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Best Online Course Platform (Teachable vs Thinkific vs Podia vs Learnworlds)

I compare what is the best online course platform in 2020. What is the best platform for online courses or just best platform to sell online courses. This comparison includes Teachable vs Thinkific vs Podia vs Learnworlds. I do not just compare different features, prices, and design, but actually, explain to you what you need to understand about each of these course platforms. So, you can choose the top online course platform for your specific needs.

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Best Online Course Platform

Best Online Course PlatformΒ Transcript

hey everyone this is vil so in this
video i’m going to tell you what
is the best online course platform
and i’m not just going to tell you that
this platform has these features and
this platform doesn’t have those
rather than that i’m going to really
explain to you
what you need to understand about these
platforms so i will tell you what
platform is the best for you
based on exactly where you are right now
what kind of futures you want to
have for your online courses what
are the costs of all these different
platforms and so on and so forth so as
you probably understood already there
isn’t just one straight answer which
platform is the best because there are a
lot of different variables
but if you watch this whole video i
promise that you will understand
everything that you need to know and
based on your particular circumstances
you will be able to choose which of
these platforms is the best for you i
have used
all of these online course platforms and
i have
studied them quite a bit so i do
have a lot to tell by the way do you
have special discounts for all of these
platforms so check
out the links down below in description
also have some really good
freebies for your online courses so as
links down below in description now
let’s jump straight into the video
alright so the first thing that we are
going to start
out is the free option because let’s
face it
most of the time when you try to start
out you want to either start for free or
find the cheapest
option or the best value so if you
want to find a free option thinkific
is a platform that does provide the free
option as you can see here
they do have a free plan that doesn’t
cost anything
and in this plan as you can see you can
have up to three different courses
you can have unlimited students um
content hosting all of that so
they don’t have any of the advanced
features so it’s just
as they say car features and that is
pretty much
all that you sort of need to create the
course itself just to publish
your lessons and get students enrolled
and they don’t even have any transaction
fees so it’s actually really really good
to start out and then what this doesn’t
is basically all of the marketing tools
so as you can see here
um all the emails drip campaigns
affiliate reports
email integrations custom domain uh
coupons all of those kind of things you
will not have any of that but
at the same time again you don’t need to
pay anything this
is completely free option so is this
something that i recommend
and the answer is not really because
when it comes to online courses you have
margin because it doesn’t cost you
anything to fulfill the orders once you
have your course made
and for all of the other marketing
features that you will get it just
makes sense to invest that 30 40 or
50 dollars because you are going to
increase your conversion rate quite
a bit with all of the coupons the emails
the affiliates and
so on and so on so i would definitely
advise to
go for a paid plan but if you are
completely broke and you
really just want to start out with
then thinkific does have a pretty
amazing free completely free plan that
you can start out with so the next thing
that i wanted to talk about that is very
very important
when it comes to basic plans i would say
that more or less when you look at all
of these different features as you can
see what i already mentioned
you have coupons emails you have um
email integrations custom domains all of
when it comes to all of the different
platforms i would say that
these futures are more or less the same
however there is
one major difference on thinkific and
is that they actually have affiliate
reporting and what this means is that
you can have your students you sign up
as affiliates
and if they enjoy the course they can
recommend it to other people
and you give them a commission from the
sale that
they generated through their affiliate
and this works really really well i do
this myself and because people love
my content my courses they share those
courses with their friends
and i don’t need to do any marketing i
just have sales come
in as referrals it depends whether you
want to use one or not but most of the
people use it it works really well and
you can set
how much money you want to give out for
every signup so if you don’t want to go
with the pro plan and you just want to
stick with basic plan
and you really care to have that
affiliate program then i would say
thinkific is probably your option
for all of the other platforms you will
need to upgrade to pro plan to have that
affiliate program the downside here
is that if you look at the price of
the monthly price for the
basic plan is 49
which is a little bit higher than the
