am going to try
to message some of these sellers and see
if we can perhaps change the services a
little bit okay so one problem that i
see that a lot of people
do is when they go on fiverr they just
type in
exactly the niche that they are pursuing
and they’re just looking at the services
they see on that page and that is it
and that leaves you a little bit limited
so i’m not saying that don’t do that so
let’s say in this case we are doing that
as well and we are choosing let’s say
and we’re going through these services
but what you will notice when you go
through these services
is that most of them obviously are going
to be okay creating attractive blog
images writing articles
writing amazing blog posts seo optimized
all these kind of things so as you can
see probably 90
80 of the services are going to be
writing blog posts and if we are trying
sell the same service it honestly is
probably going to be
really really difficult to sell that
because so many people are already doing
there are some exceptions as you can see
right here
this service actually looks very very
interesting so
i will convert blog post article or text
to video with voice over so this is
actually something that
i feel would be very interesting for
bloggers so if you open the service in
another tab
first of all we can see it has 255
reviews with 4.9 stars which
is very very good so that’s kind of one
of the parts why i do
love fiverr because you can actually
the references to see is there demand
and how good is the service provider
whereas sometimes when you’re
outsourcing elsewhere that can be
a little bit difficult and the other
thing that i really love as well
is that it actually has 16 orders in
queue so sometimes
a service might have a lot of orders
reviews that they collected over the
but the fact that this specific service
has 16 orders in queue
right now shows us that there is a lot
of interest right now in that specific
service so this is a really good
and if you look at prices as well it
looks actually really cheap
so as you can see it starts from five
dollars and then you have the standard
and you have the premium so
those don’t include voiceover so
obviously you need voiceover so
we are going to go with the let’s say 25
plan and that includes 500 words so that
isn’t too bad
and i feel like a lot of bloggers might
be interested in something like that
taking their content that they have
already created
and putting that and creating a video
content out of that and putting that
on youtube and monetizing that getting
traffic from that that sounds actually
really really good so this
is definitely something interesting so
when you go to the main page
and you scroll to your niche you can
find some interesting things like that
but as i said most of the time as you
can see here
it’s going to be sort of the same gigs
that a lot of people
a are already kind of expecting you’re
not really surprising anyone
and b there’s a lot of competition so
what i like to do is i like to sort of
go through all of these different
sections right here
and look what is happening in
basically different niches and get some
if i can take some of these other
services that don’t appear
when i type in my niche keyword if i can
take these other services and somehow
apply them to
my niche so let’s say when we look at
graphics and design
obviously we have the logo design and
all of that but as i said
i think you sometimes just have to think
of is this a saturated niche or is this
if it is just pass it sometimes you
don’t even need to do
any research uh but let’s say let’s find
something more interesting so if you
something that stands out for me right
away is merchandise
t-shirts and merchandise so i know that
a big problem that a lot of bloggers
is they don’t know how to monetize their
uh blog so if we can create
merch for them to monetize as a service
that could be something that’s pretty
interesting and probably i would assume
not a lot of people are offering this
service yet i
i would need to do some research to
actually figure that out so yeah so i’m
basically going to do the same process
as well go through all of these digital
writing uh the business services even
you can go to lifestyle now on fiverr
which is actually amazing as well and
this allows you to do more as well
business to consumer drop servicing so
another example would be let’s say if we
go to
specifically instagram services so
something that stood out to me right
away was this customized
story icons so i don’t really care about
the icons per se but
if i could get a service that customized
so once again let’s say for bloggers to
increase their traffic
if i could have stories created for
in each blog post that could get
a lot more traffic for their blog
there’s also
management account management and we
also have
video so i know a lot of people struggle
with instagram video
so something like that as well so i
don’t think when it comes to blogging
right away you are thinking about videos
instagram but if you really think about
it bloggers struggle
a lot to get more traffic to their
so if i could have a service perhaps
combine these services together
so get a service that is creating videos
for specific blogs
get another service that is creating
