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Divi Theme vs Elementor

I compare divi theme vs elementor in 2020. Which of these is the best WordPress page builder. Which one is better for you divi or elementor will depend on what you want to be using these website builders for. Both divi builder and elementor pro are absolutely amazing WordPress page builders, but one of them is a clear winner. Watch the video to find out divi vs elementor which one is better.


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Divi Theme vs Elementor

Divi Theme vs Elementorย Transcript

hey everyone this is Vil so in this
video i’m not going to go through all of
the features and compare
everything step by step but rather than
that i’m going to tell you the things
that you
really need to know that will make an
actual difference
and that hopefully will allow you to
decide which tool is better for you
elementor or divi i do have special
discounts for both of these
so check out the links down below in
now let’s jump straight into the video
so the first thing i want to start from
is widgets or modules
on divi so what this means is basically
the different elements that you can have
on your website so as you can see here
you can have your text editor your image
heading you can have videos you can have
uh google maps dividers and so on so i
hope you understand these are all of the
different elements
that you can put on a page and when it
comes to elements
as you can see elementor has a lot of
different elements to choose from
david does has a lot of elements as well
but elementor has a few more but at the
end of the day honestly
even though elementor has more elements
you have all of the main elements for
divi so
i would really say that if there is
something that you know you will
specifically need for your website
before you decide which theme to choose
just go on both of them
and check whether they actually have
that module
otherwise i honestly never really lacked
that many modules on divi because
as i said they have all of the main ones
and there are
third parties that sell these um
elements or modules
widgets however you want to call them um
so you can buy
some of them if there’s something that
you are missing
but if you really care about this a lot
um in general elementor has a few more
the next point and this is pretty
important i would say
one of the more important points uh the
so divi has a lot of layouts as you can
1246 layouts in total
and they are always bringing in
new layouts they’re making up new
layouts um
and if we go to elementor you will see
they have 200 plus
templates and honestly
you might think that okay i’m using
these builders
to actually customize my website so i
might just build everything myself
but believe me this makes your work a
easier just not needing to build
everything from scratch and it doesn’t
mean that you have to use the whole
template by the way
you might just take some elements from
the template that’s what i
often do when i go to let’s say divi i
often see that
there is this one cool element in one
tablet or one or
cool element in another one and i’d like
to combine all of the different things
so it’s sort of
i get i’m inspiration and i
also just save up a little bit of time
because i don’t need to be
build the specific modules widgets
from scratch so divi definitely
wins on this side they have way way way
more and this number is
constantly increasing i don’t remember
what it was when i started but it was
much much smaller than what it is right
and another really cool thing is that if
as you can see here they have layout
packs so what they have let’s say let’s
open the agency
so you will see that they have different
pages so they have the about page
they have blog contact home landing
portfolio and pricing
and when it comes to elementor they just
have basically
um soul pages that are just pages by
but as you can see all of these pages
they have
very different designs and why that
can be a problem is if you want
to kind of just quickly take some
templates and apply that to the website
have the same type of theme throughout
the website
it’s going to be hard to do that with
the templates that
elementor is providing because they are
for they don’t have
um one design for all of the different
pages that you have on one website
which dv has as you can see here it’s
exact same design
throughout all of the different pages so
you can just put it on one website and
everything looks like it belongs there
so that’s one thing to also take into
and it all again depends on how exactly
you are
planning to build your websites and how
you know whether you want to choose um
different elements
and kind of combine them and build a lot
of from scratch
or you want to sort of just like take
what already exists and just apply that
another cool thing is divi has this
page with divi resources and often
in here they have some cool things
little freebies that they give out as
that’s not necessary in the layout right
but they give you sometimes um they have
some guides how to create really
cool things uh but they also sometimes
just give you out let’s say
um where was it i saw
okay coaching layout pack sometimes they
just have like
different parts so let’s say they would
have just time
uh footer i think that was okay here we
go so get a free blog post template
and here get the free header and free
footer so sometimes they also just give
out free sections
of the website so that’s one more thing
as well
but then again you can try to go on some
other websites and
both divi and elementary they have
really big communities
and sometimes you can get some of these
layouts for free as well
so this is one point that
i didn’t see any other reviews mentioned
but this
is really big so what divi allows you to
is david has build and split testing
so basically you can a b test so you can
create one design
and then you could you can create
another design and basically see
which one performs better uh how many
people clicked through
design a how many people clicked through
design b
uh to design see how how many you want
to make
and then you can decide which one works
the best
and this is really big because this
basically just allows you to optimize
your conversions
and get more from your website
you can do the same with elementor
however elementor doesn’t have this
built in so what you need to do they
have this guide where you can
um connect elementor to
with google tools and we have this whole
setup where
which will allow you to actually track
and a b
test but then you are using google tools
and you have to go through this
connection and all of that whereas divi
already has
that built in so again you need to think
is that important for you are you going
to a b test
um how important this marketing for you
and that should help you out so the next
is pricing and when it comes to pricing
uh elementor why a lot of people started
with elementor
is because they do have a free plug-in
however it is limited so most likely you
are going to end up getting a license
as you can see here for the personal
the license cost 49 per year
for one website and
if you want more than that then you get