other platform so if we go to teachable
you will see that teachable is 39
which is ten dollars less but at the
same time you do have to keep in mind
that they have five percent
percent transaction fee and that five
percent can really add up it might not
seem like a lot but
if you’re selling an online course that
is two hundred dollars
then five percent is already ten dollars
from every single cars that you sell so
you only need to sell
one course and then the plan the basic
plan is going to cost you
as much as thinkific and hopefully
you’re going to be selling more than
one course a month so this really can
add up quite a bit and honestly i think
this is because teachable
is the biggest platform out there they
started out the first
i think they started out the first i
signed up for them the first
and because they are kind of the leader
in the space
i think that’s why they have these a
little bit more expensive prices
but when it comes to all of the other
functions and all of that i don’t really
anything that much that is better than
um and then if you look at the other
platform that is learn worlds
you will see that the monthly
prioritizing for starter plan here
is only 29 so this is
quite a bit lower than the other
but at the same time you also have as
you can see
five dollar fee per course sale so this
is sort of like teachable but this is a
fixed fee so it really depends on
what you price your course so if you
price your course
hundred dollars then uh five percent of
that would be five dollars so it would
be exactly the same as teachable
so if it’s less than 100 dollars then
teachable becomes cheaper
if it’s more than 100 dollars then learn
becomes cheaper and it is 29 dollars to
start out with so it’s already the base
is a little bit cheaper and then it
depends how many sales you do so if you
some courses that are very very cheap
then that
five dollar fee might be quite a bit and
the last platform
is podia so on podia we have the mover
plan which is basically the basic plan
and that plan only costs 39
and it doesn’t have any other fee so
is really i would say yes well on
teachable it’s
also only 39 and uh learn worlds
is 29 i would say that podia
is the cheapest option because those
fees either five percent unteachable or
five dollars on learn worlds
those fees are going to add up pretty
so this is really i would say podia is
the cheapest option
one thing you have to understand about
podi as well is that
they are sort of trying to be a place
for everything so it’s not just online
courses alone but you have
a lot of other stuff as well so as you
can see here asides from the online
courses you also have digital downloads
so on other platforms you can kind of
go around and create a course that
actually is just a link for a digital
but it’s nice to just be able to open
your store where you have your courses
and you have your digital downloads and
people just click to purchase and they
get the download right away
they also have webinars and they have
messaging some things that you don’t
on other platforms and in the other plan
that i’m going to talk about later
they also have memberships and they have
blog and all of those kind of things
one thing to keep in mind though that if
you want to have additional teammates
it’s going to cost you 20 dollars per
teammate per month so this is sort of
what you need to take into consideration
if you either have a partner that you’re
working with or you have a virtual
assistant that’s going to help you out
then you are going to be paying extra 20
and that can add up quite a bit on all
of these platforms you can choose an
annual plan
and as you can see you can save 20
so that’s the case with thinkific that’s
the case with learn words as well
you have 20 yearly plan uh same on
on podia they liked us to do a little
bit of
math so they actually just show you that
you save 78 dollars
but fortunately i have done the math for
you so that comes to around
17 16 17 discount
so it becomes 32.5 dollars per month
if you are choosing the annual plan so
if you’re just going to choose to go
with the basic
plan and if you need an affiliate system
if that’s something that you are going
to do
then thinkific is probably the best
option even though it is a little bit
expensive and if you don’t care about
the affiliate system
then i would say either try learn words
it is only 29 to start with but there is
going to be a five dollar
fee or really i would say just go with
podia with 39
and they have even more features than
any of the other
platforms so now for you to understand
why you might want to upgrade to the pro
so for the basic plan you will have vast
majority of the futures that you
need however there are a couple of
why you want to upgrade to the pro plan
and i would say the major things are
first of all the affiliate program what
already mentioned and asides from that
an important thing would
be to have your own blog so if this is
something that
you want to do that you might consider a
pro plan
though then again i would really suggest
for you to have
a separate website a wordpress blog just
for your blog alone
and not have your blog but if this is
what you want to do
then all of these options accept
thinkific think if it doesn’t have a
but all of the other platforms they do
have a blog with a pro plan
and then another very important thing