stories for those blog posts
and then get a manager instagram manager
who’s actually going to
optimize schedule out all of that and do
all of those things
so if i combine all of that in a nice
package i could probably try to sell
that to
bloggers and perhaps that could be
performing i’m also just giving you
examples here so i’m not saying this is
a good service i don’t think honestly i
would pursue this
but just as example this is something
could actually work alright so i went
through fiverr and the first
thing while i was going through fiverr
what i really tried to do
is i tried to think how exactly would i
go about solving these problems so
perhaps even sometimes
even if i’m not familiar with that niche
or it’s not something that i’ve done
i would think okay what are the other
things that they’ve done and how i
solved my other problems
can i solve can i apply some of these
methods to solve
these problems that the businesses are
facing in those niches
and what i decided to do again i went on
and i found some services from different
niches so not even services related to
niches and also again i am combining the
different services to
make them unique and to create more of a
and provide more value i have some other
videos where i explain this in depth
how to actually find a good service and
all of that so i will leave some links
for that
down below if you want to learn more how
i do that so in total i decided to go
with three different
services not just one service and i’m
doing that because
first of all i do want to kind of just
experiment a little bit
see what is performing well but also
what this allows me to do
is it allows me to have different price
ranges so i’m going to have some
services that are going to be
less expensive and some are going to be
a little bit more expensive
and then i can also tackle different
problems so when it comes to the actual
services that i
chose i’m not going to tell you the
exact services
but what i can tell you is that first of
all the first service is going to deal
with the problem of
not getting enough traffic so basically
i’m going to help
to generate more traffic generate more
sales the second service
is going to help to improve conversions
and that is i think also a very easy
service to be
selling on again and again because if
you actually manage to improve someone’s
conversions from
let’s say two percent to three percent
then they see
all of the benefits right away very
clearly they actually can
see tangible things and then they are
going to be
recommending you to other people and
whenever they need help again they are
going to
be booking you once again and the last
service is going to be
automating the workflow so what i mean
by this
is basically we’re going to take some of
the work
of the business and we are going to do
it for
them much quicker and faster and all of
that so basically some of the things
the business doesn’t need necessarily to
do themselves and i’m going to have
basically i’m combining different
to create sort of a system that allows
me to complete certain tasks
very very fast so for the business if
they would do it themselves
it would take them a while to actually
do that but for me
it’s going to be very very quick so it
makes sense for both parties it’s
basically a win-win type of situation
again i have a separate video where i
talk about this whole
concept of win-win method so i will link
that below
but these are my three different
services that
i am going to go with and also i am
going to have different pricing models
so i
am going to have one-time payments for
some of the services
and i’m also going to have recurring
payments which
is always usually what you want to try
to pursue if possible because
recurring payments that money coming in
all the time is the best option it takes
honestly quite a lot of time
to actually get those first customers
especially the first ones
so if you manage to acquire them and
they can keep on paying with you
that is the perfect situation so just to
give you a quick example
how i went about doing this let’s say if
i’m looking at the blogging niche
what is one of the major problems with
bloggers is that
they can get enough traffic to their
and then i’m looking for different
solutions so let’s say i can do
something like
pinterest marketing to drive uh traffic
to their blog
i can do link building as well i can do
outreach campaigns which i think
not that many bloggers are actually
doing themselves
i can run ads which i think is a little
bit more unique because
i don’t think all the vloggers think
about actually running ads to their blog
if i do it right and i managed to get
good return on investment
that can actually make a lot of sense
also during collaborations
i don’t think a lot of bloggers or any
bloggers really do collaborations
whereas if we look let’s say it’s social
media a lot of
youtube channels a lot of instagram
accounts are blowing up
because they’re doing a lot of
collaboration so i think that could be
really good for blogging as well and
it’s something that
not a lot of people think about i hope
you understand where i’m going with this
trying to find a unique service also
something like credit marketing as well
just something also that
