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Divi Theme Review – Best WordPress Page Builder

This video is a review of Divi theme 2020 by elegant themes. The best WordPress page builder. I explain what exactly you need to know about Divi page builder to decide whether it is the right WordPress page builder for you you or not. Divi features, pricing, pros and cons. A full overview of Divi theme and dive builder. Also, how Divi theme compares to other WordPress themes.

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Divi Theme Review - Best WordPress Page Builder

Divi Theme Review – Best WordPress Page BuilderΒ Transcript

hey everyone this is Vil so in this
video I will tell you what are some of
the main features of Divi theme Divi
builder and what exactly you need to
concentrate on when choosing whether
Divi is the right theme for you or
perhaps you should go with something
else I do you think you should go with
Divi it is absolutely amazing and by the
way there is going to be a special
discount for David theme so if you
wanted this calendar so linked down
below in the description also I do have
another channel that is all about online
marketing and all that good stuff so
again link down below in the description
check it out
now let’s just jump straight into the
video so the first thing why a lot of
people love Divi is that the Divi has a
builder that is a front and visual
builder so as you can see when I hover
over these different elements or modules
on the page you can see that all of
these icons pop up and what it means is
that you have different what
difficulties and modules so in here
let’s say we have we have first of all
we have a section then we have an image
module then you have a text module then
we have a button module and another
button module here and so on and so
forth and this is really cool because
what you can do is you can edit all of
this on the front and so you don’t need
to go in somewhere else in the back and
or have a section like Elementor have a
section on the side where you need to
put and the numbers to change the
margins and all of that what you can do
with Divi is you can simply select let’s
say we want to make this we want this to
go to the side a little bit more so we
can simply select and we can just drag
it and it’s as simple as that
and if you want to change the text again
you can just press on the text you can
type in whatever you want and you can
change the colors of the text and so on
right here and now and if you want also
you can go to the settings you can open
the settings and as you can see here you
in the button here you can put in the
link you can go to the design and as you
can see you can really customize a lot
you can customize alignments you can
customize well this is basically the
design for the text design for the
button spacing shadows transformations
you even have animations so if you want
certain elements modules to come in in a
certain way you can actually customize
all of that here as well so who I hope
you got an idea of how the editing works
itself it’s really really amazing and
one thing is well I want to mention
before I forget is what you can also do
you can save these elements so for
example if you have a section and let’s
take the success stories we want to save
this section and we want to have it on
other pages you can save this section
and then you can use the section on
other pages which saves up a lot and a
lot of time and even more important
future is what you can do is you can
make for example I’m let’s say at the
bottom here we have this section and we
want this section to be on different
pages and if we change something on this
section we wanted to change on all of
the different pages and Divi allows you
to do that you can create a global
module and then if you change something
on this one section it’s going to be
changed throughout the website that is a
huge huge time-saver so these are some
of the main things when it comes to
editing that I really appreciate using
Divi builder so you can go through their
website there’s I’m not going to go
through every single future but I hope
you got a concept that it is very very
customizable there’s pretty much almost
nothing that you cannot customize it
might take you a second to learn most of
this stuff is actually very easy if you
want to go real advanced maybe it’s
going to take you a little time to you
learn but it is very customizable so the
next thing are the elements or modules
so as you can see the modules are what
basically showed you before you have
your images you have text let’s say you
have here the video module toggle
testimonials and so on so Debbie has
quite a few of them and they really have
pretty much anything you will need I’m I
never really run in or well at least not
often I run into a module that I wish
they had and there are third-party
websites as well where you can purchase
some of these modules if there’s
something that is missing when it comes
to you other themes
yes let’s say Elementor has more of
these modules they call them widgets
however that I would say in the essence
what you will need
most of the stuff Divi does have so if
that is a huge huge point for you then
you might want to go and check out
another theme I will leave again link to
my video where I compare elementary to
Davie but I majority of the modules that
you will need Davie has all of them
pretty much most of the stuff that you
will find unusual websites another
really cool thing that comes with Divi
theme and this is sort of the thing
because a lot of people they might just
want to buy one theme and just apply it
and that’s it and they’re done with your
website well with Divi technically here
but aside from being able to customize
everything you actually get a bunch of
themes done for you as well because if
you go to the layout pack you will see
you have 168 layout packs so these are
basically I’m a whole website that is
built for you and total 1246 layouts and
they always update it I think every week
they release a new layout something like
that and if we open let’s say we open
agency you will see that the layout pack
it’s not all the same some of them have
different pages but more or less you
have around seven pages maybe from six
to eight and as you can see here you
have the
you have the blog contact home landing
portfolio and pricing so really you can
just take this and you can insert it to
your website and then you have the whole
website done for you so that makes it
very very simple and I do use these a