majority of the people switch to the pro
is the memberships and basically the
pricing options so if we go to thinkific
and we go to the futures you can see all
of the features list
if we go to sales and marketing you will
that on the pro plan you have additional
course prices you have
bundles and memberships and offer
payment plans
so basically if you want you have more
than one
product on your course so perhaps let’s
say you’re selling your cars
plus you’re going to sell coaching as a
bundle or you’re you want to bundle a
couple different courses together
which is always a really great option
it’s very easy to get
additional 100 200 just from having that
little bundle option for people to
so this is one of the main things i
would say why you might want to upgrade
to one of the pro plans
also asides from that for most of the
websites if you want to
have third-party code if you want to
install your facebook pixel your
google ads pixel whatever it is you will
need to
also go with the pro plan so when it
comes to you the pro plan the things
change quite a bit and mainly because
when it comes to thinkific
and the basic plan we don’t really care
that it has the affiliate plan anymore
because now
all of the platforms are including the
affiliate plan as well
so in that case if we look at thinkific
they will cost you 99 per month
and if we go to teachable teachable is
a month which again i think is a little
bit overpriced
and if we go to learn worlds you will
see it’s
99 a month as well
and then if we go to podium podia
is only 79 a month so again
the even more straight uh compared to
the other plan
with the pro plan podia is definitely
the cheapest
option out there and again it’s not just
the cheapest option
if you look at all of the features that
get on podia you actually get a lot more
things because they pretty much have
everything that
other platforms have but they also offer
you digital downloads again webinars
and you can have your own blog
memberships and all of that so
really i don’t quite see a reason
why you should go with one of the other
platforms if podia has
everything and even more and they
actually come for a cheaper
price another really important point to
think about
is that if you’re going to go with a pro
plan and if you choose annual
pricing then when you look at podia
podia doesn’t actually
give you the exact amount they just love
us doing math
but i’ve already done it for you so it’s
16 17 percent discount so it turns out
to be
66 dollars per month which is
really really amazing price so when you
think about it
if you’re going to go with thinkific and
you are going to go with a basic plan
and you’re going to pay 50 dollars a
or even if you do the annual plan and
you’re paying 39
a month if you go with podia the premium
and you pay annually you’re paying 66
so it’s basically just 16 or
dollars more per month but then you’re
getting all of the futures you are
getting the pro
plan so for me personally price wise and
all the features that i am getting from
a platform that
really just makes most sense so asides
from the price and all of that when it
comes to futures
i would say that all of these platforms
more or less
have exact same features if there is
something very specific that you need
for your cars then you might want to
investigate a little bit further
but when it comes to all of the core
features more or less
they are pretty much exactly the same i
would say that the user interface
is a little bit more simple on podia
it is on thinkific or unteachable it’s a
little bit more complicated on those
and it is just really nice and easy
designed to navigate though
none of these platforms really are
difficult to navigate or anything like
but that’s just something to keep in
mind if this is important thing for you
another thing that is very important
are landing pages and again i would say
isn’t any major difference between all
of these different platforms when it
comes to courses
landing pages are so so important
because you can really
break it or make it for your online
course you can just increase your
conversion rate so much so honestly i
wouldn’t even suggest to use
any of these page builders i would
rather suggest you to get
a separate page builder that is a lot
more advanced
and you can get a lot more done for your
let me know down below in the comments
if you want me to make a separate
video on just that and i’ll try to leave
some useful information
in the description as well but when it
comes to design itself i would
say that podia has a little bit
nicer landing pages compared to the
other platforms
but then again it is all sort of your
own personal preference
but at the end of the day i would say
more or less you can kind of
do the same things so hope you found
this video useful
i hope this helps you to understand
which platform is the best based on what
exactly you want to get from the
as i said i have special discounts for
all of these platforms
so check out the links down below in the
also i have another channel that reviews
a lot of other business tools so i will
a link for that down below in the
description as well if you found this
video useful then make sure to smash the
thumbs up button
subscribe to my youtube channel put on
those notifications so you see
every time i publish a new video stay
awesome and i’ll see you soon

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