not every blogger is doing and perhaps
not thinking about right
away these are by the way very very
simple examples as well
i am not going complicated with this
another example to understand
just a little bit better what was my
thought process let’s say another issue
for bloggers
is not being able to monetize their blog
so what i’m doing here is what i
mentioned before
i am trying to find look at other niches
and see how i can take aspects from
other niches services from other niches
and apply them to create solutions for
my specific
niche so let’s say in this case i would
look at
what are some of the other business
concepts that i can take
and i can apply i can create a service
applying these business concepts to my
specific niche let’s say in this case
so i could do something like print on
demand something that
i got the idea from fiverr because i saw
the merchandise so creating merchandise
for bloggers
also let’s say creating affiliate
marketing program as a service for
getting sponsorships for bloggers so as
a service also basically acquiring
helping them to acquire sponsorships
creating digital products so this could
be done
very very simple on fiverr as well if i
just combine a few different services
i can easily create digital products and
i can help
uh to the bloggers to actually monetize
their blog with digital products
also something like drop shipping as
well a different completely different
just to help the bloggers to monetize
their blog so once i kind of have
narrowed down
some of the niches and the services next
thing that i
am doing is i am looking at the
and first of all what i noticed was that
there weren’t that
many services in general within the
niches that i have chosen
but there was a lot of content which is
actually a good sign because
that shows to me that there is a lot of
and perhaps at some stage if i want i
can use those
different blogs and social media
personalities as
influencers to actually sell my services
and then asides from looking at the
as general i try to actually look
for the exact services that i have in
mind to see
whether other people are doing those
services or not
and i found very very few people that
are actually doing something similar
i want to do so that once again is a
really good sign i would say that
might be even more important you find a
good unique service might be even more
important than
finding a good niche so now that i found
my niche and my services the last thing
that i need to do at this part
i need to create a website for those
so i’m going to be using wordpress
because i just
love wordpress and i’ve been using it
for many years there are again other
options how you can go about
doing this i will leave some of the
videos and links down below for you to
explore a bit more but i’m using
wordpress and i’m also using divi theme
because the
divi theme just allows me to customize
everything very very perfectly and i
need to customize
everything a lot because first of all i
am going to build
out a blog so i’m going to use some of
the content i’m going to mention in the
next video in the next part
how exactly i’m acquiring clients but
i’m going to use
blog posts to basically warm up my
audience and all of that so i will want
to build
a blog on the website and i’m going to
and build out some case studies as well
that would work really well to again
warm up my potential clients for them to
be more willing to make that purchase
and lastly of course i need to
create different sales pages for the
three services that i have chosen
and with the divi theme and wordpress
this makes it very very simple
i can create really beautiful pages that
i can customize
completely everything so i’m not going
to show you the exact sales pages that i
am building but
if you really want you can go on my
pinterest course and see the sales page
because it’s pretty much kind of the
same concept
so as you can see first of all i am sort
of just providing the
problem of what exactly that specific
is facing and then after that i’m
basically just providing the
solutions of what you can expect after
you are using that specific service and
then i am providing
a unique value how my service is
different from everything else so let’s
see in this case
higher return on your investment how you
can get a lot
more for the money that you invest
after that i’m also doing some
comparisons so
what it looks like if they are doing
some of the other services
or perhaps what it would take for them
to actually do all of this themselves
what it looks like if they buy our
and instead of just talking about all of
the different features
what i am doing is i’m talking about all
of the different benefits that they
are going to get if they are getting our
so i hope you find this interesting and
hopefully you’re finding this useful as
well to see the whole process
as he said this was just the first part
there’s also another part coming out
all of the marketing and getting clients
and all of that honestly i think that is
going to be
a lot more interesting part so do
subscribe to the channel to see when
that video is
coming out also if you found this video
useful make sure to press
thumbs up and i’ll see you soon

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