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Best Email Marketing Tool For Dropshipping 2019

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Having email marketing tool for your dropshipping store might be one of the might be the most important thing you need to do. However much time you spend to drive that traffic to your store, you can extend that reach for a lot longer if you get those visitors on your email list. Email marketing tools can get a little price, but it is definitely worth it and in this article I will actually show you extremely cheap, yet one of the best email marketing tool for dropshipping 2019 Mailerlite.

1. Mailerlite Email Marketing Tool Price

I am starting this off with the price, as I know for a lot of people starting out this is an important point.

This is one of the main reasons I think Mailerlite the best email marketing tool for Dropshipping in 2019.

Best Email Marketing Tool For DropshippingThere are a lot of other reasons, but the pricing alone is why you really should consider Mailerlite.

A lot of people start using MailChimp when they start email marketing because it is free, to begin with. Well, Mailerlite is free to start with as well.

MailChimp is free for up to 2 000 subscribers while Mailerlite is free for up to 1 000 subscribers.

However, MailChimp free plan has limitations, while even the free plan on Mailerlite has all the advanced features.

That is a big point because some of those features are absolutely essential when running your dropshipping email marketing campaigns.

When it comes to paid plans, I do not think there is anything as cheap as Mailerlite out there. Not with those features anyway.

1 000 – 2 500 range is $10 on Mailerlite and for up to 5 000 subscribers you will pay only $20!

In comparison, Mailchimp up to 5 000 subscribers is $50. That is 2.5 the price of Mailerlite.

So, if you want to save up money then while it seems like MailChimp’s 2 000 free subscribers is a good place to start, Mailerlite is actually much better.

Of course, it is not all about the money. I would much rather pay more money if the email marketing tool provides the features I need.

So, let me tell you what you can find on Mailerlite and how you can use those features for your Dropshipping email marketing campaigns.

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2. Creating Email Marketing Campaigns With Mailerlite

If you want to get a lot of sales for your dropshipping business you want to make sure that you have beautiful looking email campaigns.

Fortunately, Mailerlite has drag and drop email campaign editor that allows you to create beautiful designs very quickly.

It is very simple to understand which is great and you can pretty much create anything you would want to do in an email.

You can add images, buttons, edit texts, logos and so on… The great part is you can also save your made templates.

You can create an email that matches the style of your store and contains images of your products.

In case if you do not feel very creative, Mailerlite provides 40+ templates that you can use for your email marketing campaigns.

All of this is of course optimized for mobile, as more and more sales are coming from mobile.

3. Setting Up Email Sequences With Mailerlite

One of the best features of Mailerlite is that you can set up email sequences based on certain actions even with the free plan!

It is absolutely essential to segment all of your customers into different categories specifically tailored to them.

You do not want to be sending same emails to people who already have seen them or send emails about promotions to people who are not interested in those specific products.

On the other hand, if someone has not opened an email sent before, you do sometimes want to send it again for a second chance. 

This is exactly what the Mailerlite email automation tool allows you to do and more.

You can create a sequence of actions based on the interactions with your emails and times for those actions to take place.

For example, if an email does not get clicked on, then you can set it up to get it sent again after 1 day or 3 days to all of the people who did not click on it.

You can choose to send additional email if someone clicks on a specific link in an email or put users in groups based on what links they click on and what emails they open.

What is great Mailerlite is that they made it very simple to create these email sequences with their visual builder.

You simply insert all of the desired ‘scenarios’ and see right there on the dashboard how the actions move one after other.

This is one of the reason why I think Mailerlite is the best email marketing tool for Dropshipping in 2019. Just making very efficient and simple to do.

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4. Email Marketing Anlytics With Mailerlite

In order to improve your emails and make money on them you have to know what is working and what is not.

Mailerlite has a nice and simple analytics dashboard showing emails sent, open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe and so on

It actually even shows you the click map, so you can see where exactly people click and optimize your design according to that.

And you can see the stats for each specific link clicked, so you know which promotions work and which do not.

Of course you can track sales revenue generated from email campaigns and the conversions rates. 

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5. Landing Pages and Pop-ups With Mailerlite

Another amazing feature of Mailerlite is that it provides free landing pages, something that with other services you can pay us much as $100 per month.

Again, all of this is done with drag and drop editor and is super simple to navigate and gives you a good amount of freedom.

This is a great tool to help you acquire new email subscribers and have pages showcasing your products to their maximum potential.

Rather than leading people to your simple product page, you can use the landing page builder to visually describe all of the best features and make that sale.

In addition to this, with Mailerlite you can also use pop-up forms for free to collect potential customer emails.

You can for example, have a pop-up giving out a discount if a customer provides their email address, or instead of a pop-up you can also simply use embedded forms.

6. Why Mailerlite Is Best Email Marketing Tool For Dropshipping 2019

First of all, the price is absolutely outstanding. It is half if not few times cheaper than other email marketing tools out there.

If you are on a tight budget, I would say do not even think about and jump on Mailerlite right away.

But of course the price is not everything, I am a big believer that sometimes it is worth investing more if you get higher returns.

However, not concentrating that much on the price Mailerlite is still a very solid email marketing tool.

As you might have understand it has pretty much all of the core features that you will need for your dropshipping email marketing campaigns.

What I personally like the most is the quality and design ratio. Everything is made very simple to use even if it is advanced.

The simple drag and drop tools combined with visual email automation tool and overall good user interface just makes work more enjoyable.

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So, if you need an email marketing tool for your dropshipping store, definitely checkout Mailerlite.

It will not cost you a lot of money and in the worst case, if you decide later on you want to use something else, you can simply change.

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