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Best Dropshipping App 2019

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There is a million Shopify Dropshipping apps out there, but in my opinion right now Recart is the best Dropshipping app 2019. It is the best due to the unique and still very new features it has and with them it can generate a lot of money for your dropshipping business. Did I mention that you only pay for the extra revenue that Recart generates for you.

1. Recart Messenger Marketing

Recart actually has quite a few great features, but the best one is its Messenger Marketing.

If you are using Recart messenger marketing when adding products to their cart your customers will get a tick box to get it sent to their messenger.

You can also provide some sort of discount for them in exchange of the cart being sent to their messenger.

Once you have acquired their messenger you pretty much have it for as long as they do not unsubscribe. Similar to how email opt-ins work.

What Recart allows you to do then is create abandoned cart message sequences

This is exactly the same what you do with abandoned cart emails except instead of email your messages reach the customers straight on their Facebook.

It probably comes even without saying, but Messenger open rates are multiple times of email open rates.

Besides that, you can also send receipts and fulfillment notifications, to get your customers more engaged and bring them back for more shopping.

On top of that, you can send out specific campaigns to your messenger subscribers.

If for example, you are running a flash sale or giving them a one-time special discount.

With Recart you pretty much can use the same strategies as email, but your reach and open rates are a lot higher, which also means a lot more sales.

This is the main reason why I say Recart is the best dropshipping app in 2019 because the messenger marketing is still very fresh and untapped. 

By the way, Recart app is also great because it’s interface makes it very simple to create messenger sequences.

You pretty much have a simple drag and drop editor, where you can add images, videos, links, coupons and so on.

There is really almost no learning curve and if you have ever done email marketing with drag and drop builder you will know what I mean.

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2. Recart Add To Cart Pop-Up

This is another amazing feature as this allows you to collect emails at a very early stage.

You do not need to wait until the customer has already added products to the cart and has pressed on the checkout process.

Best Shopify AppWhen someone presses on add to cart button they get a pop-up asking them for their email address in order to add that item to the cart.

This is create because a lot of people might add products to the cart but never proceed with the checkout.

In those type of situations you cannot follow them up with emails, but if you have that email call to action at the very get to, you will collect a lot more abandoned cart emails.

You might think this can drive people off, but if they are not willing to put in their email address, they will not be willing to make the purchase anyway.

According to Recart this captures 5 times more emails than just having regular checkout process.

The pop-up editor is very simple to use. You do not really need any training to use it and the design is very simplistic yet good.

Do not worry the email capturing is being tracked, so if a person has already typed in their email anywhere on your store, they will not get a pop-up.

Thus, this app will not interfere with your potential customers’ shopping experience.Best Dropshipping App 2018 Shopify

Besides all this, you can of course integrate Recart with a bunch of different email marketing providers to export the captured email address.

Also, Recart shows you the analytics of your pop-ups, so you can optimize them to their full potential.

You have nothing to lose using this feature, but you can gain a lot, hence, I think Recart is the best dropshipping app in 2019.

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3. Recart Push Notifications

Another absolutely amazing feature of Recart is Push notification. Something that has not been used that much in dropshipping world yet.

You are probably aware of push notifications from big sites such as Youtube or Facebook, but you can also have a tiny dropshipping store and have push notifications.

Recart allows you to create a pop-up that asks your store visitors to send them push notifications.Best Dropshipping App 2018 Shopify

You can customize what this pop-up will look like, so you probably want to tell them you will only send them crazy sales notifications and will not spam them too much.

If a user agrees to get notifications from you, then it is pretty much down to you what exactly you want to send them.

This is an amazing feature because it shows your message right on the screen of the potential customer.

You can use push notifications for abandoned carts, flash sales, welcome messages and whatever else you can think of.

You can basically do same what you would do with email or messenger marketing that I talked about above.

And this is not just available on mobile but also as desktop push notifications if your potential customers are using Chrome or Safari for surfing the net.

Recart push notifications on average have 19% click-through rate and get 2 times as many clicks compared to email.

This is also one of the main features why I say that Recart is the best dropshipping app in 2019.

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4. Recart Pricing

One of the things that I like most about Recart is that you only pay for the extra revenue that the tool generates.

The plans start from $29 per month for up to $1 000 in extra sales generated using the app and progress price progresses with the amount of extra sales generated.

Up to $2 500 in extra sales will be $49 per month, up to $5 000 extra sales will be $89 per month and so on…

Basically, the higher level you go to the price you pay per month is going to decrease compared to how much extra revenue you generate.

If you are low on cash do not worry you can Try Recart For FREE for 28 days.

The plans include all of the above mentioned features and more and they come with no limitations as to how many emails, messenger messages or push notifications you can send.Best Dropshipping App 2018 Shopify Pricing

I personally really prefer to pay based on how much value an app brings rather then paying for how much I use it, or how many people I have on my email list.

When you take that into consideration it is really good value, as you could be paying the same amount of money or even more for just email marketing tool.

So, the price and Recart’s pricing model is definitely one of the main factors why I say it is the best dropshipping app in 2019.

5. Why Recart Is The Best Dropshipping App 2019

First of all, the main feature that I see in Recart is the messenger app and how well they have developed it and continue to develop it.

Messenger marketing is not yet saturated too much, so if use correctly, this feature alone can bring you in a ton of extra sales.

That alone I think is worth to try out Recart, but also having the email pop-up and push notifications just takes it to another level.

Having all of those features in one place makes work easier and also you get all of the different marketing tools for the price of one.

I would suggest to use all of the different features to compliment each other rather than use them separately. 

Instead of sending same abandoned cart message, at the same time via email, messenger and push notifications, maybe change them up a bit.

Change up the times when you send messages via the different tools, so there is a higher change of your potential customer to actually notice them.

Also, you might want to change up the messages as well, as no one really likes repetitive stuff. And if one message did not work on email, maybe slightly different message could work on messenger…

So, if you use it correctly, I think Recart is currently the best dropshipping app because it will simply pay off.

Ans it kind of shows to be true based on their payment model which is the extra revenue that you generate.If it will not work for you, you will simply not need to pay any extra money.

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The features that Recart is providing is definitely worth a lot of attention and I would suggest to try it out as soon as possible before everyone starts doing it and it gets saturated.

Yes, you do need to start with $29 per month, but above that you will only pay if you get more than $1000 extra revenue, that does not sound so bad…

They also have a 28 day free trial, so there is nothing to lose.

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