lot because you don’t have to use the
whole layout as well so sometimes you
might just take one page or you might
even take an element from a page so this
is what I often do and that saves up a
lot of time rather than building
everything from scratch by yourself so
the fact that you have so many layouts
is really a huge plus when it comes to
Divi Builder Divi theme another thing
also what they do is they have this
resource page where they provide well
they have a lot of tutorials here but
they also provide you with different
elements and they basically have
freebies that you might not have in this
layout pack so as you can see here for
example they get they’re giving out a
free blog post template and here they
are giving out a free heavier and foot
here and footer so this is something
additionally that they give to you for
free and you can use that to help with
your design process to make it a little
bit faster and yeah they have also some
really interesting tutorials of how you
can create some really insane very
advanced designs so another thing that
is a really big thing when you compare
the Leawood other themes is the it comes
in with the bloom plugin and bloom plug
plugin is basically email opt-in to
collect leads and the cool thing is you
can customize these opt-ins quite a bit
so you can choose first of all the way
they look but then you can also choose
different triggers when exactly they are
appearing and let’s say after what pages
are appearing on after what time they’re
repairing and all of that kind of stuff
so it’s really really cool
I’m David themed already comes in with
this you can depending on what kind of
email provider you’re using some of them
will have I’m their own plugin or well
sorry their own functionality for
pop-ups but honestly I just use Divi
because it just works better because
it’s already integrated with this theme
and really it has pretty much everything
that you need in terms of customization
and in terms of the different triggers
another cool plugin that Divi comes with
is the monarch social sharing so as you
can see here this basically provides you
the different buttons for social icons
so you can insert this on different
pages or blog posts so as you can see
you have the side icons you have the
icons I’m above the post and below the
post you have the sidebar and all of
that so it’s easier for people to share
your posts so this is just something
that you might get a separate plugin for
but it already comes with Devi another
really really cool feature and not all
of the themes have this actually happen
if any of them have this but I’m talking
about none of the major themes at least
have this this is a be testing or split
testing so with Divi what you can do is
you can create separate pages so you can
create different pages let’s say a page
a page B and then you can see what is
the performance let’s say if you have
some sort of call to action you can see
how many people clicked on this one
design and how many people click on this
other design and David tracks everything
and then they show you by percentage
what works better and this basically
just allows you to optimize your
conversions so think about whether how
you’re going to approach your marketing
and if you want to do split testing and
that is a big thing for you then the
Divi having this it is a major major
plus and I do you think it works real
real well technically you can do this on
other websites I’m using certain Google
fools or actually just purchasing as
separate service but and again that is
extra work setting up everything on
Google or extra money buying a separate
service so it’s nice that Devi has this
already integrated when it comes to
support obviously I don’t think I like
any of WordPress themes support none of
it is really that great compared at
least to other softwares but Debbie does
there is one of the better ones I would
say and they do have a live chat and
then you can create a support ticket it
does take some time honestly if you have
some issue it’s not all fixed right
there and then so it is a little bit
painful but then again there is also a
big community they have a big Facebook
group and there’s a lot of stuff on
forums so if you have some issues
sometimes the community might help you
out as well so when it comes to pricing
the last thing you have two options so
the first option is $89 per year and
that is one year access to you bill you
can use it on as many websites as you
want which is a good price compared to
other themes it might seem a little bit
more expensive but honestly when you
think about all of the things all of the
layouts all of the tools and everything
that Divi theme comes with I think it is
definitely worth it especially if you’re
using it on multiple websites and there
is no limit on how many websites you can
use it and the other option is $250 for
lifetime access and this is something
that I recommend and that is a complete
steal to be honest because a lot of
other builders if you look at Elementor
for example they don’t even have
lifetime access so you end up paying
$100 or even $200 for every single year
whereas here you can just buy this and
you can use it for as many years as you
want so I did somehow ended up buying
we passed at the beginning and I don’t
know for what reason but I kept on
upgrading it for three years in a row
until I actually decided that oh why am
I doing this I need to buy the lifetime
access so I would suggest if you’re
going to build a website most likely you
aren’t going to be using that website or
another website if you’re starting an
online business you’re most likely going
to be doing that for longer than one
year so instead of paying $90 every
single year I would say just pay $250 at
once and you will be able to use it for
as long as you want and on as many
websites as you want so to summarize I
would say that when it comes to you all
of the functionalities all of the
layouts the visual builder and the
pricing and everything Divi is my
favorite theme and I have been using it
for years and I recommend it to everyone
so again there is a link down below in
description if you want to get this
theme also check out my other channel
that is all about online marketing and
all that kind of stuff if you find this
really useful make sure to press thumbs
up subscribe to this channel if you want
to see some more reviews that might be
useful for your business stay awesome
and I’ll see you soon

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