um three websites for hundred dollars a
and two hundred dollars a year is one
thousand websites
and if we look at the
pricing with elegant teams uh which are
the builders of the divi theme
um one year access costs
89 and then
250 dollars for a lifetime
update and you can have as many websites
with this by the way as you want so
what it comes really to is that
if you really don’t have
a lot of cash you might want to go
with elementor because it is cheaper if
let’s say you’re just
looking to get something right now then
for one year you can get one year for
only fifty dollars
whereas here you’re going to be paying
for divi are going to be paying
ninety dollars however honestly
i’m i think this is better deal and i’ll
tell you
at the end well i’ll summarize all of
this i
do like divi more than i do elementor
so i think divi is worth those
extra uh 40 dollars and
especially if you’re building more than
one website because if you’re building
more than one website
you are going to with elementor you’re
going to pay at least 100
then and that is only for three websites
as well so i have
way more websites than that so this
wouldn’t even be enough for me so this
is kind of what you need to take into
and the really really cool thing about
is that you can buy a
lifetime package for 250 dollars
so i would really honestly recommend to
do that because
one year sometimes it takes a minute to
an online business and i would say if
you’re not successful yet
after one year i would say don’t give up
go at it again so most likely you’re
to spend um you’re going to buy
more than just one year so if you have
the cash right now
i would say just buy the lifetime access
and that’s it because
eventually you’re going to end up those
years are going to add up
and you’re going to be spending extra
money that
you know you could have you could have
just bought this lifetime access and
it and honestly that’s what i done
before as well for some reason i
honestly don’t even know why
but i bought the yearly with divi i
the yearly package for three years
and then eventually i was just like what
am i doing i just need to buy the
lifetime license and that’s
it so i spent the same money uh
paying three years for as i would have
spent for the lifetime package
and then i got the lifetime package so i
gave them a bit more money than
i am than they wanted but
or well then they request but uh
honestly it’s an amazing theme
so they do deserve that so next
thing that i wanted to mention is uh
the support and when it comes to support
honestly i am not a huge fan of
either support neither elementor nor
divi however devi seems to be
a little bit better they do have both of
these they have community so you can go
on facebook groups and forums and
other people might help you out however
when it comes to the actual support
it does take quite a bit of time but dv
is a little bit better it has
a live chat and you can create support
and you can even give access for their
developers to come and see what’s really
happening with your website
if the issue that you’re having can be
you can’t solve it yourself with their
help through email then they can
actually access your website
so i would say if that is important for
you and
this is kind of important divi seems to
be a little bit better
um but again it’s a little bit hard to
judge this kind of thing
one more thing i wanted to mention is
that divi has
comes with monarch plugin and mother
is basically social sharing plug-in so
as you can see here you have the buttons
so this is just one little nice plus
that you can have um
this plug-in already coming with divi
and it has all of the customization and
all of that
and the most important thing probably
out of all of this
is the actual builder how you build
pages and in terms of
all of the features and all of that when
it comes to elementor and when it comes
to divi
yes there are a little bit different
features they do
have what i mentioned already before the
different widgets
and the different modules however
more or less i would say most of the
um are the same between these two themes
they might be a little bit different but
mostly it’s
the same concept however when it comes
to building the actual page
they are pretty different so for divi
you have the visual builder which is
kind of the front and builder and for
elementor it’s more of a drag
and drop builder so as you can see right
here you have your elements on the side
and then you drag these elements and you
put them into the page
and that isn’t anything bad however the
one problem that
i do have with it is that if you want to
adjust your elements
then you need to go back to this um
section on the side and you need to
adjust let’s say the width
and the height by dragging or by
exactly the value that you want so you
can’t really go on the website itself
and just drag let me just show you and
if you go to dv for example
if i come in here and let’s say i want
have a little bit bigger gap in between
this text and
all of these icons then i can simply
hover over and i can drag this out
just like that and that makes editing
or creating the website much much faster
so this is one of the big things and
also the thing
with divi is that when you’re editing
this page
you see the full page you see um what is
going to look like
full width as other people are going to
see it
whereas when you’re doing it with
elementor because you have this
uh site section it’s not showing you
exactly what the website
is looking full with and what you press
or to put the section back um or we’ll
get delete delete the section then you
see what the website loop
looks full with but that’s just one
little thing that’s
not a major thing but i think with divi
it’s just a little bit easier to
actually be doing all of the editing
and again if you want to um add with
whatever different blocks and whatnot
you just press on this plus icon and
then it allows you to choose all your
and it allows you to choose the modules
that you want to insert on these
so i in terms of user interface and how
convenient it is i definitely would say
divi is better at least for me
personally but then again
some people really enjoy element or more
so you really have to decide for
which one you actually prefer because
in essence they are pretty much the same
majority of the features are the same
however you have to decide what kind of
page builder you want whether you want
the drag-and-drop or you want more a
visual builder
and when it comes to layouts
divi is definitely way better which i
is pretty important and when it comes to
pricing again
yes for one year you can go if you have
only one website
elementor only cost fifty dollars
honestly i would go with davey and get
the lifetime
plan for 250 dollars i think
that is definitely a great great deal
and elementor doesn’t have a lifetime
so i hope this video was useful i hope
it’s going to help you make a decision
if it was press thumbs up on this video
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check that out i will put a link down
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stay awesome and i’ll see you soon

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