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11 Best Shopify Free Themes 2019

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In this article I tell you what are 11 best Shopify free themes in 2019. Not only that but I also tell you some of the things you should take into consideration when choosing a Shopify theme and what are some of the main features that differentiate these themes. Whether you are looking for a Shopify theme for clothing or Shopify theme for Jewelry. Whatever you are dropshipping, it will all be discussed here.

First of all, there are a few different things you have to take into consideration, when choosing a Shopify free theme for dropshipping business.

You have to keep in mind that within the few free Shopify themes, you will find Shopify themes for clothing, Shopify themes for jewelry, Shopify themes for one product and so on.

While you might really like one theme, keep in mind that it has to fit your niche.

If you use a general store theme and you are selling clothes, that might not really fit your brand and people will be turned of from your dropshipping store.

Another thing to keep in mind is trends you see in other stores and Shopify store designs in general in 2019.

It used to be that you can have a very dark looking store with a bunch of text and images on it, but that is not the case anymore.

What seems to work really well now are light color theme stores with a minimal design.

Of course though you can have a bit more playful design if that fits your niche better, or a modern looking design if for example you have a unique one product dropshipping store.

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1. Shopify Brooklyn Theme

Brooklyn Theme is probably the most commonly referred as the best Shopify free theme or at least the most recommended theme.

When doing niche research I see a ton of people using Brooklyn theme both running regular e-commerce stores and dropshipping stores.

So, for me that fact alone is a big drawback from this theme because usually you want to stand out and do not want to look the same as everyone else.

If people come to your dropshipping store and it looks exactly the same as another 20 stores they have visited, it will not help you build your brand.

All that said, there is a good reason why a lot of people say Brooklyn theme is the best Shopify free theme.

It has a very minimal and sleek design and looks nice and simple on both desktop and mobile.

One of the features that stand out with this theme is you can make product images to be different sizes to create a more dynamic layout.

You also have all the main features such as big slider, social media icons, customizable homepage sections and so on.

I would say this is a Shopify theme clothing and jewelry, but it can also work in other niches as well, as it is pretty versitale.

You can see Brooklyn theme demo and some examples on their Shopify page.

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2. Shopify Debut Theme

Debut Theme I would say is another runner up in being the best Shopify free theme.

I personally like this theme a lot because it pretty much has everything a Shopify free theme can have.

You have a lot of different sections, to feature collections, describe your brand, get people excited and so on.

Basically it provides you all the tools(all the tools for a free theme…) and it is up to you to use them to their full potential.

The Debut theme includes such features as featured product, customer testimonials, product filtering, promotional bar and many more.

It is also a very clean and minimal theme which as I already mentioned is very trendy right now.

This can be a Shopify theme for clothing or Jewelry, but also really can work with almost any type of dropshipping niche.

You can see Debut theme demo and examples on their Shopify page.

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3. Shopify Boundless Theme

Boundless theme is a little different from the two previous Shopify free themes I discussed.

The main difference is that it is a grid focused theme, meaning there is not much on your store but just your product grids.

Differently from grids on other themes, in this theme there is no gap between product pictures and they are fullwidth.

This makes pictures appear really big and is great if pictures are your selling point.

The product page also has different layout from what we are used to see normally and has really large product pictures.

If you are running a dropshipping store, this can be great to stand out from your competition as it looks rather unique.

Besides that again it is a very minimal Shopify theme, there is not much to it, but that simplicity makes it pretty nice theme.

I do think the unique design and the way it showcases products makes this on of the best free Shopify themes.

Do keep in mind that this is a free Shopify theme for clothing. So, while it works great with fashion niche, it might not work that well with other niches.

Click here to see Boundless demo and examples.

4. Shopify Simple Theme

Simple theme is pretty much exactly what the name says. It is very simple. However, there is really nothing bad with being simple.

This theme basically goes straight to the point of showcasing your products without a lot of other parts such as talking about brand or showcasing testimonials…

It does remind me of some bigger minimal clothing brands. So, I would say think if this is what customers in your niche want, or do you want to have more playful design with random pictures portraying your brand.

The menu on this free Shopify theme is on the side instead of top of the page, which I personally am not a huge fan of, but for each is own…

I would say though that if you plan to go with this free theme, then you probably want to have more than just couple products.

Having a very all about the collection design does not look that great unless you actually have a lot of products in those collections.

See Simple theme demo and examples here.

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5. Shopify Pop Theme

Pop Theme is actually pretty much exactly the same as the above mentioned Simple theme. I just wanted to include it here, so you have a bit more choice.

This is also a very minimal Shopify theme, but it has a slightly different design from Simple theme and has a little bit more a boutique store feeling.

It also has its menu on the side and pretty much focus on product collections.

The slightly different product design does allow to use this theme with less products without it looking weird.

it also has a slide out cart which is a little nice feature and just makes your dropshipping store look a little bit more professional.

Check out Pop theme demo and examples here.

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6. Shopify Venture Theme

Venture theme is again a little different from other already discussed free Shopify themes.

This free Shopify theme has a bit more of a “sporty” or “outdoors” feeling, so it works really well if your niche is in anything that could be classified as those categories.

On the other hand, if you are selling women’s clothing or jewelry, this Shopify free theme should probably not be your choice.

Why is theme is one of the best Shopify free themes is because it has a little different design from the standard minimal themes.

The collection section has an image with the collection name with it right next to the products that are all stashed next to each other without any gaps.

It also has a very nice multi-column menu with images in it

You do need to keep in mind that this theme was built for dropshipping stores with a lot of products, so if you have just a few products it may not look that great.

Check out Venture theme demo and examples here.

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7. Shopify Supply Theme

Best Shopify Free Themes Supply ThemeSupply theme is yet again a different purpose theme compared to all the other free Shopify themes already discussed.

This is really more of a free Shopify theme for Walmart or Target type of stores. As you probably can kind of already tell just from the name.

This store makes it look like you have a bigger store selling everything a customer needs in a specific niche.

If that works for your dropshipping niche and that is the feeling you are going for then this free theme might work for you.

While the theme is pretty simple it does not really look minimal or minimalistic and as I said it gives off a bit more of a corporate organization vibe.

I really do not things this is a Shopify theme for clothing or jewelry, but would probably work great with something like home goods.

They actually even have an example with a fashion style of this theme, but I personally thing the electronics store style works much better with it.

Check out Supply theme demo and examples here.

8. Shopify Narrative Theme

Best Shopify Free Themes Narrative ThemeNarrative theme again probably with go into a different category for its purpose.

It is a very modern looking theme with very sleep design and some unique features.

It is a great free Shopify theme for one product, as it has a lot of features that allow you to describe and showcase your product.

But it is not limited to just one product, it is actually made to be selling a few related products. However, it would not work with a ton of products.

It has a very beautiful menu that moves when you hover over and is used as a menu for the different products you are selling.

This free Shopify theme has different section for images and text about products, testimonials, videos and so on to help you describe your products better.

There is a vertical product slider, that when scrolling introduces different product variations or products to your customers, which is a very cool design.

It can really work with any kind of dropshipping niche as long as you do not have too many products.

Its unique style, sleek design and availability of many features I think makes it the best free Shopify theme for a few product store.

Check out Narrative theme demo and examples here.

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9. Shopify Annabelle Theme

Best Shopify Free Themes Annabelle ThemeAnnabelle theme is actually not on Shopify official store, but it is definitely a theme worth checking out.

I honestly hate the images and some other design aspects they chose for their demos, but if you look beyond that you can see that this free theme actually has a lot of potential.

What I like about this free theme is the product layout and the collections tabs. Instead of a simple text it gives a little more sophisticated vibe.

The product category tabs and product pages as well look a bit different from the minimal themes discussed above, with a certain level of sophistication.

I think with the right images this free theme can resemble a more expensive store, which can help a lot when you are running a dropshipping store.

The downside of this theme is that it does not allow a lot of customization, so you are bit stuck with what you got.

So, just consider what you will want on your dropshipping store, and if this theme is enough go with it, but if not it will require manual code customization…

I would say this is one of the best free Shopify themes if you are just using as it comes without adding anything extra.

Checkout Annabelle theme on their website.

10. Shopify Minimal Theme

Best Shopify Free Themes Minimal ThemeMinimal theme, you guessed it, is very minimal.

They have a few different styles, but I personally really like the modern style as I think it showcases that truly minimal style the best.

As I already mentioned minimal Shopify themes are on trend now and I think this theme more than any other has that minimalistic style.

It has most of the main features such as related products, product filtering, slideshows and so on.

The way this theme is made I would say makes it look a bit more upscale compared to other minimal themes, but it does not look completely high end.

This also deserves to be on the best Shopify free theme list because it is very versatile and can really work with almost any dropshipping niche.

Checkout Minimal theme demos and examples on their Shopify page.

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11. Shopify Jumpstart Theme

Best Shopify Free Themes Jumpstart ThemeLast but not the least if the Jumpstart themeThis theme might be the best Shopify free theme for one product.

It is a very modern looking theme and has features for crowdfunding products, but does not necessary need to be for that.

This free theme has customizable modules that allow you to showcase different product features, frequently asked questions or blog posts.

This theme is really just very good at building a landing page that helps you to explain your product to your customers and have higher conversions.

If you are dropshipping a product that has unique features or is solving a problem this could be a good free theme.

Checkout Jumpstart theme demo and examples on their Shopify page.

What Is The Best Free Shopify Theme

When choosing a theme I would say really see what is out there in your dropshipping niche, how other stores look like and that will give you an undersding of what your customers like.

Keep in mind that less is sometimes more and a simple theme can actually work really well.

And just consider how many products you will have in your store and will that work with a specific theme.

So, the best free Shopify theme is really dependent on what exactly you need for your specific dropshipping niche.

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